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  1. I don't have high hopes for this one. This place might be totally destroyed the way this storm is going.
  2. The probability remains the same every year whether there is a hurricane or not. The only thing that would change it is a strong climate, current or weather pattern shift. There is no such thing as being "due" unless you are removing the other options as they are selected (or in this case hit by hurricanes). With weather, you're not doing that.
  3. To me that would be a sign that a big storm was likely in the near future. Just means the area is over due for a storm. Kind of like California. The fact that a major quake hasn't hit in some time doesn't mean that they're in the clear. Quite the opposite, every year that goes by, it become more of a risk that another major quake is going to hit. With an earthquake you're actually right because tension has time to increase... with a hurricane it's just random chance. You're not "due" for a hurricane. That's completely idiotic.
  4. I would think that every coaster at Great Adventure is grounded very well, they're not going to catch fire. It is kind of funny though that people are saying "x coaster was hit by lightning and it took this long to fix". When something is hit by lightning it's very random what components it takes out and what components it doesn't. Even if you surge protect them, if it hits the component itself or anything after the surge protection box it might blow out anyway. I'm sure no 2 lightning - coaster incidents are alike.
  5. Actually I'm posting this from Rehoboth Beach since we have a place down here, and I really enjoyed your tr. It's nice to see Funland getting some love. The place is still run by one family, and it's just about the cheapest amusement park around. We actually stopped in for some skeeball last night. You picked a good year to come too because SuperFlip is probably the most intense ride they have ever had. It's nice to see them with a ride that's actually intense for a change, although I still think the Paratrooper is my favorite ride. By the way I hope you got on the bumper cars, they'r
  6. Well now you have (Link) I have no problem with the speed because sometimes (even though it's a 65) that's just the speed people are going, but pay attention to the road. Yes, you should ignore him. Think of all of the people that are going to be stuck in traffic when they have to clear the debris, not to mention the other drivers closer to you put in danger.
  7. Idiots like this are why there are always accidents on the turnpike. There is no other reason as to why a perfectly straight road with very few exits is always backed up except for that people don't pay attention. Pay attention to the road, especially near Six Flags since you usually have to slam on the brakes right before exit 7A or at the merge.
  8. Thart's a real shame. Since Dorney refuses to take the brakes off of Thunderhawk, Laser is easily the best coaster in the park.
  9. That's completely idiotic. If anything it will lead to people spending less time with the kids since a lot of people need to check emails for work. Before they could still go to the park and have fun with the family 95% of the day, but now I guess they have to stay home or find an alternate form of entertainment.
  10. I'm glad someone else thinks Magnum is a lousy coaster. It's really rough.
  11. First of all you are being extremely naive to think that political beliefs should not go in to the decision to build a theme park in Iraq, and second of all why do people need to make positive posts about something that they don't feel positive about?
  12. Funland in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware just removed theirs, I wouldn't be surprised if it was that one.
  13. For a minute I was going to say that was King Cobra track but it has a square end piece.
  14. Playland in Rye has a Wipeout and they have for some time now.
  15. Luckily the storm destroyed most of the flat rides so Six Flags doesn't have to do that themselves. Just throw up some smoking area signs and that place is ready to go tomorrow.
  16. Millennium Force puts them both to shame (I think Raptor does too but I'm in the minority) but Maverick takes this one. A lot of people think maverick is rough but I'm 6,4 so it really didn't bother me. Top Thrill is cool but too short of a ride to compete with Maverick.
  17. lol Six Flags is not the victim here, they didn't apply for the proper permits and decided to build anyway. The town should be giving them a hard time.
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