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  1. I thought One. Big. Thing. was put out there to let everybody speculating on multiple attractions know that it's just ONE big ride, not that there will not be any theming.
  2. The next IOA expansion should be Krustyland, complete with the rides and robots that try to kill the guests, and the ZOOMINATOR roller coaster that looks like it's ready to collapse at any moment.
  3. I thought loup garou was the French name for werewolf, as in the roller coaster at Walibi Belgium.
  4. Make them one long moebius track like The Racer at Kennywood. 2 stations side by side, each with its own entrance and exit, a block brake at the end of the final brake run before each station, and 2 chain lifts will give you 6 block sections and allow 5 trains. In order to get the trains to line up and race choose 4 trains and cycle 1 through the ride, closing the ride as needed, then pairing trains up with the synchronize with adjacent station button, then closing the ride again as needed, until you can get 1 train in each station and 1 train on each brake run. Then make sure you have the synchronize with adjacent station button activated when you open it. The easiest way to make the ride moebius is to have both tracks do a 180 degree turn out of the stations and then have the tracks meet up for the lift hill like American Eagle at SF Great America, but then to follow their courses side by side for the rest of your design. I personally did a moebius racer like Gemini at Cedar Point but at the end I had the tracks cross over/under each other and end up in the opposite station. Another interesting way to do a moebius racer/dueler would be to make the stations adjacent but face the opposite direction and make a ride like Twisted Twins at Kentucky Kingdom, just have them finish in the opposite station where you started.
  5. I really enjoy seeing a working park. You use the 8cars trainer to reset the park to March year 1 and get rid of all the peeps before saving it. Did you think I meant for you to release the park full of guests? That does make for a big upload/download. Like I said, your parkitecture is beautiful, but I like to see the guests interact with the scenario's rides and layout. Do that many people prefer just to see the scenery and not want a working park? edit- oh, I did figure out what your ncso was after a few more plays, I just forgot to post on here that I found it. 2nd edit- sorry, I just needed to add this too - how is saying I'm a little disappointed make it seem like I'm saying it's a waste of time?
  6. There are sites that provide all the WW and TT rides and scenery for download by those who don't want all of the crap from the full download of the expansions. I think the double deck carousel is one of the most popular. Some of those files are already available in the RCT2 official help thread on TPR. You just have to go through all the posts to find them.
  7. So what we're saying to you is if you can find RCT2 and don't want TT and WW on your computer, you can get the other scenery items you want at either other sites online or provided by us here if you ask for individual scenery items you can't find. Don't give up yet.
  8. My problem, and I think many would agree, with the expansion packs wasn't the new themed scenery, because I use quite a bit of it in my custom designed parks. The new RIDES in the expansion packs were mostly just rethemed versions of existing rides instead of new rides that should have been added, like all the Mack and Huss flats that they could have given us. edit - the giant animatronic statues was a BIZARRE choice, THOSE we could all do without. Unless you're doing a Mutant Giant Brazilian Carnaval Samba Dancer Women park.
  9. I forgot to mention that the first time I clicked on your park in my saved games list it checked scenery objects. I have original RCT2 and the 2 expansion packs downloaded on my computer. I'm still trying to figure out what scenery got imported onto my computer. It didn't mess anything up, so no biggie. I can understand wanting to create things for the beauty and pushing your personal limits of creativity, but I don't understand not fixing the park to allow peeps to enter before releasing it for download. I would like to see a peep friendly version of this park if you're ever able. Thanks for all the effort you DID put into it. I'm just a little disappointed I can't play/watch the scenario as I would like to be able to.
  10. There seem to be some serious problems with the NE release of this park. The path that I assume you meant to connect to the edge of the map for peeps to enter on doesn't go to the map's edge, and there is a peep stuck. The four vehicles for your screamin' swing all crashed within a few seconds of my opening the park. When I went into the scenario editor and tried to take your saved game in to look at it I got an error trapper and was unable to even look at your map to see if I could fix the entry path to make it peep navigable. But the park sure is pretty. edit - I just went back in, and I see several more peeps stuck in your entrance building. You seem to have a serious glitch at the entrance to your park that prevents any peeps from entering.
  11. I thought the only reason the "mid"-course brake is there is for 3 train operation, for emergency stop purposes.
  12. I had A LOT of custom rct tracks saved on my last computer, and I noticed the last few dozen it would take a long time for the track to save once I hit the save track button. Is it possible you've hit the limit for the number of tracks the game will save? I know if you have too many of a particular type of scenery object, small specifically fills up the fastest, the scroll feature freezes up on the game and you can't scroll down past whatever that first segment on the page is to choose items in the scenario editor. Maybe you could save some of your custom tracks that you don't use frequently in your parks (or ones you downloaded from other sources) to another file folder outside your rct files to see if that lets you save new tracks again.
  13. ^^^^^It just seems to me that your fun to pain ratio has been exceeded if you have this problem on Magnum. I can't ride more than five times in a row before taking a break because of the thigh pain caused by the lap bar, but then I move on to other rides and come back later. It doesn't bother some and they can marathon the coaster for hours, and for others one ride is all the pain that they are willing to accept. Unless you have pads to put between your thighs and the lap bar, you fall into one of these three categories.
  14. They've spent the last few years concentrating mostly on the new holiday section. So what is missing from the Thanksgiving area of the park? - a new show recreating the "66 Days At Sea" aboard the Mayflower. The new show will contain a catchy main song, but most of the tunes for the show will be familiar to almost everyone in the audience a la "Moulin Rouge." The first day's post is a clue to the first song - the kids on the Mayflower open the show with "It's a Hardtack Life For Us", reminiscent of the openings of both "Annie" and "Oliver", with the urchins complaining about life aboard the ship. The preliminary name for both the show and the new theater is "66 Days At Sea: A Plymouth Rock Opera."
  15. I would imagine that, unless you're completely oblivious of your surroundings while passing the ride, the wet pavement and wet kids running around would be a good sign that the waterjets can reach beyond the ride area a little.
  16. Boomerang and Ninja won't hurt you there, but they'll hurt you in other places. Batman is your safest bet.
  17. That's great to hear, as that's the only spot on boomerangs that I really dislike - the kerchunk reminiscent of the jolt on Arrow mine trains when engaging each lift.
  18. I hope I helped and didn't just add to the confusion of your problem. Sorry, but I seem to write like a confusing technical manual sometimes. It makes perfect sense to me, but leaves the reader cold.
  19. Once you take a landscape file, either custom made by you or already existing in Chris Sawyer's selections, from a scenario or saved game file into the scenario editor, all the already placed rides, food service stalls, souvenir stalls, first aid rooms, and information kiosks disappear. I think you already agreed that you knew THAT would happen when you stated that you had all the track files saved so you could just add them back in, right? The scenery and all the paths that you have already placed will remain on the landscape when you go into the editor. The pre-selected rides and scenery from an existing save or scenario are in the game editor, and if you haven't maxed-out the number of a particular type of object (ride/shop, small scenery object, wall, etc.) you can add rides/objects that you forgot in your original recreation. Any custom user created ride that you have downloaded to your computer in your objdata folder will be available to add to your modified scenario if you forgot originally or if you downloaded that ride since your original version of the park. You just have to go back to the object selection page in the scenario editor to add it to your park. If you start from scratch in a larger map you will have to go through the entire scenario creation process, so even if it's a huge headache you should take that saved game/scenario of your park and redo all the scenery because you have all the ride, shop, and scenery files that you want for your recreation. If you do have to alter where everything is in the new recreation due to the expanded map being opposite where you want the new land to be, you might want to save it twice so you can use one version to create the new park and the other as a reference guide for where and how you want everything placed.
  20. You can't change anything when converting a saved game to a scenario. You just make a scenario with a goal for yourself or others to achieve, as if it were one of the scenarios Chris Sawyer created for the game. As far as going into the scenario editor to add more room to the map, you might have a problem keeping everything the way you have it now. The sandbox mode starter orients the map in the scenario editor as if the point facing you if you scroll to the right as the southeast corner of your park. So that bottom edge going from there to the left is the south edge of the park, and then left is west, farthest away from you is north, and the right edge is east. When you add more room to a park, the game expands to the south and east. This might mess up your entrance plaza depending on where you have the map oriented in your scenario. You'll find out once you expand the map out, but I've used smaller maps for a couple parks then run out of room like you did. When I expanded the map, it totally messed up how I wanted the park to look and I had to start all over. You might get lucky if you want the expansion to occur in a certain area and you have the map oriented so that where you want the extra land is EXACTLY where it gives you more. Like if you have the entrance to your park on the western edge and the room you need is to the right side you'll be okay. But if your entrance is on either the southern or eastern edges of the map and you want to expand to the north or west, you will have to adjust your entire park that many spaces to the south or east.
  21. The three concepts I was asked about in the survey I got Friday were 1) a lighted walk like Cedar Point and Worlds of Fun, 2) a virtual reality experience similar to the one (I'm assuming) that they had near Batman's entrance for a few years, and 3) a lighted scenery experience for a roller coaster that would change the ride at night (the picture looked like a family coaster similar to Pandemonium).
  22. In your monitor's image controls, try changing the horizontal position and clock (the horizontal stretch.) You might have to mess with it for a bit, and you might have black borders on the left and right of the screen. Having the display resolution at the 1152 by 720 option is the one I feel looks the most natural on my monitor.
  23. If you're creating your own park in the scenario editor, all you have to do is set a ridiculously low goal in the final step before saving your landscape to a scenario - something like 1000 guests by year 10 or achieve a park value of $1000 by October year 25.
  24. I have only ridden (besides the failed Rail Blazer at SFStL) Iron Wolf at SFGrAm and Mantis at CP. I really enjoy the majority of both rides, up until the twisties after both corkscrews. It always feels to me like they are deliberately trying to get riders to lose their footing and/or bash their heads against the OTSR's with the crazy rapid direction changes that end both rides. I don't know what the new restraints would do on those 2 rides to people who don't keep their heads back against the headrest. I would think there might be more neck injuries and fewer ear boxings.
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