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  1. High Roller was once a classic coaster. I wish they will run it like they use to back in the days. I always thought our Enterprise is one of the nicest looking flat rides anywhere. It's amazing that it is now 29 years old and it still looks pretty good.
  2. It'll probably give Mantis a run for it's money for being the loudest ride. Better yet, good thing TOGO didn't build it.
  3. Cedar Point. It has the best collection of coasters(Raptor, Magnum, MF and TTD and Maverick) and some nice flats especially MaxAir. It is relatively close to 6 other parks(King's Island, Geauga Lake, Kennywood, Holiday World, Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom and Indiana Beach). All are within a 10 hour drive from Cedar Point only if you want to spend that much time traveling to them. You might have to drive some very long distances to find some pretty decent coasters in my honest opinion.
  4. Best: Magnum XL-200(Cedar Point) - Love watching the trains go up the lift hill. Nothing sounds better than listening to Magnum going up it's lift hill, my favorite amusement park noise! Millennium Force(Cedar Point) - I like looking at the lights on the main hill at night. Dueling Dragons(Islands of Adventure) - Awesome theming! Renegade(Valleyfair) - Ride is all around you in the queue. Space Mountain(Walt Disney World) - Nice air conditioning and it's nice watching the ride above you. Worst: Excalibur(Valleyfair) - Too boring. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad(Walt Disney World) - Sometimes it gets too uncomfortable standing in the hot in a compact space. Iron Dragon(Cedar Point) - Pond near the ride really stinks.
  5. HalloWeekends at Cedar Point gets my vote, I like Werewolf Canyon the best. I love the scare zones, especially the Fright Zone. ValleyScare was also pretty nicely done, it makes me wonder how much Valleyfair can add and improve to their event, adding a couple haunts to an already loaded list of things to do is quite good. I wish they will add Werewolf Canyon to our event. I like the Pirates of Crimson Isle, it was long and had lots things going on and was hard to see where you were going. Also the Asylum was great because of the grotesque scenes in it ha ha. Blood Creek Cemetery was okay.
  6. I hope they keep the current design and maker for the trains on Magnum. Magnum has some of the nicest looking trains! Not to mention they are different, which is a plus since places like to go overboard with an idea. These are the best Arrow trains in my opinion. I hate Morgan trains, they sink way too much especially on the Wild Thing(they're loud too). I wish the only thing they do is just add another section of block brakes, possibly some brakes right before the transfer tracks(the little flat section of track behind the Magnum on ride photos booth). Or they can extend the brake run/transfer tracks. Make Magnum's brake run like Mamba's or Steel Force's brake runs.
  7. I like the new banners that they put up around the park this year. Nice pictures. I think this year the Magnum is giving out the best rides ever, it is amazing how a 18 year old ride can perform like it does. I highly recommend the tuna salad sandwiches from Johnny Rocket's, they're very good on a hot day and quite good.
  8. I'm disappointed that they took out the heartline roll. It would've been cool to experience something else besides the S-curves on Maverick. I have a " been there, done that" feeling towards the elements on there.
  9. Ghostrider at Knott's is pretty good. I also liked the Viper at Six Flags Great America, it's easily the best coaster at that Six Flags park. Thunder Run at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom is also great.
  10. Steel 1. Magnum XL - 200 (Cedar Point) - Still the best steel coaster in my opinion! This coaster is absolutely insane on cool and partly cloudy days. They hardly put brakes on it when it is windy. 2. Millennium Force (Cedar Point) 3. Raptor (Cedar Point) 4. Montu (Busch Gardens Africa) 5. Dueling Dragons (Islands of Adventure) Wood 1. The Raven (HolidayWorld) 2. Renegade (Valleyfair) - Thank you GCI and the management at Valleyfair!!!! 3. Shivering Timbers (Michigan's Adventure) 4. Screaming Eagle (Six Flags St. Louis) 5. Ghostrider (Knott's Berry Farm)
  11. Maybe Cedar Fair can spend some of that 20 million on Valleyfair. It seems like eternity since when we got our last coaster. Renegade is a pretty good start to us getting some decent coasters in addition to Steel Venom. Yeah, SOB is the loudest coaster that I have ever heard.
  12. The last time I went to Mount Olympus the park services were disappointing. The workers there didn't seem too energetic and some were rude and hard to understand. We also went on a pretty busy day and they ran one train on the coasters(A park that gets that busy should automatically have 2-3 trains for each coaster), a rather simple line at a place like Cedar Point(think about Iron Dragon's queue) took a hour at Mount Olympus. All of the coasters at that park all can use some refurbishment, each had some spots where the ride wasn't real nice and smooth riding. On one of the helices on Hades, the tracking was pretty bad, lots of shifting and very wash board like.
  13. I wish they would put some Millennium Flyers on the Boss. Gerstlauer trains are so painful.
  14. Enough to make you doze off and get a nice nap on there.
  15. Cedar Point Walt Disney World Universal Studios Florida/Islands of Adventure Universal Studios Hollywood Hersheypark Holidayworld Busch Gardens - Tampa Dorney Park
  16. I really like the colors on their new coaster. I wish we can paint the Wild Thing at Valleyfair something like that, that'll be awesome. I think the coaster that deserves to be painted green and light green is Raptor of Cedar Point.
  17. 1. Magnum 2. Millennium Force 3. Raptor 4. Wicked Twister 5. Blue Streak 6. Disaster Transport - Mostly for the air conditioning! 7. Gemini 8. TTD
  18. Walk around the park, enjoying the shows and food. I love walking around at Cedar Point at night(listening and watching Magnum go up it's lift hill).
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