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  1. How ironic that I came accrosed this thread. I got stuck on the Screamin' Eagle yesterday. It was pretty cool. It was only for about 20 minutes on the brake run so we got out whole ride in, and it was an amazing ride. I got a decent amount of airtime.
  2. S:TOP had those cars like that all day Saturday then at like 7pm I saw some movement and they decided to open it up, so my girlfriend and I got on 3rd ride of the night. It was great. I have never been to Fright Fest, but intend to go back. The only thing I didn't like is the clowns. I hate them, and one chased me. I definitely saw the one that chased me in your TR and about freaked. Stupid clowns!! Also, The Boss was terrible this year. I always liked it, but it beat me up bad. However The Screamin' Eagle has moved up in my charts. I had an amazing ride on it and got some good airtime. And I even got stuck on the ride. We got to the brake run and they had to get everyone off of the train in front of us because something happened to the lift hill. I don't know what happened, but after about 20 minutes they let the other train run the course and moved us into the station so we could get off. It was kind of cool. I haven't ever gotten stuck on a ride before or anything. It was open later during the day, so I guess it wasn't anything major.
  3. Carnival of Carnage, I just know that there is going to be clowns there from the title. Clowns=not Voyage_luvr safe!! I freakin' hate clowns, especially Ronald McDonald. Definitely won't be going to this. OMG, I just checked out the page and saw the part based on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, now there's definitely no way I'm going. That movie terrifies me, and Leatherface gives me nightmares. Eeek.
  4. Oh wow, Young Love was the opening act. They are amazing. I have their CD and the song Discotech is amazing. I am going to alot of concerts soon, Warped Tour at St. Louis in August (Red Jumpsuit Apparatus**, Boys Like Girls**, Cute Is What We Aim For), then I'm going to go see The Academy Is... in November. Concerts are so much fun, except when you get ran over by moshers and hardcore dancers.
  5. Ah, that's really sad. It looked like a really fun and nice park. I was planning on going there next summer, but by then maybe they will have a new owner and some new rides, but i hope they just don't let the park turn to crap in the meantime.
  6. That drop on Cyclops doesn't look too airtime producing. It reminds me of the 5th drop on Raven.
  7. Aw, that sucks about your camera. I guess you should have taken the threat on Scream as a premonition. Well it was a nice TR, even with no pictures. Glad you had a good time, minus the camera incident.
  8. Wow, this park looks amazing. I can see a great future for it! I really want to go maybe next summer when they get some more rides, and more SHADE. It looks like it was built in a field, which it probably was, but hopefully their trees will grow nice and shady within' a few years. Great TR!! So where is this park located? I have only heard a small amount about it on random theme park forums, but I didn't think it was even opening for like another year or two. It looks really nice for such a small park.
  9. I think a faith based theme park is a good idea, but in Orlando? What they need to do is move somewhere without a theme park and build a nice park with a few rides at first (kind of like Celebration City,) and keep the park family oriented, and Christian-based. Orlando just isn't the place for a park like this, there are already too many parks there, and for a park like this I don't even think it will do well under Trinity's management.
  10. What is with the big screws on the rapids ride? I've never seen a rapids ride like that before.
  11. That's a load of crap. Stupid kids! I hate it when people do that, and stupid disney. I've never even been to either of the Disney parks, but all I hear are bad things about them.
  12. I'm so excited, I might go to SDC this summer!!
  13. I'm in these pictures somewhere. I was on the ride like twice while they were doing the walkback and tons of cameras were taking pics every time we flew by. I thought it was so cool.
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