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  1. I really like the bands from the old trustkill recoring company
  2. ^ Hates Everything < Thinks the movie Home Alone is #1 \/ Damn Well Agrees
  3. This is my most recent picture from Halloween. And wow I really need a haircut because right I got huge hair so yup. And what im holding is my beautiful hand done carved out pumpkin done by yours truly with The Shocker Shocker
  4. Uh... am I the only one who doesn't get this? I second that!
  5. One thing that annoys me is that they changed up the schedule on Game Show Network and put all the good shows in the afternoon and the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and Weakest Link at primetime so piss on them.
  6. Last Game I played was that new game out called The Warriors
  7. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Damn you Lou Bad Idea, Bad Idea. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Food Network
  8. Wow! Thats incredible. I live in Hamilton, Canada and yesterday a tornado touched down and we haven't ever really had one so we thought that it was so bad but me and my mom were saying that how much damage the tornado did at our hometown couldn't you imagine Hurricane Katrina. Great Pictures. Good Luck with your new Fridge
  9. Dude Socom 3 is awesome. I've been playing since it came out too. Many people don't enjoy it as much as Socom 2 because of the bigger maps because Socom 3 is all about making plans and being as stealthy as possible to eliminate the other team when Socom 1 and 2 were about rampaging through opening fire. But I think a great thing is the vehicles in Socom 3. They have there good sides and bad like you can easily get shot in one. And with no lag and the great online menu with message boards. Damn it's a great game. And another plus to Socom 3 is that you need a credit card (but its free) to play ranked games and to be in clans which means you don't have a damn 8 year old screaming in your ear.
  10. Oh No! I dropped my cranberry nachos! HEY! Does anyone agree that the Food Network is the best television Network on the tube???
  11. Yes Have you ever been in a Turkish Prison?
  12. I actually like that logo. I don't know why it just seems like eye candy to me and really catches my eye with that teal. And one other reason I like it is it isn't like every damn logo these days.
  13. My votes are for some of the FUNNIER ones: #1: Coaster_Fanatic #4 - Good skills right there, So i'll brb gonna smoke a bowl #2: BrownStreak - DAMN! Wilma you make my bedrock.
  14. Wow! No one was there. At my hometown we have a minor league type thing and we get pretty big crowds. But I guess I can't compare because Hamilton Bulldogs are in the AHL and that is all the NHL's farm teams so. Oh ya I was gonna ask are the blue lines and creases painted yellow because that seemed weird but a pretty cool change And is the ice blue or is that just the camera.
  15. My coaster is just putting two pipes down the side of a cliff and giving you a pair of rollerblades and throwing you down the damn thing. Now thats a coaster.
  16. That has to be Colorado Adventure
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