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Classic Disneyland! (RCT2)

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Me 2 but i kinda think he messed up. Ive been to Disneyland 10 times and he put tomarrow land on the left side. It should be the right same for adventure land and frontier Land those 2 should be on left side of the park

Oh! Thank you for telling me I messed up! I knew something was wrong with the way it looked! Darn, darn , darn. Geeze, what a stupid mistake to make. Tomorrow Land in the wrong place....gosh...how did that ever slip my mind.

Also I really don't like you coming into this thread only to bash. So, feel free to post. But be respectful.


Anyway, I have NOT forgotten about this! The computer got another virus, finals started up, I moved, and a few other smaller things happened. So, yes it WILL be up for download sometime in the near future. I've started working on it again. Almost complete. Look for it soon!


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Yeah you're park is really great and all. It's just that you are missing one thing, and my favorite thing in disneyland........THE MATTERHORN!!

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Glad to see you guys still have interest in the park. I moved over the summer, school started back up, job takes up the weekend, but I'll have it up. The only thing that has really changed is that there is no Haunted Mansion anymore. Instead it was replaced with a Pooh Area which includes a ride, candy store, and resturant. I did this beacuse the Haunted Mansion was getting about 80% less people than most of the other rides. I just felt as if something better could be there. Within the last few weeks I actually started back up on the park, having taken a long break. But like I said, I'll see if I can fix one or two more things then have it up for download.


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Just finished reading thru all of this and thought the park looked amazing but alas no finished park or did this forum get moved ... update would be great

Great work on the park by the way looking forward to enjoying it with the rest of the peeps

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