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  1. im not sure if i mentioned this but, i love PP but with the new boats the ride is terrible
  2. For Ghostrider, the rest of the people in my group said the two trains werent any different but the gold train brought back memories of when the ride first opened if that gives you a hint.
  3. Well, yesterday wasnt too bad. Got in alot of rides on stuff i'd never been on before. We arrived at the park a little after ten and went straight into the park because we had already bought tickets. We rushed over to silver bullet and waited 2 minutes for the back row. After that we went over to Xcelerator and rode without getting off, then walked around and rode twice again without getting off. Then we went to supreme scream and waited for about five minutes because they only had one tower open. Id never been on it before and so i had tons of fun and absolutely loved it. After that we headed over to boomerang and got on almost right away. The ride was still as bumpy as usual and it was just the same old boomerang coaster. After that, we went to check out perilous plunge but it was closed untill the afternoon so we went on riptide. I have to say that that ride was terrible. It flipped us three times and they didnt even have the water spouts turned on. Then, to make things worse, they had like, ten seats open on both sides and the rest roped off. It was a terrible ride. Then we went over to the wilderness scrambler and enjoyed having our stomachs jostled around a little bit. After that, we went over to Bigfoot rapids and waited a couple minutes for them to add the rest of the boats. Overall, we didnt get too wet untill the end. Then we went over to Silver bullet again and rode one more time before going to Ghostrider. We waited about 10 minutes for the front car on the copper train. I could barely get off because it felt like my back broke. Then we left the park to eat at The chicken place and went back in. We then rode Silver bullet in the front row and went over to Montazooma's for a quick ride. the Montazoomas was running amazingly, going almost to the top of the back spike! then we headed over to Xcelerator for another ride. As we came off Xcelerator, i saw perilous plunge running so we went over and waited ten minutes for that. Its terrible and boring now with the new boats and over the sholder restraints and the splash is just pitiful. We then went over to the log ride and rode that. Same old same old log ride. After that we went to supreme scream for another ride. Its really fun when your at the top waiting for the thing to release you. Then when it does, you are just floating in the air. We then proceded to Silver bullet for another ride in the back row and then moved on to ghostrider. I rode one time on the gold train thats brand new and really smooth compared to the copper one and then everyone else i was with went on the copper one one more time. Riding on the gold train reminded me of when the ride first opened and i went on it. It was really fun. Ride ratings Silver bullet- Fun, longer than most inverts but very slow. A- Xcelerator- Amazing launch, comfortable restraints, Fun top hat with airtime. A+ Supreme scream- Fun, Short, lots of airtime. A- Boomerang- Usual boomerang, Somewhat painful, kinda fun. B Riptide- Short, boring, Forceless. C- Wilderness Scrambler- Fun, disorienting, way too short. B+ Bigfoot rapids- Fun, Wet, "long". B+ Ghostrider- Copper train: rough, bumpy, lots of airtime. B+ Gold train: Smooth, Fun, Amazing amounts of airtime. A+ Perilous plunge- Short, some airtime, heavy breaking, annoying restraints B- Log ride- Fun, Good themeing, fun but not scary drop. B
  4. -I was on Deja Vu and we vallied before the 2nd hill. We waited 6 minutes and then were pulled up the second tower and completed the cycle. Apparently the catcher car was messed up. Then, once we got back to the station, the floor wouldnt come up so we had to wait for that. Then the restraints on row 9-16 wouldnt release (i was in row 11). Hard to believe but this was all on the same train. it wasnt fun. -on X the Chain lift stopped on our way up, then started a gain and then repeated the same action 3 times. It was really weird. - Shortly after silver bullet opened, the lift got stuck for a minute or two, nothing major - The train before mine got stuck on ghostriders lift with the front car over the top and starting to go down. it jammed or something - Got stuck in the sky tower for three or for minutes. - Saw supreme scream go halfway up and then stop for a minute. - Saw perilous plunge get stuck near the top of the lift and then after 20 mins get evac'ed - Saw one of the goliath trains get stuck halfway up the lift for an entire day - Saw Viper Get stuck coming out of the station for an hour. (sad thing was, they didnt evac the ppl) This didnt happen to me but a girl in my spanish class was stuck in the flying position on tatsu for 45 minutes. They gave them two front of the line passes to any ride in the park!!!
  5. Hey, I just joined yesterday, my names teddy, or Theo whateva. 15 and I live in Pasadena California. I go to Maranatha High School in Pasadena and yeah, i go to MM alot. Ive so far used my season pass 14 times this year and ive been on everything but Flashback and Freefall so... HI!!!
  6. im a ddr freak and i love the music you have for the Sea Paradise/Cosmoworld video, what's the track name and artist? also, how do you get avatars?
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