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  1. MaxAir at Cedar Point - What a rush! Enterprise at Valleyfair - Still one of the nicest looking flats out there. Simple design and also a pretty comfortable ride.
  2. Nice report. The Raven is also my favorite wooden coaster at Holiday World.
  3. Nice pictures. Ciara's very beautiful!
  4. Looks like the figure is wearing an uniform. What did the crew wear in those days?
  5. I like Renegade better than Hades. The last time I rode Hades it was very bad and rough, it also had a sloppy pace in some parts.
  6. Magnum Shivering Timbers Mamba Steel Force The Voyage
  7. I recommend staying at Port Orleans Riverside. That is a pretty nice to stay at while on the WDW property. You're pretty much in the center of everything, really close to Epcot when it's late at night(It helps when Epcot is the park that closes the latest during the Christmas holiday season).
  8. I can't wait to see Valleyscare this year.
  9. I really like those Wildcat type coasters. I wish Valleyfair still had theirs, it was a pretty decent ride minus the badly needed paint job it needed(faded black and orange paint).
  10. I will update the track and sound system on Space Mountain at WDW. Keep the layout the same though, it is different from the other Space Mountains(That is what makes it unique). I think that if Disney starts copying a lot of their rides and parks people will get bored with them and only visit one of them instead of the whole franchise of theme parks. There will be no point in going to Florida since you will have all the same rides at Disneyland or Paris, vice versa. I think Disney will be better off trying to find unique qualities for each of the parks and put in different type of rides/coasters that will fit with each park. Make each park different from the others, like make WDW very different from Disneyland so that people will want to visit WDW and yet visit Disneyland too. What's the point of having all of those parks if you're going to put every great ride in one park? Why doesn't Disney use many of their excellent ideas to all of their parks? I think it will be great if they add some more unique rides to Disneyland and don't use those ideas for the other parks. I'm glad that WDW doesn't have an Indiana Jones Adventure, because if it did I wouldn't visit Disneyland since WDW has pretty much all of the thrill rides in my honest opinion. I can say the same thing about the Roger Rabbit ride and California Screamin' too. I will try to differentiate the Disney theme parks.
  11. Raptor Millennium Force Wicked Twister Montu Kumba Top Thrill Dragster Gwazi Raging Bull Son of Beast Mamba Spinning Dragons Talon Twister - Knoebel's Voyage Legend
  12. That's great to hear! It was unbearable the last time I rode it.
  13. I think Magnum is running pretty good this year. I always ride in the last row during the morning and early afternoon, then later ride in the last second to last row at night. Magnum is not that bad if you find a way to ride it comfortably(with your legs straight and your back off the seat), I usually let the lap bar sit about an inch above my waist. I just love that skyline of CP's.
  14. Steel Venom is so faded. They seriously need to re-track High Roller, those first two drops are bad and also lose the trims on there. High Roller was pretty awesome back in the days, now it is blah(grow that one tree back, the one near the last hill ha ha). It is a clean park(obviously not Disney kind of clean but it's nice though), it is usually the lazy patrons that make the mess(there no excuse for it since there's gazillions of trash cans near the people).
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