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  1. Im surprised that no one has even mentioned California Screamin! If you've been on it, you can hardly even tell that you are on a track. I've been on it four or so times and I could hardly tell that we were even attached to the track. It was so smooth it was unbelievable. (CS is an Intamin) B&M's arent too bad either. Batman is the only one that is rather rough to me that I have been on. Scream wasn't smooth either (The Drop) but it wasnt rough by any means Im going to have to go with Intamin for this one.
  2. Well, yesterday when i got home from school, I was on my computer and I tried to get to RCPRO.com but it wouldnt let me. It said the server was down or the site didn't exist. Whats going on with it? I really like that website. Lots of quality photos, nice videos and downloadable tracks and parks for RCT2, 3 and No limits. Is it gone forever?
  3. "* Magic Mountain's Metro is expected to return to operation before the end of the 2007 season but will not be themed to Thomas the Tank Engine because "our partnership with Hit Entertainment, they really want to keep Thomas on the ground, he's not an elevated train. Of course we want to respect their brand attribute, so we're not going to play with that." (Quote Mark Shapiro) * Wiggles World and Thomas Town won't be coming to Magic Mountain in 2008." OH MY GOODNESS!!! Thats Really Cool. Its about time they got that thing running
  4. ^ I cannot agree with you more. Granted there are certain places that are more fun to ride in on certain rides. X's front row ride is one of those places that changes the ride and gives an insane experience (I havent been on it but I've heard about it). Unfortunately for you, that is the way that they have the que system set up which is extremely useful because the line is handled much better. Its understandable that your friend would like to sit there but it cannot be expected. I love the groupers because they do a good job. And they keep the line moving swiftly instead of causing clog ups. I've found out that when they do that type of thing it works better and in order to get the seat that you want ask the first person you get to, because there are normally two workers, one to direct people to different rows, one to tell them when they can go and you ask the first person and they will hold you back until they get to the point where its time to fill up the next train. Glad to see that you had a fun time other than that. One question though, is the back on Tatsu more intense than the front? I've never been able to ride in the last two rows because they had those blocked off for the fastpass people. Sorry that you ran into so many crowds. It comes with the season. I've pledged to myself never to go on a saturday during lat March, April, May, and/or June because of the huge crowds I've run into on days during those months. Thats all you can really expect though from going on a saturday.
  5. a twiket is something that you can buy for a small extra cost that allows you to come back the next day for a couple dollars (I think its about 15 dollars or 20)
  6. Those trains look AWESOME! will the station have a retractable floor so the people can board or are they low enough to the ground? I think thats an awesome idea for trains on the launched coasters. Kudos to Intamin for their Designing skills.
  7. Griffon looks amazing. I wish BGE was closer (I live in Southern California). The only thing I dont like about that ride is the wierd colors of the trains. Their ok but kinda strange.
  8. The pic that came with this (Pg 5) proves one major thing, Ninja REALLY needed the amazing paint job that it got! With the paint Job it looks amazing and is really starting to get noticed. I love the ride alot because of its good use of terrain and pretty much non-stop movement until the end. I think its better to have the Lift at the end and it doesnt really matter that much to anyone.
  9. 1. Six Flags Magic Mountain 2. California Adventure 3. Disneyland 4. Six Flags Great Adventure 5. Knotts Berry Farm Sorry, I think thats all the parks I've been to! I dont travel much.
  10. heck, they removed the loop and then put it back up three days later so it wouldnt be that strange but it would be kind of retarded
  11. Actually, Goliath was the Ride being run by the International workers that day and it had the best dispatch times and the shortest line. Tatsu was being opted by all the white people and the main Ride op was this big white guy who had little to no idea what he was doing, or so it seemed.
  12. I dont think that someone has adressed this already but its posted on the Disneyland website here: http://disneyland.disney.go.com/disneyland/en_US/calendar/monthly/monthly?name=CalendarMonthlyPage Im planning a trip to the DL resort in June and so upon checking the website I found some important Info. Just so you know if you are planning a trip to Disneyland and are making a stop at California Adventure, The link says that California screamin will not open until 1 pm after April 30th through Fall 2007 (Monday through Friday only) because they are doing work on Toy Story Mania Underneath.
  13. My top ten is Rather Different: 1. X (SFMM) 2. Tatsu (SFMM) 3. California Screamin (DCA) 4. Xcelerator (KBF) 5. Riddler's Revenge (SFMM) 6. Ghostrider (KBF) 7. Goliath (SFMM) 8. Silver Bullet (KBF) 9. Deja Vu (SFMM) 10. Scream! (SFMM)
  14. I still love the park no matter what and did understand why everything was closed except for Riddlers. Thats pretty crazy though, has it ever valied before? And as for paying too much, I have a season pass and go once every month so its not too bad for me!
  15. Well, I just got home and didnt have a chance to type up a trip report about my trip on thursday. But I can sum it up in one word. TERRIBLE. Some of you dont know but on thursday we had some humungous winds and really high gusts in Southern California. When I checked the news the day before, they said nothing about the wind and that made me mad. Thinking that it was going to be a pretty good day, I didnt worry about it. When we got to the park, it was obvious to me that X wasn't running because I watched it for 10 minutes and it did absolutely nothing. When I got to the ticket booths, the lines were gigantic. They must have been about an hour long! Luckily for me, we got there just as another booth opened up so I ran to get in line and only waited a minute before we got the ticket. It was nice. We made our way into the park and went to Tatsu and were told it was around an hour and a half wait. I decided that it would be best to just wait it out because the operations were terrible and they were dispatching the trains at terrible speeds. (Dispatch averages were about 7 minutes per train.) After an hour and fourty-five minute wait for the front row we were off. Same amazing coaster, amazingly awesome ride yet again. After that we tried Ninja but it was closed, then tried Riddlers but that was myseriously closed also. It was rather wierd. After that we hit up batman with a 45 minute line. The Wait was all the way out to the entrance. It was the normal Batman, intense, short kinda fun. When that was over we made a quick DDR stop and then headed out of the park to Wendys. When we got back we went to goliath after finding out that scream was closed (it had never opened that day) and to our luck they were running three trains on Goliath. The Dispatch times were amazing (under one minute in some cases) The line began past the switchbacks and went through the long way on each line and yet, the line was still only 45 minutes for the front! Kudos the the goliath team for doing a good job. We decided that instead of getting back in line, it would be wise to go get on something else and come back to Goliath. We decided that because gold rusher had no line, we would give it a try. I had been On it before but didnt care about it very much. Its a cool little coaster and not worth waiting very long for but because it was a walk on, I didnt worry about it. Both of the people I was with had never been on superman so we wanted to go ride that but I said no because of the way that they were operating the coaster. Because of the wind gusts, they were afraid to send the trains out for fear of them stalling. So every time that the wind died down, they would send off a train as fast as they possibly could and then wait untill the wind went down again. The line was huge and went all the way out to the entrance. I opted out and everyone else came too. We opted for Viper after that. BAD IDEA. To my dismay, they had only one train on and were flooded w/ fastpass people (partially because the Fastpass line for Tatsu was still an Hour long!) who all gummed up things. We waited a Whopping two hours for Viper and were annoyed even though we were in the front row at how rough it was compared to usual. (The front row had just as long of a line as everything else did so It didnt really matter.) We hit up goliath after that and walked all the way Up into the station. After a nine-train wait for the front, we were off. I have to say that goliath is amazing at night. After getting off, we ran around again and did the same thing. It was about 30 minutes later that we had already gotten two front row rides in and decided to call it a night. It was an ok day but the park operations were terrible. The thing I would have to say upset me the most was that they had absolutely no ride closures posted on the signs outside. Nothing at all, even the coasters that never opened and were closed with trashcans blocking the entrance! It was very discusting and Inconvinient. One good thing was that the workers were more cheerful and happy and interacted with guests alot from what I saw. It was kinda cool. Granted, they werent all extremely peppy but they were not completely grumpy either. Thanks for reading. I Have some pics I can put up and ill try to do so. (Anyone know how to downsize pics? any help would be great!) Thanks for reading! PS: Comments are apreciated!
  16. Undoubtedly, the best type of B&M is their Flying design. Although I've only been on one, (Tatsu, that is) however, I Like Tatsu better than any other B&M design I've ever seen. Even though there are problems with some of the different designs and layouts that make them unexciting, Tatsu is a prime example of an amazing layout, a fun ride, and an intense experience. With some better experience, and more planning, they could make the flying coaster a well known ride type. I look forward to seeing what they do with the flying design in the future. Floorless coasters would probably come next, then hypers and then Inverted's (I dont care as much for inverted coasters, their fun but not my favorite)
  17. Im going on the 6th of June to Disneyland and hope for minimal crowds. My School gets out on the 25th of May (I live in pasadena but go to a private school). None of my friends at public schools (LA county) get out untill the 21st of June so hopefully earlier in the month should be fine. Knotts is very empty on weekdays so i advise going on a mid-weekday (Tuesday through Thursday). As for SFMM, avoid weekends, other than that, it should be fine. (Check on your way into SFMM and see how many trains X has in the transfer area, if there are two trains running, head for Tatsu first. If X has only one train, make sure thats your first stop.)
  18. Hard Decision for SFMM, and Knotts. Its between: Knotts: Xcelerator or Ghostrider SFMM: X, Tatsu, Scream or Riddlers but If i had to pic one, It would be Ghostrider at Knotts and X at SFMM X has that "HOLY CRUD!!!" factor while still being an awesome ride ( the ride isnt long enough in my opinion but whatever) and Ghostrider is fun and has alot of airtime. People say that its rough and granted it is, but it is still extremely enjoyable and fun.
  19. any idea what they play for scream? (i know this is WAY off topic but: Do you know what music they use for the disneyland commercials? its kinda stupid but i like it.)
  20. Ive been trying to find the music they play for Scream and X, does anyone know where I can find that?
  21. There are only a few different layouts of the B&M flyers but which one is your favorite?
  22. Thanks anyways. Arent they already testing it though?
  23. I've Searched all over the place but I cant seem to find anything, Does anyone Know when the Finding Nemo ride is supposed to be opening? I heard June 11th being tossed around as a possible date but I dont know. Im planning a trip for the 6th of June and want to know the possibility of it being open! Any info would be great!
  24. I think you are all being extremely overly critical of Knotts. Yes they do have lots of rides closed but it is to be expected. Rides like Xcelerator and Ghostrider need to be closed because they have a really busy summer ahead of them. I mean, come on, its the off season. If Knotts was in say, New York where it was cold and wet you would all be saying "oh its just the off season. rides can't really be Expected to have all of its rides open all the time." I think they do a wonderful job at their park and they shouldn't be critizised for it at all. Come to think of it, Ive had some amazing experiences in the past at Knotts and the closure of these rides is neccissary. People complain and complain that Ghostrider is "too rough" (which doesnt exist for Ghostrider in my opinion) and in order to make changes to the ride, it needs to be closed. Other than that, Glad you had a good time at the other parks.
  25. if your looking for something around 60 dollars per night, try Anaheim (around Disneyland) Ive found some hotels there to be around 60 dollars a night. Ive never actually stayed in them but I found one right across the street from the park for about 70 dollars. When you get to SFMM, go to Tatsu first unless X only has one train. If X only has one train, head for that first. Tatsu Builds a line later in the day that is hard to take off (especially these days it seems) With slow operation on Tatsu, waits can get gigantic. (Flashpasses do work but they only let you ride in the back two rows. The best ride is in the front on Tatsu)
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