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  1. Definitely sounds different than I am used to, clackity, clack clack, clack clack! Looked fun though for sure. Any ideas on why it was making that sound?
  2. And to end the night... I had my first "top10" beer ever. Stone's Imperial Russian Stout is #9 according to BeerAdvocate.com, This beer was completely foreign to me upon the first sip. It was something I have never experienced before. Yeah, it's DEFINITELY worthy of the top 10 spot. The middle/end of this beer reminded me a little of a barley-wine style ale, but it was less intense and had a much better balance. Loved it, but Deschutes Black Butte Porter is still my favorite beer. The profile shot. ABV 10.8% A very well hidden alcohol content if you ask me. This is a more robust stout with a ton of character. Loved the look, aroma, and first taste.
  3. Alright, so this night was epic. Seriously. First of all, I took my mom out to dinner at Faultline in Sunnyvale, CA. It's sort of an upscale eatery with a nice bar and brewery geared towards the tech company employees. The bar was hopping, but we ate dinner in the restaurant. I really wish I had felt comfortable enough to take pictures of the bar, but when we walked through there to check it out, I would have felt nerdy whipping out my digicam and taking photos. Anyway, I took some closeups of the two pints I tried. But before I tried those pints, I had a sample of their Kolsch for $1, it was too small. Their Kolsch was VERY good. It reminded me almost exactly of the Kolsch I tried in Germany along the Rhine River. The best Kolsch I have had yet since Germany. Since I wanted to try more beers though, without spending a fortune, I next ordered a pint of Pale Ale along with our Appetizer, the stuffed mushrooms. I ordered the Gumbo for my main dinner, and my mom ordered the vegetarian risoto. I didn't take pictures of my Gumbo, but it was very good, and included andouille sausage, shrimp, scallops, cod, tuna, and salmon. Since the spicyness was starting to get to me, I decided to order their Stout next, the last of the beers I tried there. They had a whopping 10 beers on tap all brewed on site. And now, onto the pictures... Their stout was also very good. To be honest thought, it was hard to tell it apart from Guinness, but then again, I'm no expert! It was maybe a bit creamier than Guinness. The stuffed mushroom appetizer! These were awesome. We were originally going to get the Calamari but the waiter told us we should get these instead, a great choice! The pale ale, it was somewhere in between the Sam Adams Pale Ale and a typical American Pale Ale. It wasn't very bitter, but very good nonetheless.
  4. Scooterdoug, nice coaster model! I looked for a bit in the model section of the forums but was unable to find your model. Do you have any thread to show it off? I've never seen an inverted coaster model before. I'm going to Trader Joe's soon maybe I will see if I can pick that same beer up... Derek, somehow I knew your guest was Nicole! You totally left us hanging though, so it increased the suspense, haha! Okay, so here's the deal guys, I drank some brews last night but forgot to post, so I will post those here, and then follow up with my experiences from tonight. Yep, this beer was good enough for a "look i'm drinking it" shot. ABV 6.5% A very nice beer, reminded me a little bit of Sam Adams Pale Ale, was a little biscuity, but really enjoyed it a good deal more than Sam Adams Pale Ale, much deeper. Ahh, always nice to start off the night with a Curve Ball Kolsch.
  5. The season would have been a lot better if Rob and Amber went deep. They are very fun to watch. I still look back at the episode where they lost and scratch my head at every decision they made. It was just an off day for them I suppose.
  6. Nice video Juggler. Always nice to see updates from over in England. For tonight, I started off with 3 beers from the 6packs that i reviewed before, followed up by a new one. Here's the feature beer of the post, the Köstriker Schwarzbier. It's a black beer that was first brewed in 1543. This stuff is a bit like guiness, but it's much more roasty and smells a bit like roasted coffee grinds. Awesome! Ahh, this is my refresher beer. I like to drink this beer to kind of lighten up my palate before I try something new. Quite refreshing as always. Next I had another Sam Adams Pale Ale, which I poured into a glass. I must say that when I had this last night in the bottle, I liked it better from the bottle. I started off with a Barley-Wine Style Old Foghorn Ale from Anchor Brewing. I was hoping it would grow on me the 2nd time, but alas, it didn't. It's still a bit too syrupy and sweet for me.
  7. I'm glad you and your family enjoyed your trip! I love Rock Bottom too. Their beers are good and their food is also quite amazing. I've never had anything there that I haven't absolutely loved. We had a really nice one in Chandler, AZ. The one around here isn't as nice. Oh well... Glad you found one at the airport.
  8. Derek, you left us hanging, who's the guest???
  9. Werd. Glad to see the kiddies had fun. I wanna do an immelman on an inverted coaster =[. Hooray for great beer! I wanna go to Hersheypark and the breweries in PA! I also wanna hit up the other parks in PA too... Maybe someday...
  10. Nice shirt Derek! I started off the night with a Sam Adams Pale Ale, this has actually grown on me a little. I was hesitant at first about the biscuity flavor but I have grown to like it a bit more this time around. Second I had a Young's Special London Ale, which I've posted a picture of below. Lastly, I ended the night yet again with a Deschutes Black Butte Porter, and I must say, this stuff is pure sex. This is an excellent ale. It has a good citrus aroma and flavor at first, and follows up nicely with a hoppy character. Very drinkable with a nice mouth feel and decent carbonation. ABV 6.4%
  11. And now for tonight's lineup... First I had another of the Curve Ball Kolsch. I really like that beer, one of my favorite lighter colored beers. Next up was the Hoptown Golden Ale. Which I have a photo of at the bottom of this. And I finished the night with my favorite, a Deschutes Black Butte Porter. The Hoptown Golden Ale, Brewed in Pasadena, CA. It pours a lot lighter in color than most pale ales, but it still has a huge flavor and medium bitterness. Some critics have said it does not follow what a Golden Ale should be, but I love it!
  12. Last night I had two new beers from my latest stash that I bought at BevMo. Both were very good, much better than the few I tried a couple nights ago. The Erdinger Dark was delicious. Erdinger is my favorite German import. This beer is deep, complex, and smooth. It's a dark wheat beer. Definitely one of my favorites of what I've tried lately. ABV 5.5% First up was the Kolsch, which is a Seasonal Curve Ball made by Pyramid. It was excellent, crisp, clean, and flavorful. Much better than the Kolsch they brewed at Four Peaks. ABV 4.8%
  13. These are the best chips on god's green earth.
  14. The following pictures are from my Photo Trip Report of Four Peaks Brewery, in Tempe, AZ. These were taken the day after graduation using my sister's digital camera so that's why I haven't been able to post them until now. The place is pretty big and pretty much always busy. We went on a Sunday around 2pm and it was almost all full, but then again a Suns game was on so that might have contributed. I wish I had taken more pictures of the inside cause it looked kinda cool, but here's what I took. This is some of their merchandise, which I almost bought. Their 8th street pale ale is good so I thought about getting that shirt. A shot of me with the Hop Knot IPA. I enjoyed a Hop Knot IPA with my burger. Although it's called an IPA, it was actually entered as a Strong American Pale for the year it won a silver medal. Nice and hoppy. I got a pretty standard burger which was good, but it's not as interesting as the Salmon BLT my mom ordered. I started out with the Kolsch, it was good but didn't have as much flavor as I remember from my Germany trip. Lots of different flags and the tanks in the background.
  15. Hi everyone, I'm back in Sunnyvale, CA and moved back into my mom's house while I search for my first job after college. Wish me luck in my web developer job search! I went to BevMo today (yay!) and spent a big chunk of change. Unfortunately, they don't have a way to get 12 ouncers by themselves, or in a mixed 12 pack or anything like that, so I was stuck buying their very expensive 22oz'ers or six-packs mostly. I did enjoy their vast selection though and I'm very happy to be back in the Bay Area for beer. First up tonight was an Apricot Weizen from Pyramid, which was pretty good as usual. Then came one of the most surprising tasting beers I've had ever. The Anchor Brewing Old Foghorn. It's a barley wine style ale with 8.8% ABV. It has a very smooth mouth feel, almost velvety in texture. After the initial sweetness, I expected a bite, like I do with all beers, that I typically enjoy. Instead, it just got richer, more velvety, and quite overwhelming. It's incrediby deep flavored, and really tough to put into words. There is absolutely no bitterness whatsoever, and very little carbonation. Overall, I enjoyed the experience of trying this beer, and may have it on some occasions as a dessert beer, but it really isn't what I typically look for in a beer. Here's the profile shot with my NEW digital camera, doesn't it look so much better than my cell phone camera? Next up was the Samuel Adams Pale Ale at 5.25% ABV. I must say, I expected it to have a little more bitterness, but it is really mild. The flavor is good but not cirtus like at all. It's almost like sourdough bread, a little biscuity and a smidge sour.
  16. BGE does indeed rock! Very nice photo TR. I hope to get back there this season for a Griffon ride!
  17. I just got this camera from my dad as a college graduation gift. I'm liking it so far, it will be put to great use in the beer thread! -Kevin
  18. Great America is my home park, since I'm from Sunnyvale. However... Knott's Berry Farm is quite a bit better than it. I've been there recently and had a good experience, I loved their ride operators and their rides are pretty good, though there aren't many. Looking forward to Sierra Sidewinder!
  19. So I picked up a 6-pack of this FireStation 5 IPA today. It's my first IPA ever! Honestly, I'm not a big fan, it's a little too tart for me, and I really don't like the middle/finish very much. I read some other reviews of this beer on the internet though and no one was really impressed, so I still have hope for IPAs in the future. I really love English and American style pales right now though. Also, my TPR DVDs came today, yay!!! Signature shot.
  20. Bubba83

    PA Trip?

    You might want to get in contact with DerekRx (Derek) and The Rugged One known as Heath. They live there! You can find them in the beer thread, haha.
  21. Lindsay Lohan ^ Really hate how she plays down her disgusting life style as chronicled by the paparazzi in every interview she does.
  22. Wow, very nice photo TR of the beer festival!!! Looks like everyone had an awesome time and the weather cooperated. I'm really jealous right now!
  23. Imagine if BBW used its speed from that 2nd drop to do some more stuff down by the water/shores before it came back to the station, now that would be awesome.
  24. LOL at the last pic Mr. Pete It's been a while since I've updated because I'm still finishing off those 6-packs of the beers I already updated a few days ago. Also, I'm in the midst of my final projects and exams this week. Might be a week or something before I make another update from back in California!
  25. I am an eggshell with a brain of a yolk. You don't know what that means, and I don't either. This is why the world turns around on its axis, and spins the other way. My dog eats round hot air bubbles with shades of gray intervenously masking themselves onto the grass.
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