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hehe. . thanks!


if i knew how to load a dropbox video on here, I'd post Nick failing to break the glass. . . TWICE!


it popped out and went flying! TWICE (luckily 3rd time was the charm. . . mine broke on the 1st try)


the look on the Rabbi's face after the 2nd time says it all :



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^Ah thanks, Phil. Much appreciated.


I'm celebrating, by doing an annual friends get-together

downtown, this coming weekend. A stay-cation of sorts.

A hotel, meals, shopping, bar nights, all part of it.


And so far... so good, lol!

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I did! ^ And David just turned 69 today!


Therefore, we're soon-to-be heading out to our fave Italian pizza spot,

(I'm paying tonight) for totally un-Italian eats - STEAK(me) and Steak & Prawns(him).


Yum. Might take pix. Might not.





Later on....oops...forgot to take the camera.... (The meal was great, btw.)


Coming Up: "The Anniversary Triad" ~ Starts on April 21st!

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David and I are to be heading downtown this evening, for a "surprise dinner" I set up,

in honor of our ......(wait for it)..... 44th Anniversary! He doesn't read this site at all,

so I can sort of show everybody where we're going...KOBE! Been around as long as we have, lol.


Add to that, tomorrow, we're going to a meat place to pick up a (worth $41 Cdn) BBQ Platter,

(a Groupon coupon) that has meat on skewers, chicken wings, souvlaki. And he's picking

what to BBQ that evening. Yum!


And then on Saturday, we're heading to our fave cheese shop for a 40% Off Sale,

on everything from fondue pots to raclette stuff! And cheeses, too!


A busy, busy three days of things to do. And EAT!


The drinks we're going to get at our dinner destination..... KOBE! My plans are to get (at least) one of each.

And an apparently tasty Mai Tai to try, as well. V (o:


I still like this photo of us. DLP Sept.24, 2015. Not bad for 44 years together, hmm? (o;


Our three-day Anniversary Schedule.


And then there is this KOBE selection of cocktails.

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^ Oh.... thanks. Well, we went, we drank and we ate...and I have only one photo to share!


Actually, I felt very intimidated in going into this kind of restaurant, and then whipping out the camera

every few minutes or so for (non-flash) picture taking. Felt way too "touristy" to me, to do. So, I didn't.


But I did get is this pic our first cocktails of the evening. I had the Cherry Blossom. David had the Buddha.

And we followed those, (during dinner) with more "traditional" cocktails...me a KOBE Mai Tai and him a Pina Colada.


(We also slept in today, and decided NOT to go to the Cheese Shop for the sale. C'est la vie.)


The drinks were great, too! April 22, 2016. KOBE Restaurant. Me and David celebrated/tolerated 44 years together! :p

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Happy belated anniversary!!!


Sorry I haven't been around for a while - my company had TPR blocked as a "Personal website" for a few months.




Happy Gay Days!


David - please let us know that you're okay, living in Orlando.


Just got back from a great day at Cedar Point and just heard the news about this, horrible, horrible tragedy. Need to learn more about this, but wow....my hearts go out to the victims, friends and families.


What the fuck is this world coming to? Really. These mass shootings have GOT to stop!!!!

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We are okay. We don't go out that often, and when we do - we don't often go to Pulse. When it opened 10 years ago I still would have been to old for Pulse.


It was a pretty horrible day yesterday and although none of our friends were there, everyone knows someone who was.


Terrible terrible terrible.

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^ I am glad that you and your friends are okay, David. You are the same age as I am and the same way in that we very rarely go to gay bars anymore....or bars in general for that matter.


What a horrific weekend for the city of Orlando - this along with that poor singer being senselessly gunned down while she was freaking signing autographs.


When we got back to our hotel last night from a great day at Cedar Point, our jaws both dropped when we turned on the news. We didn't even check Michael's phone (I left mine in the car) other than to check ride waits/down time on the CP app and text messages - so this was a shock to see. In fact, each and every one of these mass shootings is a shock because you just never know when and where one might happen anymore.


I said to Michael that it could have easily just as happened at a place like Cedar Point. Granted it would be hard to enter a place like a theme park with an assault rifle, but if someone really wanted to do some damage, they would figure out a way.


Hence why we're probably going to have to start going through metal detectors in every establishment that we go to - it's just crazy anymore. I was actually shocked that CP didn't utilize them at any point during our visit, but I am sure that will unfortunately change soon enough due to these ever-increasing tragic incidents.

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^ It still hits so close to home, no matter what your age is.

We were horrified, angry, speechless, very sad, unbelieving... on and on.


The only kind of 'hope' that came out of this tragedy, is that most of the entire

world knows about this, and is finally addressing what the LGBTQ2 community,

still (and as advanced as we are nowadays), goes thru in all the decades,

though on usually much smaller scales. Doesn't matter the scale, though.


It's all sad. And shocking.


What ever that turd said on the 911 call, it was a HATE CRIME pure and simple.


My 7 cents.

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Thankfully all of my friends checked in safe, my age group has people who would frequent that particular club.


I am scared, frustrated, sad, angry, but at a complete loss as to what to do about any of it. I have never felt so helpless in my entire life, let alone so useless. Donating money to the cause doesn't seem like enough, and I'm not sure anything ever will be.


An article I read summed it up pretty well for people my age - he violated a safe place. A place where we go to enjoy ourselves while being ourselves. And what terrifies me the most is that it could have just as easily have been me. I used to frequent clubs, and I was at a club here in DC not 2 weeks ago.


I kind of just want to punch a wall over and over again, but I know that won't do any good.

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I was on a weekend trip to Little Rock, and don't watch news on my "vacations". . .but started getting texts from some of my friends who work at Disney around 4am telling us they were "safe". . I had no idea what that meant, so got up and turned on CNN . . .


been just gutted for 2 days now.


Very glad to hear those folks I "know" here on TPR from Orlando are OK (tho I don't think any of us are gonna be "ok" for a long, long time.


just stunned that such evil exists in this world still, and that it's *encouraged* by some.


as I said. .just gutted.

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Very sad to hear the recent news from Orlando. We had our own mass shooting here in Norway a little under 5 years ago, and while it did not affect anyone I know, I can relate to many of the feelings being listed above.

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Being here is surreal, sad, frustrating and generally leaves me feeling very angry, sad and discontent.


I've met a couple of the victims, but did not really know them well. The nightclub, Pulse, was frequented by younger people - which sucks even more because it is like "our kids" were attacked.


Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers for Orlando.

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