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  1. The roller coaster you mean is the Python. But it only has turn, lift hill, turn, drop, 2 loops, turn, 2 corkscrews, helix, break: that's it. The dark ride is called "droomvlucht" (translation: "dreamflight") and yes, the goblin is a frightning part! I still jump when he comes... You remembered well for a 4 year old! Maybe you recognize my avatar?
  2. What is the name of the coaster? "Leap-to-death"?
  3. Who doesn't love the Efteling?! It's the best park ever! (At least: that's my opninion). The best bobsed i ever rode (there aren't many bobsleds in Europe) and the best madhouse there is. Too bad they only speak dutch during the show, not that's a problem for me, but for the ones who can't understand it, it's a pity... Too bad the video isn't online anymore...
  4. In the Netherland april and may are the months for school trips. Didn´t you see all them busses on the parking lot? They were all filled to the brim with annoying little kiddies. When you visited the park in August, you probably encountered an entirely different crowd. Yeah, we had the same in July in the UK-parks: schooltrips!
  5. Public transport will be all right. I don't think you have to pre-book it. Isn't there a time-table on Phantasialand's site? Mid-august is during the holidays (for the dutch, but i believe also for the germans, corect me if i'm wrong!), so I think it will be busy and the hotels will use their "high-season" rate. I don't know about the fairs around... Have fun! It's a great park!
  6. My living pillow... well, not exactly my dog, my parents' dog. Nouschka she's called and when i came home from bringing the mail on saturday I would sleep on the couch and mostly she was my pillow Nouschka is the sweetest, cutest dog there is. A real hunter! Living pillow...
  7. Hellendoorn, here we come!!! (I've never been to Hellendoorn...) Nice pictures, by the way!
  8. I was born in Tilburg, south of the Netherlands, about 10 minutes away from the Efteling. I lived there for about 10 years. After that we moved to the north of the Netherlands and now it's still my home park, but 2½ hours away. Walibi World is about 1½ hours away. Slagharen somewhere in an hour, Heide-Park in 3 hours, Moviepark Germany 3 hours, Phantasialand 4 hours... It can all be done in a day! Oh, wait! 20 mintes away is "Speelstad Oranje"! It's an indoor kiddie-park...
  9. Is it possible to combine cetrain characeristics from different manufacturers/designers instead of combining coasters? I'd use Intamin's speed, B&M's "smooothness", KumBak's cars (themed and smooth), Stengel's design and Efteling's theming. That would be an ultimate coaster...
  10. I think it's a terrible coaster. The idea is great, but it just doesn't "do it". I really would be surprised if one of the stops would result in a forward part, instead of backward. Thorpe should do something to make it better: it is possible, I think. Retheming is a good thing!
  11. The last roller coaster i rode was: "Bobbaan" at the Efteling.
  12. Are you a former Cedar Point employee? Well, then it also has a record, hasn't it? By the way: I always hope europe will built one of the highest and fastest coasters in the world... Maybe this is it?
  13. I hope the ride really opens at the start of the season! I'm really looking forward to it now: i've been waiting a whole year!
  14. Hey there! I'm Dennis and just became a dentist. Roller coasters keep me young! Before I was born, I'd already seen the Efteling (Netherlands)! Since a couple of years I "hunt" roller coasters together with another (new) member at TPR ("Janster"). We've already done a lot in Europe and are almost at the point we really need to go "far away" (USA, Japan, etc.). We both did about 70 roller coasters already. I love the movies here! greets, Dennis (Menghini).
  15. For me the Black Mamba at Phantasialand has the coolest station ever. All in African style, it's almost like you're in the African jungle, especially with the employees from that part of the park!
  16. That's a huge compliment for the Goliath, isn't it? The author from the "Roller Coaster Lover's Companion" thinks S:RoS (SFNE) is the best ever...
  17. Goliath is the best of the two! Just like Janster (and some others) I'm really allergic to "trim-brakes". But what is it with the first drop on EGF? Why do most of you like that element? There is a twist in it, that doesn't make it really smooth. Then again: this twist is better than the one on the Pepsi Max Big One in Blackpool Pleasure Beach...
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