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Misadventures with Wally: Super Colon Cleanse

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Hey Walley, I use to own a health food store and I sold a lot of colon cleanses. Infact, the one your using is easily the top one or two seller in the industry.


The bottle you have is generally a ten day supply for one person. But, to do a true "Colon Cleansing" use the product for the full ten days. (Not just today) This cleanse usually isn't the type that will "Kick In" without warning while your driving down the road, so you won't have to suddenly pull over and make some Mad Dash into your local McDonalds restroom.


I'd also have some clients who came in for cleanses who had been.....how should I say "Backed-Up" for perhaps 10+ days in a row. For those people in need of immediate results or if the regular cleanses aren't fast enough, then the top choice is a product called "Super Dieters Tea".


Super Dieters Tea has been around forever, you soak a couple of tea bags for about five minutes, then Watch Out! This Stuff is Wicked Strong! I had clients who actually reported that they almost levitated above the toilet once this tea kicked in! The maximum wait for your Happy Results, was usually within 30 minutes! Enjoy!

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Wallys post has somewhat turned into the episode of South Park when the teachers have to teach Sex Education to their students.


Mr. Garrison hears many of these terms (From his Kindergarteners no less) when he asks his class for suggestions. Some of these were " Dirty Sanchez" "Glass Bottom Boat" "Hot Lunch" "Hot Carl"(which was also mentioned above by ChrisZerO). Plus there were others, which I can't remember from that episode.


If you have a strong stomach, then logon onto the Urban Dictionary where you can look them up. It still amazes me what South Park gets away with.

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