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  1. That' so funny you mentioned that, as soon as I Heard the contest I thought "Six Flags Over My Ass" To 'Pages' I go. Jose.
  2. China News Daily I guess has made it official? Click For Article
  3. We heard about this a bit ago. Answers to my prayers. Was tired of the huge discrepancy in aesthetics just across the street. This style hitler has spoken. Not that we are doing any better on property some would argue: What does this thread have to do with theme parks? Oh Water mania closing right -- that can be seen as a good and bad thing.[/img]
  4. Tonight I got a hankering for some MK action. So at 9:14 left home and headed towards MK. This year I only bought a seasonal pass as me hates crowded theme parks and most of the time I only jump in in the evening so I don't need to pay for parking anyway. Arrived roughly 20 minutes later at the parking entrance (yes, i was on Disney Prop zee whole time) and proceeded to park and head to the express Monorail. A couple sat beside me in the monorail and across the car was this guy who tried to talk to me and have a conversation and I was like cupping my ear like an old man 'what?' 'what?' I couldn't hear a word he said, and he kept talking, I just sort of nodded and pretended to contemplate what he was saying after he'd stop. I'd sort of look to the lagoon out the window and pretend to think deeply about some problem he had over why he even got on the monorail in the first place if the park was closing in half hour. I was DECEIVED to believe the weather was decent. You'd think a hurricane in the area would slightly cool down temps. No, it just made things more muggy apparently and at 9:35, walking under the train station at MK I realized I'd be lucky to get one attraction in, maybe two. The heat slows me down! I had a yearning for some time for BTMR as I like the LIM overhaul on it (watching the train glide out and in the station). I directly walked over there and actually missed Disneyland for a bit here -- BTMR is a friggen long arse walk. No big deal, I gingerly speedwalked my way through the standing crowd (for Wishes). Long story short for the first time ever I was able to just sit in the train car and they let me re-ride. Space never let me do that (those bitches). So I felt cool. I left the double deuce action and was relieved that the fireworks were still in full swing (its quite pretty watching wishes while riding BTMR) and narrowly escaped the mad rush: by the time I was under the Main Street tracks to exit the finale music had ended. I had just to wait one monorail to exit. Sweet. I almost walked on but some stroller whore family was in my way (j.k., I was not that bitter). Well, what was not so sweet, was some Scottish guy stepped on my toe (I was wearing flip flops, him some nasty Reebok contraption) on the monorail excursion back to the parking lot. His wife was like: are you o.k? to her husband . . .and I said, "Is he ok., am I o.k! My toes hurt bad. So many people don't hold on to the handle bars inside the car on the express route (or any monorail route) -- they soon learn though (usually after only one lurch break or go) realizing their driver most likely is high and hold on for dear life till they exit at their desired station. But we chit chatted. They were from Aberdeen, I'd been there, my brother really wanted to go to school there bad (but went to Tuebingen instead) and bonded. Came back to the car (at the killer parking spot) and was home by 10:37. And this is where I will bitch to all you Disneyland Parking Structure haters. I lived in Newport Beach and got to Disneyland just as fast as I do here and I live in friggen Celebration. So, before you talk smack about DL's parking structure and that blessed front door tram, think of poor me, driving along world drive for what seems an eternity at 50 mph where I could be doing 75 along the 73,55,5 and get to DL in just the same amount of time. I need a speed detector. Jose. This isn't from tonight, rather from the balcony of WL...but thought I'd throw in A picture.
  5. ^^Dressup? my my! It looked like a lot of fun that party. I would consider meeting up with you guys with my wife. I saw a new ChipNDale product at MGM the other day (new for me that is) Its like a basketball sized (and shaped) pillow of sorts. Those kind that are super rolly and soft with a nylon hose like shell. Wanted to take a picture of it. Very apropos.
  6. They are most certainly released! Germany is one of our biggest markets! We have to remove certain nazi symbols and red blood from the game to meet restrictions set by their ratings board (like our ESRB), but for the most part, everything is in tact. --Robb "For some reason the Germans love WWII games!" Alvey :? I guess I meant our games...like the one on my computer can't be played or bought in Germany -- they have to be different... 'a german version' Also, I like the translation in the web site of Europa park. Event Gastronomy anyone?
  7. Yah, I was going to post that 'gegen nazi's' means against Nazi's...so, he's an anti nazi guy/gal. Apparently in Germany its illegal to have or show any nazi symbols or anything like that. So, games like Wolfenstein (if I heard this correctly) were never released/are illegal in Germany.
  8. Space mountain backwards would be interesting (for me).
  9. I think some of us guys were imagining this:
  10. For a second there I was reminded of Mummenshantz. The floating body was funny. Totally had me. lol.
  11. My uncle married the daughter of a group of seven artist (i'm from winnipeg).
  12. I think we had one of these posts already, but what the heck:
  13. I know...in Celebration we got hit a bit, but hardly any major damage (I loved it that there were no power outages at all -- that rocked -- advantage of having underground power I guess). When people complain about a ts, I shake my head -- I agree with you , CAT 4, 5 then I'll probably book a room at the Hyatt MCO (its like a concrete bunker). But now, we're in a different place, where we are in a 2nd floor unit with concrete above and below (and behind) us -- so not sure I'll budge if there is something this year -- but I did sell my car and delayed getting a new one because of the nasty weather that can come from a hurricane season. I guess I really take care of myself in these sorts of situations. But I'm most worried about the Tornadoes. I was so worried that our roof would fly off at our old place -- I didn't care so much about the hurricane, as with a tornado directly hitting us afterwards.
  14. I just bought 1990's Batman for Gameboy (on my little advance). No limits, Jedi knight II, Wolfenstein.
  15. Piano, Voice (tenor), Saxophone (alto, tenor, soprano) drums so so guitar so so base so so would Logic, Reason or even Garageband be considered an instrument?
  16. Zaneymon: Do you like Gattaca and Simone (by the same writer). Anywho, Truman show is my number 2, number 1 is Zoolander.
  17. I loooooved watching the Superman movies on ABC as a kid. "Kneel before Zod!"
  18. Well, when the amount of hurricanes that cross your path be 3, then I'll feel sorry for you. Last year SUCKED for the folks of Polk county. I hope your power does not go out. Jose "no power sucks" Eber
  19. Blossom was on fat actress (the show with Kirsty Alley) a while ago.
  20. My favorite contemporary artist is Heidi Hesse: I effing love her earlier work!!! I want to buy this piece: Its amazing. There is a tiny little fountain installed above a plate of glass (filled withabout an inch of water) and it makes the greatest space (inside). Her whole show was friggen amazing. Check out her website for this earlier archived work. 'mAzing.
  21. I'm a huge, huge fan of An Experiment on a Bird in an Air-Pump by Joseph Wright of Derby. So much so, made a trip out to the National Gallery (London) to see it. Its just awesome -- so relevant for today and my hands down favorite (by a landslide) painting. better lighting:
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