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  1. Because Thats were I make my moonshine! Why is it so flipping cold in TEXAS!
  2. I dont like the idea of a floorless with no inversions. Though I do like it Change the floorless cars to 4 seat hypers and you got a coaster!
  3. Sorry cant seem to find any! I could barley finds a pic of the ride itself!
  4. Im not gay and done my 750th ride on Texas Giant last saturday! My answer? Im 13 and have to much time on my hands.
  5. I Had the same problem heres some hints Instead of facts get somthing out of the ordinary like how X flips riders face down its so and so ft drop or how Tatsu flips you on your gut you know stuff like that. Also Rcdb help me out soooo much!
  6. Depends what college Me, Im a Skater Guitarist type guy I guess Punk is my area I used to be one of those guys who did shit and took it too far up my arse as blackhole2000 said but I've Matured.
  7. Not sure if anyone mentioned this but 1. Black Hole at Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg In Austria It has an Elevator!
  8. Also I wanted to use paypal do I pay for it when it comes or do I do it know?
  9. ^ That and its already been used in NL Update V1.6
  10. Basicly Theo you should make quality coasters or if you want to make this dont post them
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