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  1. As scaparri said in his first post, Carmel is probably one of the best places to live in Indiana. Technically, I live there because I have a Carmel address, but i go to Westfield schools which are among the most friendly and well-rounded in size in the state. Google Westfield, IN and Carmel, IN on Google Maps and you will see the distance between the two cities.
  2. I took this one at the Monterey Bay Aquarium! Look at the sweet starfish!
  3. Lawrence, I just realized it sounds British!
  4. This is a video of water sliding that I saw on the best of youtube podcast. hope you like it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Cger3fIFIQ
  5. Nice photo TR guys. I wish I had the money and time to go on a trip like that. By the way, I went to my local target the other day and saw no vault ICEE's. But, I did see a Jones Soda Crushed Melon ICEE. I wonder how that would taste...
  6. Not a big Christmas for me this year but my dad is taking me to see national treasure, and we are going to the 2008 Indianapolis Auto Show. I got: Bose Earbuds - they work great AE Hoodie with fur in the hood - extremely warm, works great here in Indy Imagineering(a behind the dreams look at making the magic real) - definitely recommend it The Sims 2 PSP - pretty cool, already beat it though Guitar Hero III- freakin' amazing, try it out Tons of candy and cookies 50 dollars And last but not least my parents got us a foosball table for our new basement and we got my dad's 1976 Bally hang glider pinball machine fixed, so that we can play it!! This is the pinball machine my dad owns and now that we can use!
  7. Can you please post some high-res pics of the lighting ceremony. I need to have some sort of christmas theme park wallpaper
  8. ^^Here is my grading scale, I wish I had yours. Look at mine... http://www.wws.k12.in.us/whs/Students/Grading%20policy.html BTW do you go to private school or religious school?
  9. I live just north of Indianapolis and we got close to 5 inches last night and early morning today. We got a 2 hour delay!!
  10. Take a look at the blog http://holidayworld.com/holiblog/holiblog.html It says that there will be an announcement tomorrow at 9:00 AM on youtube. I am excited for video announcements!
  11. I really don't want any huge amounts of items considering I just got an 80GB iPod Classic. I would however appreciate a cheap starter digital camera (any suggestions), and some nicer replacement headphones.
  12. If your parents, you, or anybody you know has a costco membership, go to one of the indiana locations to get tickets for cheap. We got ours last year for 28.99 which is like a 10 dollar discount.
  13. http://wjz.com/video/?id=31902@wjz.dayport.com Above is the link to the news story from last night. What do you think the future of this ride is.
  14. When I was at Holiday World last summer, I went on the bumper boats with my little brother. When we came back to the station you have to park your boat in an available outlet. So being the last one in, I had to pick the only one left, which was on the very end. So I make my way over there, and there is this kid (looks about 5 years old) that looks like he has ants in his pants. I pull in and stand up. As soon as I put one foot on the concrete ride platform the kid jumps into the boat and begins to put the boat into a death spiral. At this point I look like one of those lumber jacks who run on the spinning logs at the great outdoor games. I finally made one last leap, hopefully to safety, but no. I fall into the tinted green water that smells like bird crap. I quickly jump out of the water where I am meeted by a HW employee. He tells me to come over there and asks me if I am alright (I said yeah). I end up having to sign a realease waiver so I don't sue them, and now I officially hate little kids.
  15. I was just browsing the Holiblog over at Holidayworld.com and noticed that there was a hint towards september 20th. Here's the link: http://www.holidayworld.com/holiblog/2007/09/before-we-let-it-slip.html Please discuss...
  16. Right now I have a black 2gb iPod nano and I am in desperate need of more space. I have a ton of music that I would like to put on my ipod. I am going to save up some money to get an iPod Classic 80gb. I can't decide what color though. What do you think: black or silver?
  17. Yes Colts. Are we looking at a repeat??? Final Score 41-10. I hope this is a trend for the rest of the season.
  18. Boy, I never thought I would get such a response about fireworks. Just to let everybody know, I live in Indiana and all fireworks that you can buy in a store are legal, even the amazing ones. I am a fireworks fanatic, usually, on the 4th my family will spend close to two hundred dollars on fireworks because we know somebody who works for a fireworks supplier. Here is his website, and we don't buy any novelties, snakes toy trick noisemakers, or sparklers. http://www.greatgrizzly.com/
  19. If you do buy them what do you like to get?
  20. I think I found one of the first Maverick POV Videos that were not an animation. Sorry if someone has already posted this--- http://youtube.com/watch?v=qt-AcgrS7qk
  21. Hey you've become quite a popular guy. Could you make me one for holiday world using legend, raven, and voyage. Thanks and no hurry whatsoever, take your time.
  22. IMO Burger King wins because their fries are the bomb (and the onion rings), and the whopper is king!
  23. Sonofbeastsucks do you go to Warren Central. I go to Westfield, and I have heard about all of the things that have been going on there
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