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  1. Is it located in the random, random, random section of the forums?
  2. Here is my entry, Shogun Warrior, an oriental themed Schwarzkopf Looper set in Ancient China. SCR21.BMP Shogun Warrior in Game Exchange A Schwarzkopf Looper set in the lands of Ancient China
  3. Well Here is my entry, hope I got it in on time! I really wanted to keep the castle and medieval theming going throughout the entire park, while also utilizing as little land as possible to allow for future expansion. I also kept the castle look as a facade around the entirity of the pathways. Hope to get some votes, and good luck to all other entrants! SCR18.BMP SCR19.BMP SCR20.BMP GAME EXCHANGE FILE
  4. Is it X-flight from Geagua Lake or now Firehawk at Kings island
  5. ^Fixed it so it is a saved game file! Sorry about that, I guess I just clicked on the wrong thing! Oh well, all is better now!
  6. Here is my entry into Teh Big Dipper Challenge Game Exchange File With Vintage Acres, I really wanted to preserve Prince Desmond's Ideas and keep all of the rides here, no matter how badly placed the were, except for Teh Big Dipper of Course. So I managed to work around them and create some really good attractions to keep the peeps flying in, and to forever worship Teh Prince Desmond. Good Luck to Everyone and Happy Voting! SCR11.BMP Overview of the park, HINT: Look at the bottom boat hire for a TPR reference, also some of the attraction names are funny! SCR13.BMP Yay Completion! SCR8.BMP Teh Twisty Dipper! SCR10.BMP Majubakin's Chocolate Logs
  7. Steamin' Deamon @ The Great Escape Formerly Ragin' Cajun and on NE trip
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