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  1. Well, I'm about to graduate from high school, and for now I work at Papa Murphy's Take 'N' Bake Pizza. Before that I worked at Sonic Drive-In as a cook. Basically don't eat anything at Sonic, I wouldn't even feed it to my dog.
  2. Hmm... I kinda liked the Wilderness Adventure one. I liked how the machine shot water out from the front of the building and the pre-show was pretty cool.
  3. Why did Dollywood get a second simulator ride? Last time I was there they had opened one called The Smokey Mountain Adventure and you were on Dolly's cousin Clovis' crazy flying machine.
  4. This reminds me of that movie with Robin Williams. I believe it's called "One Hour Photo" or something along those lines. Incredibly creepy and now it has me wondering if anyone has ever bought my photo before. I just got some goosebumps. Coaster stalkers.
  5. ^"Yes, yes, just as long as you sign this waver first." I was at Holiday World a long time ago and a bunch of hicks wearing overalls and such passed by my family in the 4th of July section when I hear the little boy pointing at Paul Revere's Midnight Ride, "What's this thing-a-ma-jigere, pa?" I just about died laughing.
  6. Holy crap, I think I know the 2nd girl from the left in the 1st picture. She is even wearing a shirt from my school it looks like it says "Marion". Nice pictures by the way!
  7. The Eagle was absolutely amazing last year. I got so much airtime and it was definitely far up my list after that.
  8. Ick! Makes me kinda claustrophobic looking at it. I didn't even discover I had claustrophobia until I rode a High-Roller at a fair a few years ago. Now I don't like caged rides very much.
  9. I love Paramore since I saw them at Warped Tour last year. And I absolutely am in love with Chiodos. I pretty much have to listen to them everyday.
  10. What's wrong with you? I love Circa Survive. I missed them when I went to Warped Tour last year though. Basically all country music needs to drop off the face of the earth except for a few. I can somewhat put up with Kenny Chesney and Taylor Swift (just because she is cute.)
  11. Was anyone severely injured in this accident? I don't remember much of it as it was a year ago and there was alot worse accidents that happened last summer (S:TOP), that distracted most people from this one.
  12. Wow, thanks for posting those. I haven't been there since like 2001 when they added The Smokey Mountain Wilderness Adventure. Hopefully I will be visiting this summer though. There is so many new attractions that I think I will spend more time at the park then last time. River Battle looks awesome. I definitely think it was a tad bit too cold for it to be open though.
  13. I saw this last night and I'm so psyched!! Hopefully my laptop will run it next year.
  14. Wow, that Chute-the-chutes ride is really interesting. Reminds me of the one that I've seen in pics of Lake Winnie Amusement Park. This is a really cool find. Thanks for posting these. So are any of the original rides still there other than the Cyclone?
  15. I really need to take a trip out to California sometime. Thanks for posting those pics. Pony Express is looking really nice.
  16. Holy crap, that's insane. It looks like fun, but incredibly dangerous. Glad that he got punished for his stupidity.
  17. As cool as that thing is it really creeps me out. Interesting find Robb.
  18. Everything is flooded here in Illinois right now I couldn't even get to school due to flood water. I have been at Six Flags St. Louis when it flooded before and the Scooby Doo ride started flooding over it was awful.
  19. I used to not like Six Flags St. Louis very much, but under the new management it is turning into a very nice park. It has a nice selection of coasters and flats, and the atmosphere is really great. Plus they are getting Evil Knievel this summer! On the other hand I have never been to Six Flags Great America. I have heard it's got some nice coasters, and seems to be a ncie park, but I think Six Flags St. Louis would still be a very nice choice, even though they don't have the greates waterpark in the world.
  20. Oh wow, this is really cool. I'm in year 3, so it is all really understandable to me. But how do you get the park open, nothing seems to be happening. Everything just looks under-construction with no progress or anything. Thanks for this link.
  21. The concept is really cool, but some of the names just don't do it for me. And the concept art looks like it was drawn by a 5th grader. Hopefully they will improve this project, as I really like it.
  22. My favorite band is most definitely Chiodos. I like alot of other bands too: All Time Low Boys Like Girls Brand New Bayside Bring Me The Horizon Cobra Starship Cute is What We Aim For Dance Gavin Dance The Devil Wears Prada Forever The Sickest Kids Gym Class Heroes Paramore The Rocket Summer Metro Station The Postal Service Underoath Young Love.... And then of course some of the bands from my local music scene: Clocktower Showdown Wayside Radio Long Drive Home Arts and Sciences....
  23. Has Perilous Plunge always had OTSR's? I recall seeing pictures with only lap bars. Nice TR. I hope to make it out to California someday.
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