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  1. Did John Wardley design oblivion? This looks a lot like it in concept.
  2. Meh--- doesn't look very entertaining. Looks like artists or engineers are designing these park attractions, not entertainers. La dee daa, a 50 ft tall paintbrush! Oh my! The kids will love it!
  3. I'm not sure if what I'm thinking was Lightning Bolt initial incarnation at MGM Grand Adventures (all indoor coaster). But there was a particular segment where there were flashes that went off (ride photo?) and it was reflected off of shards of mirror...or something? Oh, it was bad.
  4. not sure I would be bragging that it took only 3 months to modify...(per press release).
  5. I remember the initial starting bid a while back was $5000. Good to see they've become more reasonable (although for me it would be worth 5K).
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