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  1. For me it's the Black Mamba! Let's also look at the queu line: Black Mamba beats the Nemesis definately on that one. And that part you see and experience the most! Anyway: the Black Mamba is more mysterious and surprising and visually better, which puts, in my opinion, the Black Mamba above Nemesis.
  2. Clear language! I like especially the part with the "headaches" and the "twisted design"... Cool!
  3. Why do you have the layout of this coaster as your picture/avatar? Is it because it will be good?
  4. Of course there is airtime at inverted coasters! First of all: floater-airtime in the zero-g rolls. Some loops at the top on the middle seat and the kind of bunny-hops: not much, but there's airtime! See also the reply of "matteocrepaldi" earlier this topic.
  5. Congratulations! There will be some (more) ups and downs, but I wish you all a lot of airtime! by the way: since the "donkeys" are replaced, will the ranks also be modified...?
  6. Let's name a very old coaster. I think the most airtime was on the "leap-the-gap"! ... When will they make another "leap-the-gap"?
  7. Well, about X flipping the whole time... Next season we get the "ball coaster"! Talking about flipping the whole time. This 5d-concept is not very far away, I think.
  8. My favourite is steel. Wood just looks better, but steel can be smooth and you can do more with steel, like inversions, etc. ... I'm still waiting for the first plastics coaster!
  9. I hope the park will do some real maintenance now, especially for Goliath's sake. I hope the park will be worth visiting again someday... (of course: i will always go back for Goliath, but only if the entry is free of charge! ) The Vekoma Boomerang was probably regarded as one of the most scary rides there. And now there aren't many boomerangs left in Europe... Just kidding! I think the dutch ("we") are fortunate with those parks we have now, such variety, cheap, etc. Unfortunately, the government wants to raise the taxes on the tickets (now they have the low rate, 6%, it w
  10. It is, I agree! So we don't believe the interview/article?
  11. Well, it's now part of "Wuze Town" (just like the Winjas). The Nighthawk is one of their gods, I believe. They painted everything green and put some christmasdecoration at the loading station... and there is a laser from a bird at one lift hill. That's it. I think they didn't have any money anymore after the Black mamba! Just like Janster: also a lame coaster.
  12. For me the worst coaster is: X:\no way out You think it's great and when you read about the coaster, you think it's a great coaster... But it isn't. Followed by "Psyclone" at SFMM and "Pepsi Max" at Blackpool Pleasurebeach.
  13. What about "Toverland" in the Netherlands? It's a relatively new park. I think it started as a large indoor fair for children and is now already adding the biggest wooden GCI-coaster! I tend to go there this year!
  14. Interesting... I didn't know they also owned Southport. Though it is kind of obvious ("pleasurebeach"). So it's not very surprising they moved Infusion...
  15. Topple Tower sounded intereting... But a suspended top spin? Hmm, I hope themeing, etc. will be good.
  16. Well, those punches, isn't that just the machinery? Mack has probably a somewhat different system, so it's possible. I must say that the movement on all madhouses are a bit crappy when you really are focusing on it.
  17. Wow! I always wanted to see a POV from this one. Doesn't Vekoma have a modification on this one? A "lift-tilt-coaster"?
  18. @CGM: well, somewhere you're probably right. I'm also a bit biased because I'm dutch... Hex is a very good one, it's creepy, really a thrill. Location is very good chosen. But I still don't understand why the room has to turn upside down. As you said for VV: it's just a curse, but what about Hex? Those experiments on the branch? Hex's story is the thing I don't really understand, especially in combination with a madhouse. On VV: great themeing, the shows are great (at least when you're dutch...), the story is great, soundtrack (CGM, you know the soundtrack?) is perfect and just the
  19. Hex is a nice madhouse, when I arrived at Alton I thought that the castle should have a ride like that, and that was the case! But it was a bit too dark and a bit vague why the room would have to turn upside down... The first madhouse of this type is still the best for me: "Villa Volta" at the Efteling.
  20. My number 1 coaster! The Black Mamba, Phantasialand, frontseat, with just 1 minor flaw... 22 million euro's... OOPS!
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