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local radio stations

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My favorite local station is 95.1 (95 wiil rock...THE rock station.) It's actually a Kenosha WI station, but it comes in where I live too.


I also like to listen to 97.9 for classic rock and 94.3 for Christian Contemporaries. Both great stations.

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The only good radio station for music nearby is 97.7 The Rocket, which plays classic rock. If we go about 30 mins North we get 98 Rock from Baltimore, which plays a mix of classic and modern rock. And unlike some other "rock" stations, they don't play Fun. or other crap like that, they play real rock. For AM radio we listen to 1500 which is the Washington Capitals radio network.

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Oh yeah, forgot to mention AM stations. The only AM station I listen to is Newstalk 720, which always plays the Chicago Cubs games, whether they are home or away, and right now they play the Blackhawks games (btw Blackhawks beat the Kings 3-2 at home last night )

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I recently got the app for my old favorite, classic rock station 92.3 KGON. I might just delete it, though, since I personally own most of the songs on their playlist! On that note, I often hear complaints about songs being overplayed or overly commercialized, but I personally adore a lot of the radio hits from various bands, even after I end up with full-length albums from them. I guess it does help that I don't own an actual radio anymore, though.


I usually scan for top 40, hip-hop, or 80s rock. I've been pretty consistent on this for a number of years, but I go back and forth on what I find most appealing, and I've moved from preferring 60s-70s classic rock to mostly 70s-80s stuff.

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San Luis Obispo, CA actually has some decent stations for being a small market. Being in a college town helps.


New Rock 107.3 KURQ (Alternative) - This is the station I mostly listen to. They play current alternative/rock songs with a lot of 90s/2000s alt rock songs and some punk and reggae songs, album cuts, and a few local bands as well. For those that have Sirius XM, this station sounds like a cross between Alt Nation, Lithium, and Faction. They do a locally produced Saturday late night punk show called Punk Ass Bitches Show which can be really entertaining (and plays a lot of underground punk). They also do syndicated shows like Loveline, Sixx Sense, Scratch N Sniff (rock/hip hop mash ups), Full Metal Jackie, and Bob and Yawn (which I can't stand), and well as Mandatory Metallica.


93.3 KZOZ (Classic/Active Rock) - This is the station is listen to the 2nd most. I prefer their local morning show over the boring Bob and Tom though I don't really listen to radio in the morning unless I'm in my car and I'm not playing a CD. They play a mix of rock from the late 60's to present, but mostly 70s to 90s with a couple of newer songs an hour. If they played a wider selection of current rock tracks, I'd listen to them more often.


Other stations on my presets that I listen to once in awhile are Wild 106.1 (Top 40/Hip Hop), 95.3/100.5 The Beach (Classic Hits), and 91.3 KCPR (Cal Poly radio station).


On my drives through other parts of CA stations I listen to:

LA - KROQ 106.7 and 98.7 FM

SF - Live 105.3

Fresno - New Rock 104.1

Bakersfield - KRAB 106.1

Santa Barbara - KJEE - 92.9

Inland Empire - X 103.9


I've also heard Sirius XM in my dad's car and the stations I like the most on there are Alt Nation, Lithium, Faction, Octane, and Sixx Sense. I would consider getting XM in future when I buy I new car.


I also listen to various stations on Pandora, Spotify, Radio.com, IHeartRadio, and TuneIn Radio on my iPhone as well.

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On 4/3/2006 at 8:50 PM, NorCalEMT02 said:

I too like to listen to Live 105. but in the morning I listen to Free 92.3 from NY assurance funerailles, online, my favorite "morning" The Doghouse, Elvis & Jv. They used to be on Wild 94.9 SF, got fired last year, and then went to Free 106.9 SF, then the the beggining of this year left for New York..


I miss those guys with their prank calls.

Me, it's the second channel that interests me the most. It's cooler I find with good music.

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