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  1. At least this Batman looks a lot more themed than SFMM... Nice TR!
  2. Probably they actually thought about the thing and abandoned the project...
  3. It really looks like a great park, nice TR. Still, about the Vekoma standard SLC. I don't like them, but when a friend (who doesn't like coasters anymore ) came with me on that coaster, that's the only time when I really liked the ride (Condor at Walibi World). So maybe if you take someone who never did a Vekoma standard SLC, you'll like it?
  4. Great pictures! Nice TR: looks like a cute, small park.
  5. Well, the mobile phones are now a part of everyday life. I mean: people are using them during driving! That's more irresponsible than using it during that kind of work. I think we should accept the fact that nobody can live without a cell phone. Personally I hate those phones and I didn't buy one until the people around me complained I had to have one. Especially for emergency (patients, when I'm "in trouble" myself, etc.). Just accept it: those phones will never disappear again!
  6. My home park is the Efteling and: last sunday "De Vliegende Hollander" became the number one coaster at that park!
  7. I went there yesterday and the Efteling was crowded! Of course everyone wanted to go on DVH... 90 minutes waitlines and not the capacity they promise. They say DVH can take 1900 persons per hour, but I think it wasn't even close to a 1000 (Janster calculated it that day). They should work on that! It is a great ride, especially the combination of the "walkthrough" (I'd rather prefer the title "themed" waitline: I didn't have the feeling of going through a Nautilus from Disney, for instance), the dark ride (which is the best part of the whole ride: it is spectacular!) and the roller coa
  8. Too bad you use the "whatever-system"... Yes it's 1.4 metres.
  9. Python at the Efteling, when I was 5 or 6 years old... I wasn't tall enough, but they were nice and let me in as long as my father would hold me down... It wasn't a great experience (yet)!
  10. The "going slow" thing: isn't that what x-cars make x-cars? I thought every x-car coaster goes slow through the elements.
  11. In 3 hours you can drive from north to south, with public transport it's about 4½ hours, but you don't have to go to the north, so that cuts the time at least 2 hours short (driving as well as public transport) We have but a small country and most people can speak (understandable) English, so that shouldn't be a problem. As is said above: Efteling (Kaatsheuvel, near Tilburg: a special bus is going from Tilburg to the park or you can go to Den Bosch/'s Hertogenbosch from where also a special bus is going to the park), Walibi World (Biddinghuizen, near Harderwijk: a special bus is
  12. I always thought Ghibli would make the first "anime-coaster"... I'm curious about Akira... Some kind of boosterbike but then from Intamin?
  13. ^you're right. But you must know that the Efteling did most rides with Intamin... Well, now I think of it... It'll be fity/fifty. And KumbaK already did some good things: their trains are the best! Space Invader 2 at BPB and on the Python at the Efteling. The ones on the Python are especially great: they make the Vekoma "smooth" (enough) and the trains are heavily themed! I'm curious about the new trains on Stampida: will they make it better/smoother? I'll try their first coaster next sunday (and it's not a joke!)!
  14. Well, KumBak didn't do a very good job: that's the reason why the opening was postponed for a year... I believe Intamin helped with the problems of the lifthill. Apart from that: the ride looks great, even when it wasn't working!
  15. To keep it in the Netherlands: worst/lame ending is on The Express (before known as Superman) at Walibi World: the coaster just dies in the end. Best ending: Goliath at Walibi World! After the bunny hops a great g-force turn! And than a quick, but smooth break. Excitement till the end! Why does it take another week to open up parks around here?
  16. A helicopter is obvious: what other means of transport is there when something bad happens during a race? Of course it gets easier with GPS nowadays, but still: I think that at every "desert race" there's always a helicopter standby.
  17. "If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much!" Well, you actually can get wet: they can control that with magnets, etc. So when it's a nice, dry day you'll get wet! At least, that's what they said last year...
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