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  1. My favorite isn't on your list, it's Busch Gardens Williamsburg of course. I love the river and all the beautiful greenery and trees! Also, they use the natural terrain wonderfully!
  2. Millenium Force. I like Magnum 2nd, Raptor 3rd, TTD 4th, Mean Streak 5th.
  3. Audioslave - Like a stone I friggen HATE this guys voice. I want to puncture both of my lungs with a fork everytime I hear this song.
  4. ^ It's so weird but, I still to this day have not tried an IPA. I don't really know what to expect but I hear it's a lot like an American or English Pale Ale just a bit more bitter. Looks like a good choice and I hope I can find that beer when I move back to California, I'm sure it won't be hard if it's from San Diego. So far I've been completely amazed by both Deschutes Brewery beers I've tried. The Mirror Pond Pale Ale blows my mind everytime, as does the completely insane Black Butte Porter. I hope I can find a lot of their other brews when I head home because I am really looking forward to the other brews they have to offer. http://www.deschutesbrewery.com/
  5. Are the Disneyland Paris equivalents really that much better? I didn't know that! Very good photo TR also, I love hearing from people out of the area going to these parks for the first time.
  6. Honestly, I feel a park like this needs big draws. There just aren't enough people in the immediate Gilroy area to have this park survive. If they are really in survival mode already without building any significant coaster, then I think they had the wrong idea in the first place. I mean, the entire Bay Area is in a fairly close proximity, they just need something to attract them out that way. I think in order for this park to work they'd need to really dive off the deepend and take some big spending risks to see if it works or not. It doesn't appear that they are ready to do that however.
  7. First up tonight was the Warsteiner. This was the first beer I had on tap over in Germany with my dad when I was visiting while just in high school. So it definitely brought back memories for me. 2nd of the night was a Samuel Adams Spring Seasonal White Ale. This was done in the belgian classic manner and tasted a lot like the Springboard from last night. I honestly have a lot of trouble distinguishing these beers from eachother. ABV 5.2% This is one of my favorite light colored beers. It's a pilsner that has some strong citrus highlights and is very refreshing and clean. ABV 4.8%
  8. It appears you've posted it 3 times, but hey!!! It's a good picture!!! I haven't been able to find any different varieties of Anchor Steam around here... Hopefully they will have some at BevMo when I get back home.
  9. Maybe I'll try to go this summer, I'm from Sunnyvale so it isn't too far. Looks beautiful for sure!
  10. First up tonight was the Anchor Steam Beer. This beer reminded me of a beer I had in Germany. It tasted like wheat beer, but honestly, I couldn't find a really good description of the beer on their website or anything to know if I am describing it correctly. It definitely has a lot of carbonation, so it is quite crisp. After the Guinness I had an apricot weizen, to cleanse my palate. Then it was on to the Grolsch. I liked the crisp flavor of this beer and I also like that it didn't have too much carbonation. Probably one of the better lagers I've tried. ABV 5.0% Next up was the Guinness Extra Stout. I was a bit surprised that Guinness has an "Extra Stout" since their normal brew is very stout to begin with. It tasted a lot like the original, but it had a little more edge and roasted bitterness to it. ABV 5.0% Anchor Steam Beer. I liked this beer quite a bit, even though it felt a little middle of the road to me. ABV 4.9%
  11. Wow, I can't believe how awesome this park looks this year. I can't wait to finally visit in when I come home in a few weeks back to the bay area. I had only been to Marine World way back when there were no coasters and I was just a kid. It's exciting to see a park going in the right direction in the bay area!
  12. I'm straight but I've been single for a LONG time, is that bad?
  13. For my first beer of the new shipment tonight, I was most excited to try the Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale. It was quite good. It had a pretty deep flavor with lots of character as advertised. Some moderate bitterness in the middle-finish, which has become increasingly okay with me as of late. The initial sip is just awesome, it feels like it's giving you a nice hug as the head is pretty thick and will leave a residue on your lips! I think this ale would be perfect on a really cold winter night. With that said, it's about 70 degrees right now at 10pm in Arizona, ha! The classic beer bottle and color in the glass profile picture. ABV 7.2% The Apricot Weizen from Pyramid. 2nd beer of the night. This stuff smells amazing. If you ever buy it, make sure you smell it! The apricot is pretty powerful, really can't taste much beer flavor. Okay with me after Arrogant Bastard. ABV 5.1% The Deschuttes Black Butte Porter. Wow, and I thought Guinness was rich. This stuff is very sophisticated with some strong espresso/chocolate flavors and a smooth finish. An awesome after dinner beer! ABV 5.2% A really great american style pale ale. I think it's weird that the last 2 pales I've tried have been my favorites as of late. I'm really enjoying this pale ale, and I'm not quite sure if I like it better than Four Peaks 8th street ale or not. ABV 5.0% Springboard Ale from New Belgium Brewing. This beer was a lot lighter in color than I had expected. It was a typical light ale that I couldn't really tell apart from others. ABV 6.2%
  14. My top 10 I have ridden are: Millenium Force X Tatsu Goliath Alpengeist Riddler's Revenge Apollo's Chariot Xcelerator Top Thrill Dragster Raptor Please note my small sample size!
  15. No, but usually I get someone asking about it. For example at Knott's Berry Farm one of the operators asked about it cause he had never heard of it. I told him it was new for 2006 at Worlds of Fun in Missouri. Then he asked if it was better than Silver Bullet, (which he was about to dispatch us on) and I said I don't know, this is my first ride on Silver Bullet. Silver Bullet is much better than Patriot so I made sure I let him know as I was exiting the ride. The Patriot is pretty much forceless and boring in spots.
  16. Nice Photo TR. We have a Rock Bottom out here in Arizona which I really enjoy visiting. I love everything I've ordered there food wise and their beers are pretty good too. There's a Rock Bottom out near where I'm from in California as well so I'm going to give that a try for the first time when I get back. I can only hope it is as good as the Rock Bottom here. My newest shipment came in today, and while these are all beers from the microbrewery or imported section of the local Safeway, I still haven't tried any of them. (Hey I've only been of age for 2.5 years!) Here's the list: Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale - 22oz bottle Guinness Extra Stout - 22oz bottle Grolsch - 16oz bottle Warsteiner - 22oz bottle New Belgium Springboard Seasonal Ale - 6pack Pyramid Apricot Weizen - 6pack Deschuttes Black Butte Porter - 6pack Deschuttes Mirror Pond Pale Ale - 6pack Samuel Adams Seasonal White Ale - 6pack Anchor Steam Beer - 6pack The only thing they didn't deliver that I ordered was the Bridgeport IPA. They were out of stock.
  17. They are using both stations, but only running 2 trains.
  18. Sorry to hear your experience was so bad. I was there on tuesday and every ride was open and lines were pretty short overall. Tatsu operations were incredibly slow when I was there as well, but Goliath did a good job. Deja Vu also had horribly slow turnover times. Riddler's was amazing. Walk on all day long and we rode several times in the front. I was a little dissapointed none of the ride operators had any energy or talked to me though. I wear coaster shirts on purpose so that some might strike up a conversation, but alas, no one was interested to know how The Patriot was at Worlds of Fun. Goliath was also pretty much walk on when we went. Hopefully you can get your pictures up to share soon!
  19. Hi Heath. I'm moving back into my mom's house in the bay area for a bit while i look for a job. It's in Sunnyvale, close to San Jose and the heart of Silicon Valley. I'm graduating in 2 weeks with a bachelors in Software Engineering with a focus in Web Programming. There are plenty of microbreweries i've been looking forward to visiting, as well as some good stores like Beverages and More out there. I just don't think they'd have Four Peaks brews out there since Four Peaks is a Tempe, AZ little place. Thanks for the encouragement and I will make sure I continue posting here, because well hey, I love beer. Do any of you guys homebrew?
  20. At long last, my first beer Photo TR! Well sort of, it's not like I actually made a trip out to a microbrewery, but alas, I took photos! Sorry about the rather poor quality, these are cell phone pictures. I hope to get a digital camera for graduation in a couple of weeks! I went to the store today for sandwich stuff and beer. I decided to get some 8th street ale from Four Peaks because I probably won't be able to find this stuff anywhere when I move back to California in a few weeks. This was an English-style pale ale that has a rather mild bitterness and strong floral accents. The key here is mild bitterness for me. I'm still acquiring the taste for the more bitter pales and ESBs, and I think that's what makes this my favorite pale so far. It has excellent flavor, almost seems like a hefeweizen when you first take a sip and then you get that subtle bitterness right in the middle-end. ABV 4.5% Oh, the sandwich was excellent too! It's not often you find roast beef this rare at a supermarket, so it was a real treat! Thumbs up! All smiles! This is one of the first pale ales that I can say is up there in my top 5 favorite beers. A closer profile of the 8th street ale bottle and color. The beer is a few shades lighter than it appears here, I just couldn't get the lighting right. It's copper/golden in color. My roast beef and provolone sandwich on fresh sliced sourdough.
  21. Seinfeld The Apprentice High Stakes Poker Family Guy
  22. This is kind of a computer game joke but... If I'm riding Goliath at SFMM with someone who hasn't ridden it before, I say "Goliath Online" at the top of the lift hill. It's a starcraft reference.
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