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  1. Yes, and by doing what I instructed you isolate the entrance path to avoid that situation. I've done that on several of my homemade parks.
  2. The double up after the 180 degree turnaround on Eagle was eliminated when they did the backwards trains in '96 I believe. I also remember reading somewhere that the two 90 degree turnarounds had their track banked significantly more to make them more comfortable during the backwards version of the ride.
  3. GigaG, I'm pretty sure he was talking about Viper at SFGAm. Not only is it a rideable Cyclone clone, it's arguably the best coaster at the park.
  4. Just use walls or fences on either side of the main path leading to/from your entrance (make sure the wall pieces are NOT on the property piece that has the path that will be unownable once you save the scenario) to separate it from the rest of your entrance plaza in the scenario editor, and then once you play the scenario delete those wall pieces. Or if you're using grey tarmac (I use someones full tile Disney grey path), use the grey roof piece as the rest of the plaza paving.
  5. The whole thing about Rail Blazer was that they reopened that track of the mine train that had been closed for several years, and the park had a "new" coaster. It wasn't exciting, just RADICAL and UNIQUE. They overhyped the ride for sure.
  6. I just read npn's summary of Brian Witherow's speech to the UBS Global Media & Communications Conference about the future of Cedar Fair. Carowinds, CGA, and VALLEYFAIR were the three parks that they see have substantial room for SIGNIFICANT growth. That makes me a little sad for WOF's future, but THRILLED for Valleyfair's potential to expand. They really do deserve a large waterpark investment.
  7. I thought the inside scoop was that Dave Roemer IS looking to both replacing the bumper cars and finding a way to extend/move somewhere where they can have a longer course the Moon cars eventually. I know it feels like they are behind the eight ball with SFStL, but I really feel that doing something with the Hannibarrel spot FINALLY is a good sign that Six Flags is paying more attention to the future of the park.
  8. What clones are you talking about? The only layout that has been reused by B&M has been SFGrAdv's Medusa mirrored for Scream at SFMM.
  9. All of you who missed out on the Edsel that was the Arrow stand-up train missed out on that little discussed in modern chat room forums debacle. The elongated OTSR harness and the swivel-up knee plate were a truly Arrow solution to the challenge of keeping people in the coaster car. The woman's falling off the Six Flags Over Mid-America MINE TRAIN with the stand-up train proved how unsatisfactory their solution was.
  10. Having Pandemonium and The Dark Knight here would have almost been as stupid as having Ragin' Cajun and The Dark Knight at SFGrAm.
  11. If Cedar Fair is wanting to build a unique ride that will draw people from all over the Midwest, if not the whole country, they will build the first B&M floorless in this part of the country. That would bring me back to ValleyFair.
  12. I thought there was at least consideration if not plan to remove the old Cedars Hotel dorms to make more room for the park. Not that they need to build the replacement for Wildcat's loss in CP's lineup right there close to where Wildcat's last location was, but that would clear up land for a medium intense family coaster of that style.
  13. The coaster in the picture looks like the first drop and turnaround of the Hersheypark Comet. Is this possibly a Herb Schmeck design? I only have photos of Chicago's Riverview Park from the 50s and 60s. I would imagine Riverview would be a destination for many Wisconsinites visiting Chicago. Is this maybe a lost Riverview Park coaster? They had many coasters come and go in the park's long history.
  14. ^^^There is one major part that they will never have to those cheap trains, PADDING ON THE SEAT AND SIDES! If nothing else is done to The Boss besides retracking for the next few seasons, the least they could do would be to get better trains. A coaster as dynamic as The Boss should have some cushioning for the riders.
  15. Being in the Britania section of the park, the medieval theme should have hit someone's creative side and suggested a name like "The Siege", "Robin Hood", or "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" . A better name to make it a Missouri-ish joke would have been "Sir Boss", a reference to Mark Twain's "A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court." Right now, the best name for the ride would be "The Plague", referring to how one's body feels battered after the typical ride on the thing.
  16. But does that diminish your enjoyment of the rides? I couldn't care less if there is an exact replica of Thunder in Finland. I will never get to Power Park to ride TBird, so it might as well be a unique installation. Just because I know that our Batman isn't unique doesn't make me think less of the design. It was a BRILLIANT solution to lack of space at SFGrAm, and it fit great in the former JetScream location here. And to call them "standard amusement park rides" is beyond cynical. If you're bored, okay. But what the hell is "standard" about the coasters at our park except for the 2 stock models - Pandemonium and Boomerang?
  17. For once, Rocky Mountain could EXTEND the amount of track a ride has, instead of shortening it, for Excalibur. I know Arrow didn't design great coasters very often, but Excalibur could and should have been at least another thousand feet of track. Every time I rode it I felt like VF had a potential gem with the concept of a monster mine train, but they told Arrow they only had enough money for 2500 feet of track. I would like to see what could be done with extending the ride to use up more of the momentum from a 100 foot drop.
  18. The thing about the three parks that have been given gigacoasters is that their lineup included more than 10 other coasters of various types. Worlds of Fun really needs more than just 7 roller coasters to be in the running for a giga installation. Let's get rides to replace Orient Express' and Zambezi Zinger's loss in the park before we make the leap to a giga. A non-spinning family coaster along the lines of Verbolten and a looper from B&M or Intamin are higher on my priority list to fill out WOF's coaster offerings before a giga.
  19. Timber Wolf doesn't need any major changes to its layout. Topper track to bring the ride back to the amazing fast, smooth, fast, fun, and fast ride it was those first few seasons is all the coaster needs. Then WOF could get an all new design from RMC to have 3 of the best wooden coasters on the planet. Put something worthy of Orient Express's memory in that spot in the front of the park. The terrain changes there are an opportunity for a creative designer to come up with a ride that blows people's minds.
  20. The worst coasters in the world are the ones used in cartoons. They don't even understand that you can't have hills higher than the initial lift. I think their 2 worst designs have been the Vomit Comet from an episode of Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends and the coaster from the first Despicable Me.
  21. That sucks. Sorry, I forgot to include in my reply yesterday that when you click the de-own border land in 8-cars it de-owns the entry path also, so that should have fixed it for you. I recall I have had similar problems, and I just messed with the own all land, de-own border land, and invert land ownership buttons a few times on one saved game I screwed up and eventually I got it to go back to normal. Good luck.
  22. There is a de-own border land button under the park category in 8-cars trainer.
  23. Because of the midcourse brake, the Boss can run three trains on busy days when necessary. I'm not talking about enthusiasts preferring American Thunder to The Boss. PEOPLE prefer the ride. Several of my family and friends don't ride The Boss more than a couple times a season now. These same people will ride Eagle almost every visit to the park and Thunder multiple times on every visit to the park.
  24. Two train operation on a ride that only lasts a minute and a half from start to finish is going to move the line quicker than two train operation on a three minute plus ride. Some of you say popularity is an issue with American Thunder, but most people I talk to prefer it over Eagle, and almost everyone prefers it to The Boss.
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