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  1. I'd say blue cars belong to a desert theming, more than red. Blue blends in: military planes in the desert are mostly blue painted on the belly for camouflage.
  2. The first "test-passengers" did the ride. Rides.nl published an article about it together with a POV and some pictures. Watch out: the information and POV might spoil the fun, because it explains the whole ride. It's in Dutch, but maybe they translated it already: in the upper right corner of the site you can switch to the English language. http://www.rides.nl/nieuws/bericht/preview-de-vliegende-hollander-in-de-efteling
  3. Well, it's almost the same in my family. First of all: my mother and sister don't really like the "rough rides" in a park and the last years my father also has to watch his heart. When there is theming and some place to walk and sit (woods, etc.) then they might like to go. Now I'm on my own for 6 years already, and I have close friends who will go with me to many parks, so that's not a real problem nowadays, but I know it from the past. I must say that I convinced my father to do some parks just like a "father-son thing", he is kind of proud he made me a "coaster/amusement park nut". I kn
  4. Yep, definately the best drop tower i've been on! Although the "stand-up" drop tower at Drayton Manor (Apocalyps) is also very good!
  5. Nice pictures... I hope it'll all be ready the end of july!
  6. It didn't change very much, did it? It's more organized this way: that's better than before.
  7. They never expected that an amusement park would be fun...
  8. And it's final: the Efteling will open sunday 1 april. And it will also open "de Vliegende Hollander" that day!!! It will be a walk-through, dark ride and roller coaster all in one ride, so i'm very curious. That day you'll find me first thing in the new coaster! Finally really flying as a Dutchman!
  9. Evil thoughts! I like it...! Somehow people living nearby parks are always trying to get rid of the park, or making it difficult to build a certain ride. For example: Duinrell isn't yet allowed to build a 97o drop-coaster (gerstlauer), because of the "amusement-noise"! And it might attract more visitors! I think there'll always be people like that.
  10. Toverland has no season and is open year round. Next to that troy will open (hopefully) on the end of june. I know, i know... You're right. But let's rephrase: MY season starts april 1! But I really can't wait till the end of june...
  11. Well, the movie isn't very good... It's bad, not amusing... But the poster is great! It's on the wall in my living room! A friend gave this poster to me because "I'm such a coaster freak".
  12. Wow! A piece of art ! In 2 weeks the season will be starting... Troy will open somewhere in June, won't it?
  13. Hope to do many European parks this year! And to finish my judgement about Vekoma (i will be doing a lot of them). I have an Efteling seasons-pass and i hope to do every park which is included in this membership! Next year (2008) i will be really going worldwide! Big in Japan (together with Janster, see above!)
  14. Nice pictures! I never see much of these parks at the other side of our globe! Hope "your" park will add a great(er) coaster soon!
  15. Well, of course the thing to do there is: have fun! One way or the other! Just don't do things if you don't want to do it, but when you feel a little doubt: then go for it! It's a nice park where you also can eat "coaster burgers" and walk on the beach, so there is more than only "rides". Good luck!
  16. Unfortunately I can only read a little bit Hiragana and Katagana, but not the Chinese signs! I'm a bit curious what you just wrote there...
  17. And watch out with the Wild Mouse... Maybe you like it, maybe not. It´s pretty rough and there isn´t much security... But it´s a fun ride. I think you´ll like the other woodies there (as Janster said).
  18. And DisneylandParis looks a lot like Tokyo Disney... At least when i compare these pictures with my experience in DisneyParis. @PhishyBrewer: nice pictures by the way! Next year I'm going to Japan... Is april a good month to go? Do you have any suggestions what parks we should do at least? I was also planning to go to the Ghibli Museum...
  19. Wow, just read the other topic... This is cool! Didn't know it is kind of cheap to build such a coaster yourself. To rent a coaster you already pay more!
  20. About theming: you are right about the Nemesis. It is very good, mysterious. But it can be better and then I say: look at the Black Mamba! (At the Nemesis I especially like the artillery which is overgrown with alien stuff. I love the whole theming of the Forbidden Valley... But it isn't quite as good as the African part of Phantasialand).
  21. About only Africans working there: once when the coaster "broke down" and people were "stuck" on the lift hill there were a "white" supervisor and a "white" technician... (see my picture of this scene!) I think Phantasialand should go all the way and also hire "black" supervisors and technicians! the white technician...
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