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  1. I purchased my giftee's gifts this past weekend. Due to school last night and tonight I won't be able to get them out until Thurs or Friday at the latest. My mom did say that a box came for me today. I didn't order anything. I wonder what it could be......I'll post pics after in the next few days.
  2. I currently have a tile and three handshakes are showing. I'm not sure I need to collect this right now, or leave it to see how many more neighbors can tap it.
  3. I have about 300 goo to go myself to get everything. I thought I saw last night the timer counting down, but today I have no problem collecting goo. Just a heads up here - I'll have a tile ready in 9 hours.
  4. ^Done! I'm just over 1000 goo away from getting all the prizes. Pretty sure that's not going to happen now.
  5. Had a lot of fun with this last year, so I'm in for this year. I have a lot of likes and interests. I love football (GB Packers). I like cooking/baking, reading, all types of music and anything 80's. Some of my favorite TV shows include Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, The Following, Torchwood. Two of my all time favorite movie series are Star Wars and Indiana Jones (hate that last Indiana Jones movie - just a terrible ending and don't get me started on Star Wars Episodes 1-3). I also have a thing for reality TV (Shahs of Sunset start soon!!!!)
  6. Huh. I thought it was Quasimodo from Hunchback of Notre Dame. It kinda does look like Patton Oswalt though. The kids area was pretty cool. Glad they have something else than trick or treating with dinos (which we probably should have done).
  7. Today on my way to work, I saw a few people sitting outside the employee entrance and it looked like they were picketing, but then I thought I saw an ad for Jeep. I was driving, so I couldn't get a good look at everything, but this is what I saw as I drove by. Has anyone heard about residents picketing, or is this just good marketing scheme from Jeep and SFGAm?
  8. FYI - my shoes are dry. I miss MoA. I need to go back, and I need to start planning a trip to Edmonton Mall.
  9. Besides the complaints of the pyrotechnics and music, was there anything else wrong with this show? It seemed very popular with everyone, especially kids. I liked it, however I thought the story line was a bit cheesy. I just think it's silly to spend all the money for a show, then only have it go for one season. I know that's the life of a show at a theme park though.
  10. This was in today's Lake County News Sun in case anyone was interested in reading it. It's mostly about the recent noise complaints (not because of the coasters but because of igNight, at least that is what the article reflects). newssun.suntimes.com/news/22478977-418/six-flags-goliath-project-okd-amidst-noise-compaints.html
  11. La Chata! That had to have been the best restaurant EVER! I'd love to try La Antigua next time I go. Gary seeing this report makes me miss Mexico so much. I need to get back and I'm looking forward to 2015. Is it time to send in the deposit?
  12. What a great weekend. When can we go back? I'm kind of kicking myself for not riding TTD. Next time for sure.
  13. Totally agree with you Chuck! Why can't more parks get a ride like Maverick? I tried to give Gatekeeper a chance but I just couldn't. Zach was right about the rattling and the only enjoyable ride was in row 2. Kyle, Oriol, it was great meeting you guys. Hopefully our paths will cross again.
  14. Filled out the questionnaire. There are a lot of great trips, but I think I'm leaning towards Mini New Hotness. The dates work perfectly for me. I have been to some of the parks before, but a couple of them I haven't been to in years. It would be nice to get back to them. Looking forward to what will be announced!
  15. I would go with BOTH! Mexico was a great trip! I have been wanting to go back and with this announcement it gives me a great excuse. Not that I ever needed an excuse to go back because it IS Mexico!
  16. Haha, and even just two months later it's still the same. Here's the Question of the Day from Anthony Curtis' Las Vegas Advisor: www.lasvegasadvisor.com/qod.cfm
  17. Normally blue is the side that goes backwards. I know that's supposed to start sooner or later.
  18. There are signs up promoting the new "Bermuda Triangle" in Hurricane Harbor which will feature two new haunted houses. Thanks Jon. I was there Weds but must have missed the signs. I did notice some decorations were up, along with signs promoting the first day of FF. I'm not a big maze person, but I enjoy reading about the different scare zones and mazes. I'm assuming clowns will be roaming around Orleans - as usual.
  19. Has the park announced anything for Fright Fest, like new mazes or anything of that nature? I know that a few Thursdays were added, and it looks like that the park will be open later on Saturday's.
  20. I know SFGAm announced four flat rides for Southwest Territory. Then again, one of the rides was the former Big Top and moved from where the sky coaster is to it's current location.
  21. This could be a prop for Fright Fest, but then again I am completely stumped when it comes to this video. When are they making the official announcement again?
  22. I always said "Take out Buckaneer Battle and put in Sky Whirl and call it Deja Vu". See what I did there? Ok, that was lame. I'm sorry.
  23. I don't know why residents complain. The park has been been there since 1976. In the home owners defense, when Great America was built, the homes were already there. For those that moved in the early years, Great America was a much calmer more family friendly park, not the monster of concrete and steel Six Flags has turned it into. I'd be in for a little shock if I sat around with a peaceful theme park in my backyard for 10-15 years then all of a sudden giant coasters started popping up. Of course, this only applies to long term residents. For the newer ones, that's their own bad. I know of one long term resident who is NOT complaining. Considering that the property that the park sits on he used to own. Anyway, I'm interested in seeing what the teaser is all about. I think it would be fun to have a mine train coaster since the park really doesn't have one. I can also see maybe a new flat ride where Trailblazer used to be. There's so many possibilities.
  24. The park is looking great! I did enjoy the time that we spent here last year during the Leviathon trip. I'm hoping to make it back to Conneaut next summer so I can explore the park a bit more.
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