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  1. Here are some of my favorites of different types. Favorite Stand-Up Coaster by far, it's actually smooth! Favorite 4-D Coaster, but only behind Millenium Force for my favorite overall. Favorite Wooden Coaster, not nearly as rough as everyone says. Favorite Inverted Coaster, amazing terrain and theming elements along with a great layout. Favorite Flying Coaster, mostly due to the insane pretzel loop. Favorite Steel Lap Bar Coaster, The drop and overbanked turns are amazing.
  2. Peter: "Oh my god, Brian, There's a message in my alpha-bits, it says 'Ooooooooo.'" Brian: "Peter, those are cheerios." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6YXVa9v45w
  3. I much prefer Guarana based drinks to synthetic caffeine/sugar based products. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guarana If only there were more of them.
  4. My rides on X were smooth when I was there yesterday, my friend and I prefered X to Tatsu! I want to ride Eejanaika badly!
  5. This Photo TR was awesome! We went yesterday to SFMM, and we were at Knott's Berry Farm Monday. Looks like KidTums had a blast and was mad because you guys left the park, good to see her being brought up right!
  6. Goliath at Six Flags Magic Mountain. No misters running to make the tunnel super eerie on our visit though. Helix of death didn't bug me as much as it did last time, I must be in better shape than my last visit.
  7. We just got back, our trip was great, GREAT! I only wish I had a digicam so I could have made a Photo TR. I feel like writing a TR without photos is something that probably no one would be interested in, especially at these parks which a lot of people write about. Oh well maybe I will get a digicam for graduation... I got to ride X and Tatsu for the first time this trip, and I liked X a little better. The bottom of the pretzel loop of Tatsu is pretty awesome though, much more intense than the 1st drop. Also, I saw this ride operator named Matt at Knott's Berry Farm, he was operating Xcelerator, and I couldn't help but think he looked very familiar, I think maybe he is a poster at this site? Does anyone know?
  8. I am away from my family this easter at college. But my friend and I are leaving on a trip to Knott's Berry Farm and Magic Mountain soon so I couldn't be happier!
  9. My Great Uncle is Al Geiberger, a professional golfer. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al_Geiberger He was the first golfer to shoot a 59 (par 72) at a PGA event, and was dubbed the nickname "Mr. 59"
  10. Hi Yvonne, I'm new here too! 200 coasters isn't bad! What do you do at Disneyland Paris? I haven't made a post in this thread yet so I guess this is me officially introducing myself. My name is Kevin and I'm 23 years old and graduating college with a bachelors in software engineering in 22 days!
  11. I have a final research paper to write for my English class. The topic can be on anything we want it to be about. Since I am leaving on a trip to Knott's Berry Farm and Magic Mountain on Sunday, I figured I would write it about the safety of Magic Mountain. I plan to get a lot of information from websites and other library sources concerning the safety of Magic Mountain compared to other parks and also write about my personal experience there this week. Then I will form my opinions about if I feel it is safe or not and write my paper with the evidence to support it. I will also include counter-arguments and address these. Anyway, it sounds like an essay I will actually be interested to write for once and I will post a copy here once I have completed it in a couple weeks.
  12. Saturday: My favorite at Four Peaks is the Kolsch. I wish they sold it in bottles. I'd tell my friends about the places you mentioned but we do not attend ASU. We all attend a tech school near I-10 and Baseline so we usually get our beer from Fry's Food and Drug across the street from the school. I planned to take my mom (who was in town to visit) to Four Peaks on her birthday, which also happens to be St. Patricks Day, and we ended up leaving. It was just extremely packed and there wasn't a seat in the whole place, it kinda wasn't the right atmosphere either. I think it would probably have been much better if it wasn't St. Patricks Day and we went at like 3pm. I also thought it was kind of weird that it was in a totally residential neighborhood and had no parking lot. Do you have any tips for parking when it's busy?
  13. Local Brewery - Four Peaks From the website: Kilt Lifter® Scottish-Style Ale Our award-winning Flagship ale is now in bottles!! This is an ale made in the tradition of the great strong ales of Scotland. Amber colored, malty sweet with underlying note of smokiness. Alcohol content approximately 6.0% by volume (ALWAYS ON TAP!!) Medals - Great American Beer Festival (GABF) 1998 & 1999 & 2003 - Bronze - Scottish-Style Ale
  14. Well I will say that I was much happier with the ABC report about it, because any intelligent viewer had to have come to the realization the ASO was just a company that collected random complaints. They outlined some actual safety numbers about the rides after doing a bit of research on their own. The viewer seems to come away with the overall idea that these rides can be dangerous if you are not healthy enough to ride, which is fine with me and won't hurt the park. On a sidenote, Jahan, are you a ride operator at SFMM? If so, I was wondering what you think I should do if I see a ride operator on their cell phone or with an ipod. Is there a place I can go to speak with a ride operation manager? I'd really like to help get this problem in check if I do happen to see it when I am there in a week. P.S. Anyone have the link to the video clip from the NBC 4 story?
  15. Grande Breve Caramel Macchiato half syrup.
  16. I did check on the Holiday Inn Express, with the special "MMPRO" rate their rooms were still $140 a night, and now they are booked up and don't have any rooms but suites left, which are $160 per night. We are going to want to check-in April 9th and check out April 11th. But we're so happy with our accomodations for Knott's that we are thinking of staying the extra night there and trying to leave early in the morning and drive to SFMM to get there before opening. I know the drive is about an hour without traffic, but on a weekday at 8am I am sure there will be plenty of traffic. Would it be a bad idea to do this? Also, I've never heard of Kayak and Sidestep before, I will check it out. Looks like they are similar services to all the ones I have checked. So far I have checked priceline, expedia, orbitz, travelocity, hotels.com, maybe I will find something on kayak or sidestep, thanks for the suggestion. Update: I finalized our accomodations a few minutes ago, we got a $107 a night rate at the Best Western near the park. We will probably walk to save the $15 in parking. I just wanted to thank everyone who helped with all the replies. I didn't expect so many different opinions/responses when I started this topic and I'm very happy so many people are looking to assist people with this kind of info! Thanks Again, Kevin
  17. I worked as a restaurant front desk host for 2 years when I was 16 and 17. I kept my cell phone on vibrate in my pocket and never answered it if it rang during my shift. If I was talking on my cell phone it would have looked unprofessional to both my employers and the customers coming in to be sat. Once I got a break, I'd go outside and sit down and use it to return the calls. At a theme park, the reasons not to use one are more significant. In addition to looking unprofessional to customers and employees, there is also a safety issue.
  18. Make your calls on your breaks. It's pretty simple. Also, shifts that long as ride operator are too long and they shouldn't be scheduled. The parks doing that should probably be focusing harder on recruitment instead of overworking their thin number of employees to the point where they quit.
  19. I've never seen ride operators on their cell phones, which is very unprofessional and could distract them. I hope if anything comes from this it will be that they have a meeting with their employees and tell them something like "You'll be fired if we catch you operating a ride and using your cell phone at the same time". As for the forcefulness issues, I do kinda wish Goliath's helix pulled out a little sooner, as I do feel like I'm going to pass out since I have bad circulation (always have), but I've ridden it like 5-6 times and never have actually passed out so I like the ride, it's just not that re-ridable for me.
  20. ^ True, I'd wrestle a bear. < Is going to Knott's Berry Farm and Magic Mountain in 5 days. V Is jealous.
  21. For some reason that Best Western is about $120 per night at this time of year, but I'm starting to think we might have to bite the bullet in Valencia and just pay it. If we stay at that Best Western, do you think we'd be able to walk to the park to avoid the $15 parking? We haven't done the priceline name your price option because I'm just a little too scared to put all the details in their hands. For example, you are booked whatever room any hotel with a certain star rating has, and charged on the spot. It may or may not be possible after your room is booked to switch to the room options you want, like 2 queen beds and smoking or non, and if you can't get what you want, unfortunately you're stuck with it. As for Buena Park, we're not going to stay at the Day's Inn anymore, the Knott's Berry Farm Resort Hotel has rooms for about the same price!
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