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  1. I would like it to just be known that a guest took that picture ... we were resetting an A-Lift stop. The guest asked me if I wanted a copy when they got off the ride and I gave them my email address!
  2. I currently work Buzz Lightyear, Star Tours and Space Mountain at Disneyland but I have also worked Midway Mania and Grizzly River Run.
  3. It was nice to finally meet you guys in person finally! Now I need to make it up to Magic Mountain for some fun!
  4. I would just like to point out ... Space NEVER runs 6-7 rockets due to budgeting. If only 7 rockets were available, it would be for unexpected maintenance issues. We are always staffed for at least 10 rockets during the week and are usually staffed for 10+1 (our current maximum capacity.) The ride used to be able to consistently run 11 rockets but is no longer able to handle it. Don't assume what you don't know. If Space has a 45 minute line, it is typically because we have that level of demand. I'm not saying that things don't happen to the rockets or the ride, but we are indeed staffed to run as efficiently as possible.
  5. Ah ... I love that we have storage, it is so very convienant. Unfortunately, we cascade during cycle outs all the time simply because the groupers and load 2 don't pay enough attention. Honestly, you really have a lot of time to cycle out if your tower does things correctly and your bars keeps their wits about them. Two loaded on main, two empty on spur and one empty in the blue room. No problem! But, we both know it doesn't always work that way.
  6. Most definitely! LOL, that's why we cascaded today! It's the best when guests refuse ... OR when we pull people out of row 4 and then their family freaks out thinking that their party fell out and we have a lovely Manual-E And btw, that layout is amazing. I wish I had a program to make the Space one! I would love to learn the rock ... everybody i've talked to has said it is much more physical then space. Space is supposedly quite a bit easier to break down so I guess it's more mental. LOL.
  7. Just for clarity, the heaviest rocket that can be sent in at space is 5198lbs. We do frequently load rockets with 12 adults ... just not 12 BIG adults. Heavy rockets happen all the time, we usually are able to pull two people out at dispatch unless we're at 11 ... then the rocket goes into the blue room.
  8. You know, I really do whatever I can to prevent line jumping. At Space, if someone claims that their party is at the load area we tell them too bad. Now, if they are at greeter and tell us their party is in line, we will generally allow them to rejoin simply because we know that they can't really get past our merge point and usually see them coming because nobody ever knows where the restrooms are. Line jumping can be very difficult to prevent though when we have a full concourse and things. Either way, if I have more than one witness, the guest is out of the line and I generally walk them back to the beginning. I have only had one instance where I had to threaten to call security. I pulled out my cell phone and the problem was instantly solved. (And before you yell at me for pulling out my phone, the guest was getting confrontational and I had no other access to a phone at the time.)
  9. I just want to pipe in and say this, when Space's Lift B chain broke we hat a zone 3 time-out. So yes, timers are in place on advanced roller coasters. Maybe Vekoma just screwed up royally?
  10. AHAHAHAAAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Oh wait, what? Sorry. On topic, the inside of these trains are very cool. I love the fiber optic effects they have.
  11. You should transfer to FL Classics and stay at Snow White console. You'd rack up apples on your nametag in no time. Worst part is 2 of the 3 I've caught out of vehicles there had small kids with them. That's fantastic. I've heard about it there ... and have considered transferring , but I love my air conditioning waaay too much! BTW, we totally pwn'd you on the battle of the mountains!
  12. Gosh I sure love stupid people. I have hit e-stops three different times for guests either standing up or getting completely out of the ride vehicle. Idiots. The best is when they ask you what happened.
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