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  1. Not only did my group and I ride Top Thrill Dragster in its inaugural season, it was the very first ride most of us ever rode at Cedar Point.
  2. There's a $10 off Burger King coupon right now, but if you go to the Six Flags website at least 3 days before your visit and enter the promo code BKSTL you can get $13 off up to 4 one-day tickets.
  3. ^^eltoro28, have you heard of the ParkDat and DatChecker utilities? You should be able to find them for download on quite a few rct2 fan sites, maybe even here. The DatChecker engine shows you all your rides, shops, and scenery pieces in your rct2 folder and where they came from (original rct2, one of the 2 expansions, or custom) and images of the .dat file so you can match the item with the name when using the ParkDat utility to insert files into the blank spaces of a saved game. You must have space available in the category you want to add to, or else you must replace an item you won't use with the new item. Once you've done this a couple times it's pretty easy to add and delete rides and scenery items from saved games.
  4. I think the only people who really make a big deal about the steel vs wood classification on these new coasters that use the traditional wood coaster construction laminate track bed are people who have a bias to one or the other. The wood coaster purists lean toward calling them wood coasters, the steel coaster lovers see the steel top layer and urethane wheels and call them steel coasters. The rest of us just enjoy them.
  5. Except that calling a tubular steel tracked coaster like Gemini or a mine train a "woodie" isn't comparable to calling a RMC topper track coaster a "we don't know because the top layer of laminate is steel", it's comparable to calling the Coney Island Cyclone or the Great Escape Comet a "steel coaster" because the support structure is made out of steel instead of wood.
  6. Where is there room for a small coaster? The pad where the slingshot used to be? They're using that during Fright Fest for a circus side-show.
  7. You guys were talking about the area adjacent to (west of) the Hannibarrels where the restrooms are. The area just over the train tracks below the Hannibarrels platform with the small high windows was where the shooting gallery used to be. I think they use that for storage now. There used to be a small conference room behind the Hannibarrels where they gave out the employee of the month awards for each department. I don't know if it's still used for that, or if it's used for something else now. I think Vonni might be right about security using the room above the restrooms. And what dead-end area are you talking about jk1w? There is an employee cafeteria back there behind the small theater and the area where the slingshot used to be.
  8. The whole reason The Boss' queue has the bridge over the tracks is for when there is a long line and people would be UNABLE to get off the train tracks when a train is coming. There is no way safety regulations would allow the queue to have the same type of crossing that the exit path already has.
  9. Because the train goes through there, the only change they could make would be to have The Boss' queue go UNDER the train tracks instead of over.
  10. I really thought when I went to GrAm in 1999 to ride Raging Bull, it would be my favorite coaster there. To my surprise, Viper was my favorite coaster by just a hair. Of course I haven't been on X-Flight yet, so that might change things when I get back to the park (hopefully soon) to ride it.
  11. It appears to me that you got scammed by someone selling a demo copy of the game to GameStop. I don't think there's anything you can do about the time limit unless you're a hacker besides uninstall and reinstall the game. But that means you lose all your progress on scenarios.
  12. Really? For a company with such inspiration in their designs, that name is leaving me scratching my head.
  13. I thought both sides are still operable, but the lack of popularity in general leads them to only keep one side running so they save on payroll. Has anyone seen an intolerably long line this summer with only one side running?
  14. The big issue with PTC trains seems to be the way they maneuver through banked turns. Was the basic design of a PTC coaster train ever changed after the 80s when designers like Curtis Summers and then the CCI gang made rides with faster speeds through their banked curve segments? That seems to be the biggest maintenance headache for most parks with wooden coasters that have more dynamic layouts than the out and back designs of previous generations. Even Herb Schmeck's designs appear to me to not have the lateral stresses modern wooden twisters go through. I would say either topper track or iron horse most if not ALL Summers/Dinn and CCI twisters or use newer trains that have tighter wheel assemblies like GCI's Millennium Flyers, GG's Timberliners, or RMC's train (they need to come up with a cool name) to save maintenance costs. I'd like to see what a total retracking of the Voyage PLUS Timberliner trains does for both smoothness and maintenance problems.
  15. If you have a newer pc, open your infogrames RCT2 gamefile folder. Look in the window near the top for the category columns. Your screenshots will be under "compatibility files."
  16. Maveshark will be the greatest ride of all time the year it's built. And then the following year some park will build Mavesharknado and IT will be the greatest ride ever and anywhere.
  17. The only advice I would give you right now is to space out your trashcans and put more benches in near food stalls. In my experience, I've usually needed trashcans every 4 or 5 spaces near food stalls, and maybe 7 or 8 spaces for the rest of my park. Peeps like to eat and sit near where they bought the food, so LOTS of benches near food and drink stalls is important. Your woodie looks EPIC!
  18. Do you mean the 20th anniversary of Six Flags being retarded and thinking "Six Flags Over Mid-America is too confusing. Let's rename it Six Flags St. Louis because people will not be able to find Eureka on highway 44. It's just too confusing."? Oops, that will be 2016 for the 20th anniversary of Six Flags going retarded on us. Sorry.
  19. PalmTree55, the Tower of Terror in South Africa is like a B&M dive machine with amazing mine shaft theming.
  20. I rode Excalibur several times, both trains, on my trip to VF, and I enjoyed the ride. I don't know if I got lucky, if I had a different experience than you because I'm a big guy, or if you are unlucky to have had bad experiences on the ride. I was expecting at least a couple moments of mine train or Gemini helix pain, but had none.
  21. I think you are in the minority of riders. Most of us don't find The Boss "good". I rode The Boss a few times that it was AMAZING, a few times that it was good, and MANY, MANY times that it beat the crap out of me. Iron Horse transformation please.
  22. Jenna Louise Coleman, the woman who plays Clara, Dr. Who's current companion, was on Craig Ferguson's show. She's from Blackpool, England, and explained how riding The Big One put her off roller coasters for the rest of her life. I'd like to drag her on MF, I305, or Leviathan to see if the height was the problem or if riding a smoother taller coaster would get her to change her mind about coasters.
  23. Unless something mechanical happens to Corkscrew, I doubt Ouimet has his sights set on removing Arrow's first vertical loop and the world's first triple inversion coaster. It might not be great by today's standards, but as long as replacement parts can be found or made the nostalgia and the visual appeal of the corkscrews over the midway is a huge part of Cedar Point. And remember that if the climate of northern Ohio were a little nicer in the spring Corkscrew WOULD have been the world's first looping coaster. A lot of the talk of which ride(s) at Cedar Point have outlived their lifespan has a lot to do with personal preference. Just as your (OP) username shows your love of Gemini, I personally would not cry if Gemini burned to the ground. It's my LEAST favorite coaster at CP (I haven't ridden JRG, but I prefer Woodstock to Gemini) because of how much back pain I've experienced in the finale helix and how boring I find the ride except for the first hill and the head-chopper hill.
  24. Did anybody on here do the overnight marathon Wed-Thurs? I don't think they would have repainted Ninja last year if they knew it wasn't sticking around for a couple more years. But with the addition of Boomerang it will probably be the first coaster to be considered for removal if they don't plan on expanding to the east.
  25. I personally was shocked by how NOT painful Excalibur was. I was expecting several moments with bad transitions, but it never happened. It is only behind Thunderation at SDC (I haven't been on AE at KI so I can't compare) in my favorite Arrow Mine Train-type coasters. It's just a shame it's so short. They could have done 2 or 3 more hills and turns to make me happy. I also have never experienced any roughness or pain on High Roller. The disappointment with that ride is the trim brake at the end of the 180 degree turnaround. It totally kills the ride's momentum and any air that might happen on the rest of the ride. But just like Excalibur, I was very pleasantly surprised by how much fun the ride was. Renegade is an excellent ride. There isn't a single bad moment on the ride, just a slight vibration that I got a little annoyed with after a few rides. But if you've been on other GCI's you won't be disappointed. The first drop is terrific in its twist to the right and then the left. It was definitely my favorite coaster at Valleyfair.
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