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  1. Worlds of Fun has eliminated 4 of their coasters throughout the 40 year history of the park. Zambezi Zinger might be entertaining people in South America now, but that removal was the biggest disappointment for me. The Schwarzkopf Wildcat model named Schussboomer and Orient Express were both disappointing removals also. The Screamroller stock Arrow corkscrew is no big loss to the park, but it was my first coaster with inversions in 1980 when I was 8.
  2. I've never heard anyone complain that The Boss is sluggish. Let's hear from others who did the ICW shoot please. My complaint about The Boss is at its worst the laterals are just too intense for the ride to be fun, and most rides I've had on The Boss are ALMOST that intense. At its best The Boss is AMAZING. And the coaster is usually at its best when it ISN'T too fast, usually on cooler days.
  3. Edgeboy, the flashpass building is conveniently located near the center of the park. Remember, on nice warm days HH gets a large portion of the guests parking in the lot, so walk around for a bit to see how crowded the amusement park is before you spend your money. As a modest sized park, you might be able to do everything you want in the park without buying the flashpass.
  4. ^^^So what is your definition of enthusiast? People with encyclopedic knowledge of the history and details of something are aficionados. People who are obsessed with something and join clubs and write reviews and trip reports are geeks and nerds. Obviously the people on these shows love roller coasters and amusement parks, so why is enthusiast not the right word?
  5. Um, I got the season passholder email, and it clearly stated that GOLD passholder ERT was 10:30 to 12:00 and ALL passholder ERT was from 12:00 to 1:00. As for the Scooby Doo re-theme, I'm assuming they either want to get rid of that branding or it is expiring and they are putting out feelers as to how pissed the families will be if they let it go and re-theme the darkride.
  6. Considering how high TPR members rate the Intamin megalite design and knowing Six Flags' propensity to build smaller rides at SFStL the last decade, I would be ECSTATIC if they decided to build USA's first megalite at SFStL.
  7. The yellow wood restaurant building? That was the Calico Kitchen fried chicken restaurant after the original location became McDonald's and now Mooseburger Lodge. But now that location is a season pass processing center. There is nowhere in Bugs Bunny National Park to build a modest sized child/family coaster like a rollerskater. Or are you talking about the restaurant further up the hill with the Character meet and greets, the Character Café in the redwood stained building going up the hill to Screamin' Eagle that used to be Stockyard's Barbecue? Are you talking about the AMPHItheater Old Glory when you say theater? I don't think they have enough room there either to build a modest sized coaster.
  8. Where in BBNP do they have room for a roller coaster? Maybe in the forested area where the huge treehouse is they could fit something small, but it would have to be something like the previous kiddie coaster. I really can't see anywhere in BBNP that they have room for anything like a rollerskater size coaster.
  9. Holy crap! Like Robb said, several people are WAY overthinking this. It feels like the discussion from some right now is "I don't know, everything they've done up until now has been pretty cool and authentic, but I think they'll find a way to screw this up and/or make people feel like they're getting ripped off." Just relax and let the professional planners and designers work this out. That's what they're being paid to do. I also get the feeling some people are assuming for authenticity there will only be one train or how else will this be a capacity nightmare? My biggest curiosity right now is about the Gringott's ride. Did someone at S&S or another manufacturer figure out how to do the hinged vehicles like the freefly, but have the cars be within the track structure like the Togo heartline or Arrow pipeline concepts? That would be COOL if they can get the vehicles to behave like the Gringott's ride to the vaults.
  10. Nobody is HATING on prozach. There have been a few people asking him why EVERY single one of his posts is extremely negative. My explanation wasn't criticizing him personally, just explaining WHY he is negative in his attitude towards Six Flags corporate and their lack of respect for our park. Okay, I just read the post by ultimate again, and that was knocking prozach. Sorry ultimate, a Vekoma boomerang is NOT a major steel coaster.
  11. Fans of Six Flags St. Louis have felt slighted for quite a while now. The rumor that SFOG's hyper was originally supposed to be located where American Thunder is now at our park was a big deal for some. My personal complaint with Six Flags is that our park was neglected for new coaster additions in the 80's and 90's until Batman was added. From that point on the additions have been consistent and for the most part originalish and semi-unique - Batman and Mr. Freeze being mirrored versions, The Boss being a complete custom design, Excalibur being the only one if its kind in the US, among the first of the Big Spin coasters (and even with it being a stock ride it's a VERY fun ride), American Thunder being unique to the US (and having been on a couple other GCI coasters in my opinion their best design to date), and Sky Screamer among the first Star Flyers in the US. I see our park as being about 15 years behind many other amusement parks in terms of coaster additions, so that making it 1998 at SFStL a Vekoma boomerang isn't too outdated . A lot of the park fans complain whenever there is a waterpark addition instead of a dry side addition. Considering how popular the waterpark is, I'd say they've done a pretty good job splitting the improvements between the two parks. It all comes down to comparison with other Six Flags and Cedar Fair parks in the region. Prozach is one of the people who will bitch about how Six Flags corporate doesn't respect the people of the St. Louis metro area because we don't have a major full-circuit multi-looper, preferable a B&M, or a hypercoaster. He complained just as much as he does here on the sfstl.net forums until that went down. The rest of us hope that a modern steel coaster or 2 are on the way in the next few years. It's just like being a sports team fan. You can overanalyze everything they did wrong to make it several losing seasons in a row, or you can hope that next year's team is THE ONE that wins the championship. I like to think about how cool it will be when we DO finally get that amazing steel coaster, and it doesn't stop me from enjoying the great lineup that we actually have here. And speaking of the peeling paint, I saw pictures of Boomerang on newsplusnotes from last weekend. There is a big piece of orange paint missing from a support column in one of the pictures. WTF?
  12. Now that is TOTALLY different from letting people battle in the park's actual boneyard on the northeast corner of their unused land. I could see people getting hurt and suing from injuries sustained by falling around rusty old ride parts. That setup just north of Big Kahuna is really cool. Thanks for those photos deathbydinn.
  13. Would THAT many people STILL rather taer down Mean Streak than see what Rocky Mountain can do with it? As someone who never understood the total hatred for MS, I am really excited to see what iron horse transformation could do with this ride. I've never had extremely painful rides on MS, especially compared to the other 2 Curtis Summers-designed coasters I've been on - Timber Wolf and Wolverine Wildcat. It's just not a GREAT ride like people claim it was before the first drop trims were added. For those who complain about the rough ride on MS, you should try Timber Wolf on an average day. I swear the ride is trying to kill its riders. When TW was young it was my favorite wood coaster. It's sad how badly Dinn/Summers coasters age. On a more positive note, WOW!!!!!!!!!! Gate Keeper plaza is looking good.
  14. Yes, the "do we get it back" comment was a joke. I just thought it was funny that someone commented on moving a parachute drop to SFStL instead of scrapping it, since the one that used to be here is now at SFGrAdv. The point of the parachute tower rides was to be a scenic observation tower-type ride. Colossus and Sky Screamer fill that niche now. I don't think they are going to use the boneyard for the paintball battles. Six Flags-owned land east of the park was leased by a paintball war business, and that is probably the land being used for THEIR upcharge attraction.
  15. Sorry to be late to the Boomerang train color discussion, but isn't the black train with the bright green stripe as depicted on the Boomerang ride page what the train will look like? And if SFGrAdv removes the parachute ride do we get it back?
  16. While the walk to get to both Mr. Freeze and The Boss at SFStL are treks, neither is unnecessary. The Boss is 10 miles from the main path of the Britania section of the park, and the genius of using Thunder River's unused island for Freeze necessitates the bridge over TR's course to get to the coaster. I don't have ANY complaints about the distance to Mr. Freeze. It's a beautiful queue walk to the station. The Boss' queue is a bloody Yosemite hike, but again the ride is 10 miles from civilization so I get it. The lack of shortcut for Batman's queue at SFStL IS unnecessary and ridiculous. I've seen more kids line-jumping on that ride than any other coaster I've ever been on.
  17. ^^Or who will count it as an additional credit when they turn the train around next year for Boomerang-Reverse Blast.
  18. I'm pretty sure someone asked Dave Roemer about Excalibur, and he said it would be operating this year. Maybe it wasn't running opening weekend because of staff shortage. What about the ad for the Chicago transit train doesn't fit the Chicago section of the park's theming? I like the Rush Street Flyer theming there. I'm wondering if there will be any Illinois or Chicago theme for Boomerang. Probably not. The area where the empty theater, pad for the former slingshot ride, and hannibarrels ride is needs some love now for sure. If they aren't going to use that theater any longer it would be a good spot for a new flat.
  19. Yes it was. A few rides opened late, like noon for the train, but everything except Excalibur and Rush Street was running.
  20. That placement of Boomerang is quite the statement in person. It really adds the same if not better level of excitement for the ride as Pandemonium's location over the footpath. They finished everything necessary for the guests to be able to walk under the cobra roll during operational hours, and pieces of the loop were in the parking lot for added visual anticipation for June 1. They are having a contest for visitors yesterday and today only. They are passing out a card at the front entry to be punched at each of the 8 other coasters, calling it the coaster capital challenge. After riding each of the other coasters, getting the special punch ride operators have for each ride, and filling out the bottom portion with personal info, they are having a drawing for first riders. Fourteen of the challenge entrants and a guest will be chosen to ride the first public train June 1. I noticed an interesting trend while at the park yesterday. I don't recall ever seeing as many families at SFStL with more than three children. Maybe there were lots of people with nieces and nephews, but I noticed dozens of family groups with two adults and four, five, and six kids under ten years old. And quite a few were unable to keep the kids from misbehaving. It was like spring is here finally and they were letting the kids loose on the park. The park seemed mostly ready to go for the season. Excalibur and Rush Street Flyer were both closed. I didn't notice any repair work being done on Excalibur, but they were checking out Rush Street. Thunder River and Tidal Wave were both closed, I'm assuming because of early season weather/staffing shortage, but the log flume was running one side. Thunder's blue train was missing which led to hour long waits. Only one side of Scooby Doo Ghostblasters was running, which led to long waits there too. It warmed up into the sixties after noon, quite the change from earlier in the week. For those who have purchased or are interested in purchasing season passes, they have two processing locations now. The standard location in the former tilted house above the Thunder River entrance is for day of purchase processing, and online purchase printed out vouchers are processed at the former Wagon Wheel/Calico Kitchen restaurant near the center of the park. Both locations were packed. We processed our passes in October last year, and entering the exit of the online voucher processing location got us our coupon books. We only stayed about four hours, but it was a good first visit for 2013.
  21. How does a lull in the conversation make the thread dead? The park opens Friday, and I'm sure there will be reports on what Boomerang looks like and how the park looks for 2013. I'm personally considering going Friday. I've never been there on opening day. I was confused when I first started going to RCDB and saw SFOT's Big Bend listed as a ride that was actually erected at SFOMA at some point. That would have been cool, but it never happened. As far as the argument about what we DESERVE based on attendance, I remember when the park had 5 rollercoasters for most of my junior high and high school years in the 80's and attendance records were broken because of live concerts like The Beach Boys and The Dirty Dancing Tour. As Six Flags corporate bought up other parks and spent loads of money on new rides for those new acquisitions and the big moneymaking parks in larger metropolitan areas throughout the 90's, people got tired of nothing new at parks like SFOMA. I don't know the details of the decline, whether the lack of new rides was the major reason attendance declined or if there were other factors in the St. Louis area economy or other new entertainments that made people choose those over Six Flags. Should Six Flags have paid more attention to our park? Of course locals say yes. My biggest complaints personally are the lack of fix/removal of the Hannibarrels, the fact that they didn't ADD a new Sky Screamer ride but REPLACED one swing ride with another, and that there is now no roller coaster for the little ones. I hope the slow pace of additions to our park means a good long range plan and not just the attitude that our park has less value to the corporate big wigs. I think Pandemonium, American Thunder, Excalibur, and Sky Screamer were EXCELLENT additions for SFStL. Are we long overdue for a couple MARQUEE steel coasters? Of course locals say yes. Look how long it took us to get a drop tower. For me personally I will love this park no matter how slowly they bring us up to par with other amusement parks. I don't think Boomerang was a BAD choice, just disappointing that we didn't get something steel and ORIGINAL like an Intamin Megalite or Gerstlauer Eurofighter if they were going to continue the modest-sized additions. But hope springs eternal, and as long as corporate isn't REMOVING rides with no replacements and no rumor of the park being up for sale is making the internet chatroom rounds I haven't given up on our park getting an original Intamin or B&M hyper and a large modern multilooper in the next few years.
  22. So, looking at the view from your link, somewhere in that area on the left center between where the fence meets at a 90 degree angle and the trashcan on the left a little closer to the camera is where the supports for the second half of the cobra roll (the ones that show the HUGE exposed concrete footer) are. The area just left of the path there at the image's left center is the queue for Rush Street Flyer. The ENTIRE cobra roll goes over the footpath there, and it looks to me from the facebook pics that they had to eliminate the north half of that footpath from the center to the right where the benches in front of the bumper car building were.
  23. Your recreations are about as close as possible to the real rides considering the grid limitations of the game. My biggest complaint with RCT is the corkscrew. It's really hard to get the pacing right to get a corkscrew without being too high in the lateral Gs, especially the "wingover" inverted B&M inversion. Sometimes you have to fudge the ride accurateness in order to not go red on the force meter. If you notice on actual B&M rides, the "flatspin" on their sit down coasters are much larger radius than the corkscrew in the game, and they often have a wingover entered into on a rise and stretch out more than the corkscrew inversion in the game - kind of a cross between a corkscrew and an inline twist.
  24. Harper, the biggest thing 8cars is used for is to get around the clearance limitations in the game when constructing more realistic looking parks and scenery. By landscaping, are you talking about teraforming? Planning a hillside, lakeside, riverside, forest etc scenario can and should be done in the scenario editor, but once gameplay begins the tedium of landscaping during actual time is essential. That's another thing the 8cars trainer is used for frequently I'm sure. Published parks take hour upon hours to complete, and resetting the date from year 500 something to March 1st year 1 is done often prior to public display. If you ever notice a published park's announcement history, some designers forget to erase this before release, and you can see the last few trainer moves. It is impossible to construct an actual park including shops and rides, save, and then edit in the scenario editor. Only scenery is saved from a saved game in the scenario editor. If you are okay with that, I guess you can do what your third question is asking, but if trainers were used to hack scenery objects where the game's peramaters don't allow, you will have to do these things again once you are back in gameplay. And the excitement, intensity, and nausea factor of rides rebuilt around existing scenery once redesigned in the resumed gameplay for some reason are WAY off what they were originally often. Usually the excitement level goes down and intensity and nausea go up. Sometimes you get lucky and the values are similar to the original ride, but it's REALLY annoying when the excitement drops substantially and the intensity skyrockets, because you know fewer peeps will ride that particular ride now. I hope that answers a little. I'm sure veteran designers can give you specific tips.
  25. I can't wait to ride this. I probably won't get to SDC until this fall, but maybe we can squeeze a trip in earlier this year. The ride looks to be a FANTASTIC addition to an already excellent line-up of coasters for a smaller park that used to be just about the cave, bluegrass music, Ozark culture and crafts, and a few darkrides and walkthroughs.
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