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Classic Disneyland! (RCT2)

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Hey everyone. I've been building my own Disneyland park and I wanted to share with you some of the pics of the early construction. Right now I'm focusing on Main Street USA. I want my Disney park to have a "Classic" Disney feel about it. Something else that I like to add into my parks that I've seen few do; is add all the "backstage" areas of the parks. So be on the lookout for those "hidden" areas. So without further ado here are the pics! Enjoy. And oh yes; I'll be updating this thread fairly often. Please leave your comments.


I would also like to thank the good people at RCTmart for scenery used. Also a special thanks goes out to "TheAmazingEarl" for a good amount of rides that will be used in this park.



A look at the near complete Disneyland Empurium.


Disneyland fire department and City Hall!


The building that houses "Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln"


A look at the front gates of the park.

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Well, you definately took advantige of the Main Street scenery, lol. Looks good! Is this like a retro Disneyland, or the one we have now?

It will be a nice cross between a "retro" style Disneyland and the one we have now. For example. "Bear Country Jambaree" instead of " The many adentures of Winnie the Pooh" "America Sings" instead of "Innoventions". But might include some of the newer rides such as Indiana Jones.

And of course; it will have some random mix ups of it own. You can already see that "Great Moments" is on the opposite side.


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Small update here...



A closer view of a "very" undone Hub and Castle!


The other large building added to Main Street is the "Penny Arcade"


Steamboat Willie Theater and Main Street Bakery have both been added to Main Street.


See where the park is overall.


Here's a far away look at the Castle being built.

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Here's an update for you. Adventure Land is currently being built. You can see the Rivers of America starting to get its shape. On the right side of the Rivers of America there will be Adventure Land and New Orleans Square. On the left side will be Frontier Land and Bear Country.

Enjoy the Update!!



And this last picture simply shows the overall progress of the park! Thanks for reading; check back soon for more updates!


A look inside the Indy ride. As you can see the layout is pretty much the same as the DLR's Indy.


The Indiana Jones Show Building.


This shot shows the small building that houses the short upper level of Indy's queue.


Indiana Jones - Temple of Mara "The Enterance" A fast-pass building will be set up nearby within the next few days.


Shows all of the Jungle Cruise including the maintance area of it to the top left of the ride.


The Jungle Cruise! A Disney Classic.


Shows the un-done Jungle Grill , Restrooms, and shops.


A look at a completed enterance to Adventure Land.

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Does everyone know what time it is!?!?!

Update Time!!



The Mark Twain that travels down "Rivers of America". (doesn't actually operate)

Thanks for reading! And check back soon for the next update which will feature New Orleans square!


Here you can see the overall progress made from the last update.


The Inside of Pirates and a look at the Blue Bayou! Its fairly well themed inside; but its pretty hard to tell from that pic. You can tell that this Pirates actually goes underground! Something that you won't find at the DLR.


"Yo-ho-Yo-ho a pirates life for me!" Yep, you all knew it was coming and here it is. The outside of the building is still pretty bare. You can see that one balcony is already there; many more will follow as New Orleans develops.


This picture shows where the train will exit from the panaramas.


To make the Indy building not so "Here's wonderful Disneyland ignore the ugly warehouse" Some extra things were added to the outside of the building. Also, you see just how close the DLRR comes to the building. Note that riders on the train will not see a


Proof that what I said was true! Indy is almost done with some minor things to do. Please note that all the "empty land" around Indy will be filled up with New Orleans Square and backstage areas.


Here's a front look at the ride. Purty aint it!


Something I forgot to really mention early on was the Alice in Wonderland dark ride. Its built to the left side of the castle. With custom "Alice in Wonderland" cars thanks to the Amazing Earl!

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your park looks really well themed and great use of the scenery you have. I wish i could do that. What is the RCTmart scenery pack called that you used for this becasue i cant find any Disney scenery packs there? Anyways great park and cant wait to see the next update.

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I'll post some pictures later on tonight; but I just wanted to tell you guys what's done and what's being worked on since the last update!



Indiana Jones

Pirates of The Carribean

Blue Bayou (Includes all shops and restaurants

New Orleans Sqaure

Club 33 (For all those VIP Peeps!)

River Belle Terrace

All Adventure Land and New Orleans Sqaure backstage areas.

King Authors Carousel


-In Progress!-

Peter Pan

Splash Mountain

Haunted Mansion

Mark Twain Dock.


Check back in around 3 or so hours for a massive photo update!


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Ready for another update?!?!



^Haha; just kidding. The building just hasn't been built yet. I'll leave you with one final look at a backstage area. Thanks for reading and check back soon!


You know; I always thought that the HM seemed to "housed in" so with this version I've left the whole ride wide open!


"Is this haunted room actually stretching!" Why yes! Its the Haunted Mansion! What kind of Disney park would this be if this wasn't here!


The DLRR New Orleans Station will be at the very end of Rivers of America. Its not done by the way...hope you could see that. :p


Aha! I was right! Most of the ride does take place back there! ....Just a look at the layout.


The Splash Mountain Show Building. (This is where most of the ride takes place)


A view that shows Splash Mountain's station and main control tower!


"Everybody's got a laughing place!" Splash Mountain is starting to look good. Major work still needs to be done on the mountain however.


Backstage Pirates. Your peeps will have no idea how close Indy and Pirates come so close to each other.


A place for a Disney Classic to chill at. ;) Actually this is the maintance area for the DLRR.


This funny shaped building is actually the backstage entrance to Pirates! Evacuating guests will take this route and will be dropped off in New Orleans Square.


A look at the completly done backstage area of Adventure Land and New Orleans square!


Club 33 is a place for your VIP peeps! Its the only place in the park to get the "VIP Golden Ballons" Lobster Buffet anyone?!?


Pirates of the Carribean is looking pretty good! If you look right to the right of the entry you can see the Club 33 door!


My personal favorite area of Disneyland. New Orleans square! It was pretty hard to get a good look to the place; but I think it turned out well!


All it takes is dust right?...Err and some time; that is to build the Peter Pan dark ride!


Here's a simple view of what's going on overall.

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You use too many different colors, everywhere it looks untidy.

Make your paths more width, and don't use too many colors for one house.


Not sure what you mean by using "too many colors". Most of the buildings are actually recreated (color wise) from the actual park. The width of the path changes throughout the park. But I've tried to keep the path's width true to the real parks. Keep in mind, that many of the shots you just saw are in no way completed (including their paths)


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