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  1. well, my school planned a trip to Six Flags for Sadie Hawkins this year and I was really excited to go with all of my friends. We left from my school about and hour late and arrived at the park around 11. After we managed to get into the park, we tried to get on Revolution but the line was rather large and I deemed it "not worthy to wait" so we took the Orient Express up the mountain to Ninja, which was also closed because it was rather windy yesterday. I had my friends wait by the entrance to Ninja while I ran to check out Tatsu's line. The line went through all the switchbacks and down the mountain a little ways so we decided to wait untill later. After that we headed down the mountain to Superman, which is was also closed because it broke down, so we headed to Riddler's. Bingo! walked up into the station (which was packed and amazingly clean but we managed to get on in four trains with two train operation and loved it. One of my best friends loved it because it was so "unusual" in his opinion. He never thought about how wierd it would be riding a coaster standing up and he loved it. After that we tried to get on freefall but it was closed so we headed over to Batman. Not to bad of a wait, about five-ten minutes with two train operation. After that we made a quick DDR pit-stop and spent our money wisely! While in the Arcade, some friends from my school came in and told us that Goliath had only a five minute wait. We hightaled it over there and to my surprise, found THREE trains operaiting with extremely minimal stacking. Even though it seemed to be running fine right then, I told the people in my group to mark my words that Goliath would be having major problems later in the day. Goliath was fun with some rapid loading and unloading and amazing operation. One of the people in our group loves wooden coasters so, naturally, our next stop was colossus. The line seemed longer than usual and it was. All in all it had about a fifteen minute wait witch really wasnt too bad. The guy who likes wooden roller coasters loved it (and the trains ), however, he Did make sure that we knew Ghostrider at Knott's was way better. Some it was now about two and we decided it was time to eat (I protested because scream had almost no line and claimed it would probably build one but no one really listened to me and I had to go with them) and we walked to the Colossus cookery. Very good service, extremely decent park food, etc. After we spent a long time eating, we walked to Scream. GUESS WHAT? it had a gigantic line for which I gloated about for a little while and then we left. The next stop was Yosemite Sam's Sierra Falls. For being an almost completely unknown ride in the park, it was really fun. Not too long but it got you wet enough to cool you down. Then, came the biggie. It was time for X. Some of the people in our group chickened out, and some claimed to be sick, so out of a group of about 12 people, 3 of us went and waited. While waiting in line for X, I have to say I was UNDENIABLY and EXTREMELY impressed. Dispatch times were at an all time low, 2 minutes was one of the longest dispatches. The shortest was, get this, (I timed it) about One minute from unload to load and Dispatch. Also, inside the station on both sides, they had people directing people to rows instead of letting them flood the station which was extremely good because there wasnt an exponential wait inside that station. We where assigned row three, right side. Now, people have been complaining alot that X is rough, and I Honestly have to say I have no idea what they are talking about because my ride yesterday was the smoothest ride I have ever had on X. (out of 18 total rides) It was a little Jerky on the last raven turn but other than that it was amazingly "smooth" (smooth for X that is). In total, with two train operation, we waited about an hour and a half. Not bad at all. My best friend who was right next to me loved the ride. When we were going down the drop, I heard him say "oh SHIT" (this wouldnt except that hes one of those almost perfect guys who has never cussed in his life) He loved the ride and couldnt wait to come back and go on it again. After that, went on Viper. It was just your normal Viper. Rather fun, nice and flippy and long. Waited two or three minutes. We had about 45 minutes left till dinner started so we tried to go back to Goliath. On our way over there, we ran into the silly stupid parade. it was truely Six Flags style. (three floats, one car) It was kinda stupid. So we walk into the line for goliath, guess what? it broke down at around three, and built up a huge line because they didnt block off the entrance and so the que just filled up. It made me angry but I couldnt do anything about it. So we headed back to the "grande oak pavilion" thing and ate then headed up to get in line for Tatsu. I have to say I was extremely unimpressed with the operations of Tatsu. early in the day, they took off a train and had one train one station operation. with a line of three hours. Ouch. Earlier in the day, it had about a thirty five minute wait for the front row. So they decided to go down to one train. It didn't work out to well because it was terrible operation and it took forever. The line supposedly built back up in about an hour to a three hour line. When we got in line it was down to about an hour and a half because they put the second train back on. It really wasnt too bad. we were up in the station at 9:00 (we got in line at 7:00) and disaster struck. Station one broke down. To our luck, they split us and sent us to station two. It made me happy. It was dark when we finally rode and I have to say, it was absolutely amazing. Tatsu is so much fun in the dark. I love it. After that we hit up Viper with no line twice and Revolution once and then called it quits. It was Fun. Everyone had a good time and I earned myself a new nickname "tour-guide Teddy" and had an amazing time. Also, while we were waiting on the bus, we were informed that a Train on goliath had gotten suck on the chain lift with the top two cars over the top. Get this, the train was completely full of students from my school. The lift hill had been overworked and it died. It was funny (to me) because I said something would happen to it later in the day. (as I wrote earlier) Im sorry this is so long and there are no pictures. I never remembered to take out my camera untill the end when it was dark. There arent very many important things right now that are going on so I didnt know what to take pics of. Thanks for Reading if you made it this far! Comments Please!
  2. I was wondering when Fantasmic is supposed to reopen at Disneyland. Any info would be great!
  3. My school's CSF club went and took about 150 students and every one of them that I talked to said they hated the ride. With the lights turned on, they said it was slow and uneventful and the music was just kinda boring. I won't get the chance to ride it for myself... fortunately
  4. That has to be one of the most amazing re-painting jobs Ive ever seen before! I love the wheel covers on that ride too, both the new and old ones.
  5. Colossus - there's supposedly a child in a striped shirt who occasionally can be seen at night running through the supports underneath Colossus. That, and sometimes at night the lift chain can be heard running and the clanking of the anti-rollbacks, despite the ride being shut down for the night Dude!!! I could swear Ive seen that kid! I went to one of those christian music nights and we were on the ride at two in the morning and we saw something out in the open area by the first turnaround and then all of a sudden, we saw it dash away when we went down the drop!
  6. Knotts isnt my favorite park to go to but Me and my friends just went to SFMM a couple of weekends ago
  7. After checking the Knotts website, I have begun to plan my trip to my original home park. Just a few questions because I havent been there in a while: - I have a day off on the 16th of March in which It would be nice to go but Xcelerator will be closed for rehab. Should I go anyways or plan for another date? (i have a friend thats dying to ride it) -Would a saturday such as the 3rd be very busy or would there be minimal crowds? Thanks for the help!
  8. I know this is off topic but do you think any other designer will ever attempt to create a 4-D coaster? (the one that doesnt spin at port adventura doesnt count)
  9. They tried the whole "replacing the wheels" thing on X already didnt they? As for Five Seat trains, I some how cant really see that happening at all. They would have to still change the station around. I doubt adding two more cars could do anything to the ride in terms of making it smooth.
  10. do you mean ankle Braces? that would just hurt your ankles too!
  11. fairly long list: -Put an Extra full rotation in on X in the first Raven turn like Eejanaika. -Remove OSTR's on Revolution -Put back in the Double Dip on Colossus (why did they remove it in the first place?) -Find a way to make Scream look better and smoothen it up a bit -Make Ghostrider Smoother -Make Supreme Scream taller -Replace the crappy new Perilous Plunge boats with new ones like the originals that were really comfy -Put a drop in on Big Foot Rapids -(dont know if this counts but) make a longer cycle for Riptide -Put a loop in on Top Thrill Dragster (just to make it interesting ) - Put in a Zero-g roll on Xcelerator right before the first Overbanked turn
  12. Are the lowering floors connected on Eejanaika? If so, would the train just sit outside the station once its finished its cycle?
  13. Wow, that wasnt expected at all. I hope they dont put in the dropping floor thing because that would make the ride an even bigger hastlet to have to deal with that and then they would have to completely redo the station. What does the retracting floor do anyways?
  14. I would have to say this is my list from first to last -Supreme Scream -Tower of Terror (DCA) -Freefall (SFMM) -Maliboomer
  15. if you want to find a good collection of roller coaster info, Check Roller Coaster Data Base for that kinda stuff. You can find almost any coaster info you would need on there, Just use the search box and it will work out
  16. It seems as though Cedar Fair is spending more time on its other parks in reguards to getting new rides. All I know is that it seems that they are a little behind on this project compared to their other ones like Maverick and Renegade not to mention the fact that they need to finish their "X-flight" project and they just got a billion more parks to operate. All I'm hoping for is a Early June opening.
  17. Did she staple you too?!!! that was freakin annoying, I couldnt breathe the ENTIRE ride!!! When I got off I unfortunately decided to give her the finger. (and loose my possible Girl Friend at the same time) yeah, still like the restraints though
  18. I had absolutely no idea that they had a yellow train for screamin... I've never seen them run it before. I know they have red, blue, green and orange and now yellow. Is there another train? YELLOW?
  19. Cool idea but it would never happen. How would they control the chairs?
  20. found it!!! thanks anyways... that has to be in a competition for the most rapid and sharp turn eva outside of a Wild mouse, that and Tatsu I mean.
  21. after shuffling through some pics from your Europe trip a while ago, I found a very wierd picture. Where the heck is the track in this picture? is it a transfer track? huh?
  22. My favorite restraints are either Butterfly restraints like the ones used on X and that "other funny 4-d coaster whose name I cannot pronounce" or the B&M ones on their flyers and floorless coasters. The restraints are extremely comfy and are a perfect fit. B&M overall makes the best restraints though. I love the design they used on Floorless coasters like Scream! where the seats are slightly reclined and the OSTR's are very comfortable.
  23. Well, for the past two years, Ive gone to SFMM on the saturday of the super bowl weekend and it has been empty. I wouldnt see a reason why there would be more people going to Universal Orlando when the big game is in the area of the game where people can go and see the super bowl in person.
  24. Glad to hear that they turned it on and way up. When I was on it in October, at the beginning of the day, you couldn't hear the music untill you were in the break run at the end and when I went on it just before the park closed at Six, the music was completely off on all the trains.
  25. one cast member who was somewhat nice does not save all of them. The trip i took in October Changed my opinion of the park because I didnt have to pay for anything at all. One of my friends from school had a free park hopper pass because of their whole promotional thing and so, instead of going by himself, he asked me to come along. I was not bothered at the time by the expence his family had to pay. The next monday, I realized the fact that he had payed over 120 dollars just for my ticket and everything else. Also, they were not RIDE OPS they were Cast Members. That is an entirely different thread. As for the tickets, its hard to pay about 60 dollars for one park for one day when I can go to another park that is just as good in my opinion. Plus, when you buy a season pass for 60, you can go back and back and back AND go to all of the other parks. Finally, I must admit that my feelings are a bit rash towards the park and the fact that they have soo many people that pass through their gates every day. Disneyland is an entirely different park than I am used to. Ive gone to SF about every month for the past couple years and so I was expecting more than I was given. I am the type of person who rides rides for the adrenaline rush and the intense experience and I was hoping for more than I was given. You must admit that the operations at DL are not always amazing and could use improvement just like every other park. I scencerely apologize for the very brutal and rash outlashing in my first post. I just hate the fact that everyone is always on SF because its "horrible and the rides always break down, and the people are mean" and all that stuff. I have had only positive experiences at MM and I am very annoyed at the rash beating that people have put on MM for their operations. Granted, they have been working on it some but it still needs improvement. So, basically this was a thread about me being annoyed at Everyone for hating on SFMM when other parks are lacking in areas as well. Im devoutly sorry. (unfortunately, this does not change my opinion of DL as a whole)
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