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  1. i screamed my lungs out on ToT because i knew i wouldn't get the opp. to do it on Maliboomer nah. I loved ToT not too scary, and some of the airtime it gives is astounding. I know this is off topic, but the ride would be even cooler if it could get something like the one at DisneySea has where the lighting affect hits the elevator shaft and it drops.
  2. dude, the left side had a sign on it when i went 2 1/2 years ago that it was down for its "yearly" refurbishment. The other side has the sign now. I doubt it will ever be in operation again. Just hope for it. As for me, i have both Credits *cha-CHING*
  3. too late for that i think. The chance of them opening both sides if their going to sell it are very slim. Plus, the right side went down over the summer and before that, the left side was closed for 2 (3) years?
  4. i really doubt we will ever see the departure of X, not for a while at least. As for revolution, it wont dissapear. Its not extremely popular but it makes for a fun ride (see who can get a concussion first?). It would be nice, however, if they could remove the shoulder restraints. They really suck and they arent needed at all. Deja Vu i doubt will be gotten rid of anytime soon. Same with viper because it holds a record. (largest looping coaster ever created). Superman? i could live without it. Its fun, and to some small degree exciting, but it does drain up alot of energy and has extremely low capacity. Its no surprise that people are happy to see it be sold. Now we'll start arguing on what people think might be put in its place or what they would like to see there
  5. my coaster... well... its Jaguar. I dunno why i like it so much, but i just do... its fun and not Extremely boring. I know this doesnt count, but i love supreme scream too
  6. well, rumors say that its going to be sold, but why did they fix it up and Reopen it? i went on it during Fright fest. I have to say, its fun and the air from the open floor is cool. However, if your tall (above 6 ft.) it can really hurt your shoulder blades. I wouldnt rate it really high in my list of drop rides, but then again, i really like supreme scream
  7. from the pic on the Cedar point website, it looks like the trains are going to have a lot of leg room which is nice. I hate the Xcelerator trains because they have hardly any leg room. Also, i dont mind OSTR's unless they hurt. Ive only been on one intamin ride w/ them (perilous plunge) and lets say i was less than thrilled... they hurt like crap...
  8. Back ON TOPIC... MCR's New CD is amazing. I loved their second CD, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge and when i heard welcome to the black parade, i was excited. The change was huge between the two albums. I like every single song on the new one. My two favorites are Disenchanted and Cancer. As for panic at the disco... Well... I actually hate them. Whats with all the long song names? "Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off" oh snaps thats a long name...
  9. I know this may be a bit early but what type of ride would you people like to see the most at SFMM? I personally would like to see something like power tower at Cedar point or a Huss topple tower like the one at Dollywood.
  10. Ninja @ SFMM was the last one i rode. It isnt amazing but i still like it alot. http://www.rcdb.com/ig129.htm?picture=2
  11. I know this is going to sound wierd but i didnt expect that much out of tatsu. I was happy it was open and stuff, But it blew me away. I guess part of the reason is the height of the ride, at the top of the lift, its 262' thats taller than Goliath!!! Also the pretzel and the Egg Turn Blew my mind
  12. Is this stuff confirmed? If so, thats cool. Ive never been on a spinning mouse of any sort. However, From what you said, is the one in MoA bad?
  13. Well... This isnt too bad... Coaster ride count total: 194 New Rides: 5 (6 if you count freefall... which you probably dont) Most Surprising New ride: Xcelerator or Tatsu Park Visits: 17 Parks: SFMM Disneyland California Adventure Knotts Berry Farm First Ride of the Year: X Last ride of the Year: Ninja (SFMM) Least Favorite Ride of the year: Mullholland Madness Favorite ride of the year: Its a tie Between Xcelerator, Tatsu and X (weird catigory) Most surprisingly fun ride of the year: Deja Vu, Row 16 or Tatsu row 1 Remember, ive only been a Real "hardcore" Rollercoaster enthusiast since 2004 so ma' number isnt really that bad at all... considering ive only been to 4 parks
  14. Ive seen alot of pictures of the open space at knotts where the steam boat thing used to be. Does anyone know or have an idea as to what it could be? I personally want it to be a spinning wild mouse but, i have a feeling im hoping in vain.
  15. So yeah, we went... I didnt really like it a ton but it was fun. So, yeah. We got to the park around 2 in the afternoon and stuff. We first headed up to tatsu only to find it had a three hour line. Then went to Deja Vu to find it had an hour and a half line so we headed over to Freefall. The line was like 15 minutes so we went on it. It wasnt amazing but it was fun. I like how it shakes and moves alot leaning you back and forward and back and forward. After that we headed over to Colossus and rode it backwards in the "front" (we were looking at the track faceing backwards). It was AMAZING. The most fun i have ever had on colossus. The best part about it was that i didnt look backwards the entire time so it was all a surprise to me. After that we went to the batman show. It wasnt anything special, just alot of blowing up stuff. After that, we watched this globe of death thing with the bmx ppl riding around in this metal ball. It was kinda cool. Then we made our way up the mountain to Ninja. Rode that with no wait and then headed back down the mountain. We stopped and waited 45 mins. for the Jokers Hideout maze. It was fun and had some interesting surprises. Next we did Carnage E. hall It was also fun, nothing too scary but more speciall effects than the others. Then, the dissapointment. Next we went to the asylum. It was supposed to be a 3, it wasnt. It was more like a 1. Most pathetic thing ever. After that we went up to Willouighbys house maze thing... and did that. By far the best maze of them all. It was fun and interesting all at the same time. After that i rode ninja one more time and then left. Maze ratings (out of 5) Jokers Hideout- 4 Willobigys "thingy" (dont remember the name)- 5 Asylum- 2 Carnage E. Hall- 4 they were all pretty good, exept the asylum. so yeah freefalls back open!!! go ride it!!! its actually really fun...
  16. Well... Unfortunately, because of my financial situation, im unable to go to Scary Farm this year. So... I have a quick question, Is it better to buy tickets ahead of time or just show up?
  17. Matterhorn is on my top 5... I didnt ride it because its closed. Theyre Retracking it or something
  18. I do have pics but theyll come in a little while... unfortunately, I still have a film camera, not a digital one...
  19. So yesterday, i went to both disney parks and had an awesome time. We got there at 10 and made it into the park at 11 because of the annoying ticket ppl. We ran straight to TOT. I had never been on the ride before so i really really liked it. Ive heard its the worst of all of them, but i dont care. I like the part where it goes up fast and stops and then immediately drops and you never manage to get back to your seat. We then went on Monsters Inc. I have to say i was dissapointed. It was an extremely lame weird ride. The only good thing about it was the room with all the doors. After that i headed over to C.S. This was the longest time I waited for any ride the whole day. I'd never been on it either because it wasn't open the last time i was there. CS is now one of my favorite roller coasters ever. I love the waterfront launch, the Loop and especially the smoothness of it. It was amazing. Next we went over to Maliboomer and rode twice. Nice short fun ride. although, I really hate the Scream sheild things. They suck!!! it be so much fun without those. Then i went on mulholland madness while my friend waited. It was ok but it wasnt the best. It would be really interesting if they put some spinning cars on the track! Afterwards we went back to TOT for another ride and then to CS again. with some fastpasses we had gotten earlier. After that we went to Soarin over california and got fastpasses for later in the day. After that, we used our park hopper tickets to go to Disneyland and rushed to HM to get fastpasses because the line was huge. And then went to buy lunch. Earlier in the week, i had hurt my knee and it was starting to really act up. A cast member noticed i was limping around and told me to go to city hall. They gave me a pass that would let me and my friend go on any ride we wanted to by going through the exit! it was awesome. It basically worked as a fastpass for some rides too. After that we hit up Space mountain, Astro Blasters, Big thunder mountain railroad, pirates, Haunted Mansion, Gadgets go coaster and Roger rabbits car toon spin. After that, we went back to C.A. and rode Soarin, TOT and CS one more time. By then, the park was closed and so we went back to Disneyland. Rode a whole bunch of stuff. Then watched phantasmic. Dear lord!! that show is amazing!!! i couldnt believe it! i had disliked shows for so long but i finally found one i liked! After three more rides on HM, we did the dumb thing and went on splash mountain at night... in the front two seats... wow... I felt brilliant. Both of us were completely drenched. We then walked over to space mountain and rode that then went on Autopia. I used to love that ride... unfortunately... I dont anymore. Then, we went over to Pirates for a ride and then for the last ride, we did splash mountain in the very back. Ratings: California Adventure: Tower of Terror: fun, Short, amazing scenery and pre-show. Amusing Ride "ops" A+ California Screamin: Amazing, Speedy loading and unloading, SMOOTH ride i think that was the smoothest ride ive ever been on... Fun launch A+ Maliboomer: Short, Fun, Annoying Scream shields. B+ Monster's inc: Interesting, Short, Some good anamatronics, Some really bad ones. Boring. C+ Mullholand Madness: Short, Fun. B Soarin Over California: Amazing, Fun, Exciting A+ Disneyland: Haunted Mansion Holiday: amazing, fun, Better than the normal ride (sorry, Nightmare before christmas is my fav. movie of all time so its more preference than anything else) A+ Pirates of the Carribean: Fun, alot of boat Stacking and clogging of the rivers. Amazing Waterfall effect, Awesome anamatronics. A+ Space mountain: Fun, Fast, Exciting, Cool star effects. A+ Astro Blasters: Fun Shooter, Somewhat short, Non-mounted guns. A Splash mountain: Fun, Some airtime, Wetness to go around. A Big thunder mountain railroad: Fun, Rough, Annoying Lift hills that took forever B+ Gadget's Go coaster: Fun, Fast, Short, Exciting. A Rodger Rabbits Cartoon Spin: Boring, Weird, Unexciting, Random. B Autopia: Long, Slow, Kinda fun (didnt go fast enough) C+
  20. Best: Silver bullets Helix (if you sit on the good side) X's final Raven Turn and Twist Riddlers and Batman's Corkskrew Space Mountains blinding flash Worst: Superman (Escape)... Nuff said Ninja (SFMM) lift hill? WTF? Big Thunder Mountain... Slow drop and rough turn... "ok... wait, its over?"
  21. Shoot... im going on friday and i was really looking forward to riding that!!! arggg...
  22. I've heard that X is still closed from a couple of classmates of mine who went to SFMM last weekend. Does anyone know when its going to Reopen? One of my friends has never been on it but he really wants to so yeah. Any info would be great!
  23. You think thats bad? I know someone who was stuck on Tatsu for 2 hours in the flying position.
  24. My favorite would have to be either Riddlers 2nd corkskrew, Tatsu's Pretzel or X's first raven turn.
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