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  1. Those are the rehab dates for september, Im looking for the ones in December.
  2. Hello everybody. On December 26th, Im returning to Knotts for the first time in about two years. Knotts used to be my home park but then, after their specials that they had on annual passes disappeared, I "moved" to Six Flags and adopted that as my home park. I have one question, does anyone know anywhere I can find the rehab schedule. I checked the Knotts website where they normally have it but its gone. any information about rehabs you have would be great. Im especially worried about Xcelerator, but any other information would be great! thanks
  3. Heya! I just found Out im going for the very first time on the 5th and Im EXTREMELY EXCITED! I have a question. How is the log ride going to work? Does anyone have any Information on what they are doing with it?
  4. ^ sure hope not... Spongebob is one of those things that seems to be worthless entertainment. After a few years, I desperately hope that It will be gone. I used to love the show, but Snoopy is timeless and should never be cleared out for Spongebob, the most mindless crap on the face of this planet. It was funny, untill they used the same joke the fifteen thousandth time.
  5. I've seen some pretty crazy waits and been in some pretty rediculous waits. Waits Id seen but not been in... 1. X- 5 to 6 Hrs. (it was a saturday in Mid-March 2003) 2. Goliath- 4 hrs. (one train op! grrrr....) 3. Riddlers- 4 hrs. (breakdowns like no other) 4. Tatsu- 4 hrs. (high wind closures and breakdowns) 5. Xcelerator- 4 hrs. (a few days after opening.) 6. Splash Mountain- 3 hrs. (really really really long line) Lines Ive waited In: 1. Tatsu- 3 1/2 hrs (worst operations on a coaster Ive ever seen) 2. X- 2 1/2 hrs (one breakdown... lots of people... two trains...you get it...) 3.Ghostrider- 2 1/2 hrs (really long summer line, used all the switchbacks.) 4. Superman- 1hr and 20 minutes (three breakdowns and each lasted several minutes) I havent had it that bad compared to some of you...
  6. What happens if you are standing in a two hour line in 100 degree heat and they wont let you take anything with you? Dehydration and medical problems can arise from that And I wouldnt be surprised if that all of a sudden there were like, 5 ambulences parked outside of Goliath. It would really reek to stand in that line without water.
  7. According to the website the ride is supposed to be closed until Monday so Its not open yet but It should be by the time your there.
  8. I searched for this and didn't find anything. Im planning a trip to Knotts in The middle of August and I checked the website to see if anything would be in Rehab. Under the July Page I found, "Timber Mountain Log Ride: Under Renovation." Now, I dont Know about the rest of you, But Ive always loved that ride for some reason. I've been brought up on it and Would hate to see anything happen to it. Does anyone have any Idea what they are doing with it and when It will be open again or is it already open?
  9. Sorry your day was so bad. That's too bad about your camera. I never ever take things on rides with me. I always have a backpack and never take important things on rides ever since I had my house keys drop out of my pocket on Silver Bullet the first time I rode it. (Scary thing: Knotts got them out from underneath the Cobra Roll and Sent them back a week later! it was really scary because I thought I would never see them again!) How rough was X? Im going on tuesday as far as I know and so I want to know how its going to be. (If its just back to Its normal self then its fine.)
  10. Ok, I have a question about this picture. On the sides of the train, the details look really awesome but are they lit up? If so, that would be awesome especially at night! What?
  11. Well... Looking at those prices... I dont think I could afford it but I would love to meet up with you guys at MM, KBF or DL if you do end up doing a Southern Cali. Trip!
  12. I voted for DCA. That park is absolutely amazing. Granted it Doesn't have as much as Disneyland right next door but the park is amazingly beautiful. The rides are fun and interesting. Also, the whole feel of the park is amazingly overwhelming. I love the experience that you have at the park. No offence to some of you, but epcot looks stupid and boring to me. It may look really nice but is there anything to do there other than get drunk, look at flowers and a huge silver ball and sleep?
  13. Hey people, Im going to the park tomorrow and I'm really excited. I was wondering if there is anything that anyone wants me to take pictures of. I dont know if we will be wasting time on the pirates lair thing but other than that, we should be pretty much doing everything. Thanks for all your help!
  14. Look, Reading through this thread has made me extremely mad. It pisses me off that anyone would accuse anyone of being a racist when he was clearly addressing who the person who committed the offence here. If the person who cut in front of him was a bunch of teenage white guys, he would have said it. It does not mean that he is in any form a racist. He reported his story accurately and clearly and it is absolutely revolting that anyone would call him a racist. Any of you who posted in this thread, what would you have done in reporting this story. Would you have left out entirely what kind of person it was who did this? No, you would have attached some sort of tag to them, whether it is teenager, adult, child, anyone. He wasn't being a racist at all. Stating the fact of someones race in no way makes him a racist. He would have called her a B*tch if she was white or any other race. There is too much talk of racism in this thread. Stating facts does not make you a racist. Stating facts makes your story accurate. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that none of this stuff happens around me when I go to Disneyland for my B-day party tomorrow! that would suck.
  15. The First time I really really got scared was on X. I threw up four times inside a trash can in the station because I was so scared! When we were on the ride, I cussed like I've never cussed before. And this was like, high school cussing level. I said pretty much every word in the book because I thought I was going to Die! I didnt and ended up loving the ride! I will still, to this day, get butterflies in my stomach whenever Im about to go on X. Next has to be Deja Vu. Im a really big guy so going up at a 90 degree angle and just hanging there scares the crap out of me! I still like the ride but that just freaks me out. Lastly would have to Be Tatsu. That thing is SO HIGH UP! When your at the top of the lift hill, your like, what the heck did I get myself into! The first time I ever went on it screamed like a little girl because I was so afraid.
  16. Yeah, I totally Understand what you mean and your frustration. Actually, I have my own share of line jumper stories. Some of them are ridiculous and just crazy. I'm going to Disneyland next week for my birthday and I plan on reporting anyone who tries to jump in line or go ahead in line when they aren't supposed to. Some people may call you a prude for it but I commend you for what you did in that, you didn't take the matter into your own hands. Unfortunately for you, the situation didn't work out in the most proper way, however, you did the right thing. If I had been there, heaven knows I would have lost it completely! I believe that there needs to be a stronger enforcement of the line jumper policy. Apparently, people think they can get away with it and unless parks start upholding these rules, its not going to turn out well for the future. I've already started telling people who try to get in front of me in line that they need to go to the back and wait. And from now on, I'm going to make sure to report it if necessary. Hope nothing like this happens to me on Wendsday! The worst one I ever had was at SFMM though. It was wierd. I was waiting in line for Goliath. It was a week after Tatsu opened and they were only operating one train. I was angry and annoyed because it was one of those days when middle schools and High schools have their ditch days. We were waiting in the huge line and these people who were obviously friends just kept on going past us and past us. It was rediculous. So eventually my dad who was with me lost it completely. It was rediculous that person after person kept on going past. He freaking lost it. He asked the next person (who happened to be this 5'2" little girl and my Dad is 6'9") what they thought they were doing. She said she was going up to be with her friends. He said nope sorry, go to the end of the line. Then this other guy came and tried the same thing. It was funny to watch. While my dad was talking to the other guy the girl tried to slip past and the guys right in front of us stopped her. My dad was so fed up, he was about to grab her by the hair and take her to the back of the line! He didnt but it would have been funny. It made me laugh. The girl and the other guy went to the back of the line and everybody cheered. It was awesome. No one else after that even tried to get past. It was funny! So yeah, remember to stop your neighborhood line cutter. Next time you see them.
  17. Favorites: - Jaguar - Ghostrider - California Screamin (it really gives off the whole boardwalk feel and its very different waiting there because you can see the water. Theres plenty of shade and watching the ride is awesome) - X (I think its really cool. I love how it wraps around the lift hill. Some people dont like it but I've waited in that line for 3 hours when it was 115+ degrees at SFMM and still liked the ride so its really not that bad. The misters make everything better as long as they are on. Granted the line isn't amazing but I really like it) - Knott's Logride (I love how hit goes under the lift and then behind the waterfall. Its really cool.) - ToT (DCA) (Ive never waited outside but the inside part is awesome and it may not be the best but its still really cool) - Goliath (SFMM) (I love the palm branches and the parts of the statue lying everywhere) Ones I hate: - Scream (fortunately, theres almost never a line) - Riddlers (stuffy...) - Batman (SFMM, its all rusty and discusting and icky) - Tatsu (cool building but terrible switchbacks) - Xcelerator (Too many switchbacks and the line is not so fun) - Perilous Plunge (icky switchbacks... blechh) - Whizzer (SFGam) - American Eagle (SFGam) - Deja Vu (any of them)
  18. I really like your park. Its amazing! I play RCT2 but I cant even come close to creating any buildings like yours. I think they all are perfect. Your Rides look very good, especially Gwazi. Montu is very cool looking and from what ive seen, its very close to the original, however, you really need to make the ground the sand color. It would look much better that way. Otherwise, its amazing!
  19. I think that the reason that some of the cars spin more than other is that in some cars the weight distribution is unequal. If there is the same amount of weight on both sides of the car, they spin less. However, if there is an unequal distribution of wieght in the car, it could spin more. If the cars were really free spinning, it wouldn't take them time to work. If you watched the video, you could tell that the last car was definitely unbalenced in weight or something of the sort.
  20. I dont get around much so all of my coasters are from Southern California. 1. X (SFMM) 2. Tatsu (SFMM) 3. Xcelerator (KBF) 4. California Screamin' (DCA) 5. Ghostrider (KBF) 6. Matterhorn (DL) 7. Riddler's Revenge (SFMM) 8. Scream! (DL) 9. Silver Bullet (KBF) 10. Space Mountain (DL) Yeah, its pathetic. I hope to get out some more next year to other places (Cedar Point hopefully)
  21. Yeah, I'd love to stay inside the park but I have to pay for it and I really can't afford it. I'm turning 16 and I have to pay for all 7 people's meals and stuff so eating both meals inside the park isn't really ideal. Last time I was there, we went to the mcdonalds and it wasn't bad at all. Actually, the bread bowls are what I remember the most at disneyland aside from the rides so we will definitely be getting those for lunch. The Matterhorn and Space mountain are my two favorite rides so yeah, We wont be skipping them, Trust me! Also, Lines arent too much of a problem. I have a condition with my knees and so I can get the Handicapped pass. Also, there is a friend of mine who is eligible for one too so we dont have any problems with lines. Thanks for all the help.
  22. Well, heres the deal. Im going to Disneyland for My Birthday in exactly two weeks because I got free tickets from a friend. (June 6th) and I have some questions. (Trust me, I Already know about Nemo) - Where's the best place to buy food at a (relatively) low price thats really good? - Is buying dinner outside the park a good idea? (were staying untill closing at 11 so time isn't too much of an issue) - We wont be arriving unitl 10(ish) am so what should we head to first? - How is the ride on Matterhorn, is it still rough? Any info would be great! Thank you!
  23. Im Ambulatory but I cant be on my legs for too long or else they really start to hurt. Well, I can hope for it to be open but I wont count on it
  24. I really hope this ride is open on the Sixth. I only go to DL every couple years and it would really suck if it wasnt open. Finding Nemo, along with the Pirates movies are my favorite disney movies ever and so I really really want to try out FN. I guess all I can do is pray . Seriously though, I've seen the ride testing SOOOOOO many times that its unbelievable. I would have thought it would be open by around this time. They've been building that ride for what seems like an eternity. (Oh, I also have problems with my knees so I am able to recieve a handicap pass so the lines arent very much of a problem for me)
  25. I absolutley love what they did with Space Mountain in TDL! The Logo is awesome, The Space ship inside the building is very cool looking. The station is very dark and dreary but it makes the room look really cool. I will look forward to riding that some day!
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