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Photo Trip Report: SFKK, Holiday World and Beech Bend

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Continuing a recent trend, I will post my trip report of SFKK, HW and BB. I flew out early on Friday morning and went to Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. Saturday was all about Holiday World and ERT on the Voyage. It was definately worth the $203 I spent on ebay to be one of the lucky 28 winners. Sunday I spent at Beech Bend. Here is my first photo trip report, so be gentle.


Lastly, here is a little video from the exit of the Kentucky Rumbler.


And similar to the Hellavator @ SFKK, I liked their drop ride. It scared the crap out of me when it dropped as soon as it reached the top. Bigger isn't always better.


So Beech Bend was actually pretty fun (except when I got stuck on the stupid Power Surge) due in part to no crowds, no waiting and unique rides.....


If only more wooden coasters were as fun as the Kentucky Rumbler.


and a couple parting shots....


and plenty of times where I didn't have to get out of my seat to go again!


and some head choppas


There are plenty of airtime spots and high banked corners for all.


Not sure where, but there'e not a dull moment on the ride. The corners were banked to my satisfaction :)


First drop. Not huge, but still a nice spot of airtime.


So I'd figure I'd take some POV pics.


Here is Rumble Cafe located in front of the Kentucky Rumbler during peak lunch hour (12:30 PM).


It was actually quite difficult to get pics of the train in motion because of the lack of people in the park.


I imagine as the season gets going, the wait will be quite long. But I'll take an empty park anyday.


Kentucky Rumbler is such a nice coaster. It ran quite smooth. I liked the trains better than the ones on the Voyage. It is a quite re-rideable coaster. (And the ride was empty as you see all day)


Such a nice looking coaster. So, since I didn't have ERT here, I had to partake in the running of the bulls. Actually, I was racing a 10 year old kid, and that's it. I won of course.


This is the sign inside the Beech Bend gates. Take note of #1. 12 airtime minutes! Holy crap, and I thought the Voyage had the most with 24 seconds!


Day three: On the road to "no-man's land" we see a sweet looking coaster in the distance.


The Raven is a pretty good coaster. I understand why this sign is here. I see the Voyage with a sign like this in the not so distant future.


I really did not like the Legend. The turns seemed way under-banked and were quite painful. Besides, I had just gone on Voyage 10 times in a row. Tough to compete with that I suppose.


Final Voyage pic. As you all know, most of it is not visible to the public from the ground, so there's not much else to photograph :(


What's the rush?


After ERT, I got to enjoy the running of the bulls. That's usually me, but not today suckas!


The Voyage shop has everything for the shopper, including Robb!


The last ERT run with Coasterdave. As you can see, many of the ebay winners didn't ride the full hour. Pfft, enthusiasts, ha!


Thanks to CoasterDave for this shot. We ended up being riding buds for the hour of ERT.


One of the last turns....but still full on speed.


Thir, urgh...well, you get the idea. Airtime aplenty I promise you that.


Second hill.


Up and over. The drop actually reminded me of Millenium Force. I know its not the same angle (so Fanboys don't flame me!)


I think there still is a bit of work to be done in and around the station though. But check out those perty trains.


And the sound of the train roaring past only adds to the anticipation.


Coaster track surrounds you as you approach the station.


I had goosebumps just taking this massive coaster in.


So at about 8:45 AM our group was led down to the Voyage.


So I showed up "Representing".


My first time at Holiday World and I couldn't think of a better time to come!


Oh yeah baby, the Voyage!


And looking through the bug spattered windshield what do we see?


Day two: Holiday World. It was about 7:30 AM opening day. I was one of the ebay winners to ride the Voyage for 1 hour of ERT.


Chang and T2.....the latter actually smoother...but you gotta hand it to Chang for being so photogenic.


T2 - the credit I put off as long as I could. I had my fill of coasters after this ride.


Not an acceptable amount of wetness - don't let the blue skies fool you.


Backseat POV of my favorite coaster in the park.


Last of the exclusives.


More exclusive pics....


Chang was definately nicer to look at and photograph than it was to ride. Way to much headbanging going on.


Couple of credit pics.....nothing noteworthy IMO


My first ride (and favorite) of the day was the Hellavator - my first intamin drop tower....and after riding it, I now know why Elissa speaks so highly of them.


arrived at SFKK, despite Kentucky Derby weekend races


Friday woke up around 3:30 AM to catch a 6:00 AM flight.....

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Some great pictures there ... Chang looks good with it's repaint.

I did'nt think Chang was too bad, It was less painfull than Mantis at Cedar Point.


Where's the pictures of wooden coasters at SF:KK ?


Also I do hope Beech Bend does well with Kentucky Rumbler.

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Hey SFNE glad to see you had a good time on the RUmbler, I hope a lot of people get down here to ride through out the year. Hey Elissa when are you and ROb going to be here. I'll probably be working at Beech Bend on the Rumbler what ever day it is so give me a shout.


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That's really weird that you found Chang to be rough. I started working there about 2 weeks ago and I rode it 10 x's in a row. Those were the smoothest rides on it I've ever had. Usually Thunder Run is my top ride at SFKK, but in the back it seemed unusually rough, I actually prefered T2 to Thunder. Oh well, one more week till' I get to ride the Voyage!

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