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  1. Just as Millennium Force is cobalt blue for the element cobalt, molybdenum orange is that dark red orange that they paint Magnum.
  2. Cool. Like I said, you would have to redesign the whole woody, and it's pretty cool the way it is.
  3. You have all that land there to the left. You should have placed the station there at the far left boundary of your park rotated 90 degrees clockwise from the way it is now and then after the first drop done a 90 degree turn to the left like the real Beast. Then you would have room for an airtime hill between the first drop and a brake run. It would have to be counterclockwise into and out of the brake run and of course everything else would have to be redesigned, but it would give you more room for more coaster.
  4. It definitely has a Beast vibe. I don't think the Beast brake run looking portion looks bad, it just looks to me like it's on the second hill. I personally would do one or two hills between the two like the real Beast, but it really does look Dinn-esque. Very Nice.
  5. Anthonest, those are either custom made tables that the person who created that scene downloaded completely assembled as a custom scenery piece, or else she/he had the small scenery pieces of the post, the umbrella looking thing, and the two sizes of blocks and saw how they could be assembled to look like a table with an umbrella. I know the fake bench is a custom scenery piece also. Do you have that scenario/saved game on your computer, or is that a screenshot you saw somewhere? All the things needed to create your own scenery are available for download online through rct2 fan share sites like new element designs. You just have to be careful not to download too much or your scenery tabs, especially the small scenery one, will lock up in the scenario creator mode.
  6. ^Exactly! The Tbar on Superman when the larger rider fell out was resting on his belly, not his lap. That is not a secure position for a LAP bar to be on a rider on a coaster with those kinds of changes in G forces. The Gerstlauer green light system prevents that from happening. Something else happened here. Just as riders whose belt doesn't fasten on B&M rides, she would have NOT been allowed to ride if she had been too big for the restraint.
  7. Okay, the posters speculating that the restraint was on her belly and not under just do not understand how the Gerstlauer lap bars work. As a bigger guy whose weight fluctuates I can tell you they would not have let the ride dispatch if the lap bar hadn't been down to the green light position. It happened to me on Pandemonium last year when I was about 20 pounds heavier than usual. The green light didn't go on and the ride ops had to push a little more, not uncomfortably more, than it was already onto my lap to get the clear to dispatch. These lap bars are not like a PTC wood coaster with no air that they let substantially larger than average people rest on the belly. The green light position is on the lap. While the speculation over the combination of her weight and the extreme forces on TG is plausible, the questioning whether the lap bar was down far enough to secure her into the seat is not. They just would not have sent the train onto the course if the lap bar had been resting on her belly instead of on her legs.
  8. I thought the "magic" seat on Arrow and Vekoma loopers was supposed to be one of the rows of car 6 on a 7 car train according to Robb. He has a video of SFOG Ninja that talks about the special seat, I think there is even a POV of the smooth seat on the DVDs and probably on his youtube channel. Personally, I've never had a problem on coasters like CP's Corkscrew, SFGAm's Demon, or the stock Arrow Corkscrew designs. I get the same headbanging in every seat on SFStL's Ninja and VF's Corkscrew in the final helix. I can't remember any more how rough Orient Express and Shockwave were.
  9. Iron Wolfman, it did say ARROW when you quoted it. I never edited my post. It's not a big deal. But that's the lapse between the SOLE Arrow hypercoaster in Europe and B&M and Intamin jumping on the hyper popularity in 99. *edit* And that was mostly AMERICAN B&M and Intamin hypers too.
  10. I'm assuming it's just an error, possibly listed before the ride opened this spring and not fixed, but it says on the SDC park index page that Outlaw Run is closed.
  11. I'm still wondering, I guess I could tag on "why are there no other Arrow hypers in Europe besides the Big One?" Were European parks just not impressed with the idea of a giant coaster that doesn't go upside down? And as far as bad designs go, I think Vekoma hypers would be similar to Arrow hypers. Remember too, Vekoma has only done 3 woodies I believe, and they are well received by park patrons. I really think if European parks had gone to Vekoma after the success of Magnum, and then Vekoma had gone to Werner Stengel for the layouts, the 90s could have seen 3 or 4 more hypercoasters before B&M and Intamin entered the niche in 1999.
  12. I see it more as counting both halves of a racer that is exactly mirror in design as 2 credits. And then when one side is run backwards for Halloween as a 3rd credit
  13. I was just wondering if anyone has ever asked Vekoma's reps at IAAPA or other trade show or event with Vekoma executives present why they never constructed any hypercoasters in Europe. Did Arrow and then Morgan have a patent that Vekoma found hard to maneuver around? Did they feel European parks weren't interested in non looping steel coasters in the 90s, and now with B&M and Intamin doing their megacoasters since the late 90s they aren't willing to offer their version of a hypercoaster? I'm sure many people are thanking their deities that it never happened, but isn't it possible they could have made better hyper designs than their looping steel coasters of the 80s and 90s, just like Arrow?
  14. To me, the most iconic part of an Arrow coaster lift, especially the mine trains, is that ping ping ping p p ping as the train is released from the chainlift. I don't know if it's just the coasters with a mini drop off the lift, because Ninja at SFStL does it too. I'll have to pay attention to other Arrow's on my coaster travels to test this hypothesis. I love the sound of an enterprise, personal preference for the Schwarzkopf ones, as it comes in for a landing. I used to love the sound of our rotor, Tom's Twister, at SFStL. Gotta go to Worlds of Fun to experience one now.
  15. The reason for the downtime given on another site was the second lift not releasing the train after being pulled up. Supposedly it's been doing this occasionally since Sunday, at times taking over a minute or two to let go of the train for the return trip. Hopefully this can be resolved easily and soon.
  16. The best part about this TR was seeing the awesome fashions from 1987.
  17. Woodie Warrior, the mine train that was removed was pretty comparable to the side that remains for the track of lift 2 to the end as far as comfort/bad transitions. However, the track between lift 1 and lift 2 had some really bad painful spots. I for one am glad they kept the one they did.
  18. ^^And the area where the photo was taken is where the slingshot was. The theater there was home to Cinema180, a precursor to the Imax experience. It was sponsored by Chevrolet, and they had cars out front showing their current models each year. Ah, memories of my childhood.
  19. Yes. I was really looking forward to both WW and Shivering Timbers when I visited MIAdv in 2008, but I only rode WW once. The marathon on ST was worth the trip thankfully. YOUR TURN
  20. I think the area between Palace Theater and the St. Louis station is supposed to be reminiscent of a pleasure garden from olden days. It has always been an open area, and the park recommends groups separated rendezvous there. I agree with ^your statement about the bumper cars. When I mentioned public outcry being a factor in bringing them back, I was assuming a new set of cars as well as a new building. It would be nice if, before the next coaster comes, they do something about the Hannibarrels spot. The excuse I've heard since 2000 for why they don't do anything is the raised platform of the ride and surrounding buildings and fa├žade put up in front of the old Hannibarrel entrance allows a storage spot (and extra boneyard basically) underneath the ride.
  21. Dude, I already posted my clue. YOU need to stop jumping on other people's turns. The rules were the questioner verifies the correct answer, and once that happens the person with the correct answer is the person to ask the next question. You and at least one other person are just jumping in at random. For those who missed my clue, here it is again - If I were more like my similar layout brothers Phoenix at Knoebel's and Comet at The Great Escape I would be AWESOME. However, StLCP fan rode me and I beat the crap out of him like the typical Curtis Summers coaster. Who am I?
  22. ^^It all depends on the feedback they get from people coming to the park. Unless people really make a big deal about the bumper cars being absent we probably have seen the last of them.
  23. It seems to me you have chosen INTENSITY as the most important factor in your ranking system. That's just the way you like your wooden coasters. Nothing unusual for a thrill rider. Thanks for the trip report. You took some beautiful pictures.
  24. It's my turn to put up the clue INTPFBH! If I were like my 2 similar layout brothers Phoenix at Knoebels and Comet at The Great Escape I would be AWESOME. However, StLCPfan rode me and I beat the crap out of him like a typical Curtis Summers coaster. Who am I?
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