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Classic Disneyland! (RCT2)

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I have no problem with your buildings and color. In a couple areas, I agree, if you made the paths wider it would look better, but the colors are fine. Some of the people complaining about it in her do the same exact thing, so I find it all very hypocritical.


Anyway, my only comment is on your Splash. I just think the way it's positioned in the park is awkward and is going to make it seem like an after thought.

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I have to agree with you on that one! ^ I'm not too happy on where I placed Splash Mountain; but we'll see how it all comes out. I'm also adding the Bear Country Jamboree back there so Splash won't be all by itself. Also, that area of the park won't be shaped like a "C" ; peeps will be able to walk all the way around the River's of America.

Thanks for the comments! Expect an update probably late tonight!


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2/26/06 Update! Beginning stages of Tomorrow Land underway!

Enjoy the pics!

BTW- Sorry for the low quality of the pics. The next update's pics will be back to normal quality. Thanks!



This just shows some minor progress on Splash Mountain. Thanks for reading! And check back soon for updates!


A look inside the mountain. As you can see; its almost an exact copy of Disneyland's Space Mountain!


Probably the hardest Disneyland building to make. Good thing I didn't have to make it! It just hit the earth from space! What are the chances of it landing here huh!?! :)


"This is tower; launch sequence engaged" Umm...yeah its Space Mountain!


The entrance of Tomorrow Land. Also you can see Astro-Jets!


Here's a look at the whole ride.


Big Thunder Mountain can operate 3 trains with ease. They are timed so they can interact with each other!


"Howdy Folks!" Big Thunder Mountain is starting to look great! But major work needs to be done.


Walt wanted everyone to call each other by their first name. All of the staff at this park are marked with a first name and the area that they patrol.


Here's an upclose look at the queue. There's a hidden mickey in there. (One of the more obvious ones)


But before we get to them. Let's check back on progress made on rides. Here is a new finished Haunted Mansion.


An overview of the area! A few new rides are visible!

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Update! Okay, most of the pics you see are "very" undone. But I felt that this thread needed some life breathed back into it. So, I decided to show you what the current status of the park is early! Enjoy the pics.



Something I didn't mention before is that Space Mountain is the fastest yet safest attraction. It operates 8 trains with 12 blocks and will stop cars if they get too close to each other. Thanks for reading!


Back to Tomorrow Land. We see where the People Mover travels through the "Tron Tunnel".


This isn't the final station. Its simply a color test; the final one will be much better done. But it does show you what colors will be used.


Big Thunder Mountain is starting to look better but its still in its "boxy" stage of building.


This shows the inside of Adventure Thru Inner Space and Space Mountain. It also shows how the people mover travels through both of them.


"Magnification can I possibly survive!" The original attraction is back in its crib ;) The building is connected to Space Mountain.


Autopia is still in its earliest stages of being built! But you can already see the queue building being built.


The small Submarine show building. Shows the lost empire of Atlantis!


"Dive, Dive!" The unfinished Submarine Voyage!


"Welcome aboard the People Mover!" Travels at 4mph and gives people a good look at what Tomorrow Land has to offer!


An overview of the park! You've never seen anything like this picture before! You can see Tomorrow Land is starting to take shape!

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This is amazing work you did there.

I remember I downloaded a sparkling stars object for space mountain and you should use it .

I hope you will let me download your work when it's done as this will be a good project to me learnign to decorate and build.

Don't get tiered and keep this cool park.

My peeps can't wait till the park official opening.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I would just like everyone to know that this park has not died. Infact it really is quite the opposite! Expect a huge new photo update tonight. But until then here's what progress has been made...

-Main Street USA (Done!)

-Submarine Voyage (Done!)

-Peter Pan (Done!)

-Snow White (Done!)

-Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (Done!)

-Dumbo (Done!)

-Space Mountain (Rebuilt so its an exact model of the one at the DLR,DLT, and DLHK. It also operates better than the old one with fewer breakdowns.

-Disneyland Railroad is now a complete curcuit and most of the stations are now being built.

-America Sings (Done!)

-Disneyland Castle (Done!)

- BackStage "Space Mountain" area being built.

-More work done on Splash Mountain and the Splash Mountain Area.

-Mission To Mars (Done!)

-People mover (Done!) < Added objects

-Pizza Port (Done!)

-Tomorrow Land area is also coming along!

Well, that pretty much wraps it all up. So, remember! Expect a huge photo update later tonight that shows you everything that I just stated along with a few other surprises!


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Okay! Sorry for the wait. But the MEGA update is here! So, here you go! Enjoy!



Security and other office and storage areas.


Behind SpaceMountain/Right Side of Fantasy Land is going to be a huge backstage area which includes one of the two major firework launching areas.


Something not so "magical" is right behind Alice in Wonderland is the people mover service area.


The main Fantasy Land gift shop is attached to Snow White.


The Fantasy Land train station! Which in my opinion came out really nice! Almost has a "Disneyland Paris" look to it.


Bathrooms to the left and Snow White to the right! All well themed.


Here's another view of the two new rides. Hey! There's some sort of random coaster behind Mr.Toad!


Another view. This shows Peter Pan and Mr.Toad's Wild Ride!


Here's the center of Fantasy Land which shows the Tea Cups!


Moving along; we enter Fantasy Land. This is where most of the progress has happened.


Come on in and explore "House of the Future"! But please let the doormat wipe your shoes for you before you enter ;)


The People Mover has had a few things added to it.


Mission to Mars is a new ride that has landed in Tomorrow Land. Hooked onto it is Pizza Planet.


Work has already started on Midget Autopia which has more of a "country drive" sort of theme to it.


Here's a shot of the moved Autopia and Midget Autopia!


The unfinished "America Sings" attraction!


The Submarine Voyage has had some work done to it.


Tomorrow Land's enterance is going up.


But before I get to the new stuff; here's some "new old" stuff! Some of Main Street has been changed. All for the better.


So, now this update starting with a good note here's a look at the work that's been done on the park. As you can see a lot has been done!


The Disneyland Railroad is now operational and working great with 3 trains!

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More pics!


The "un-politically" correct house burning. Not by indians or anything...just little Bobby playing with matches....of course.


Tom Sawyer's island is taking shape as well!


The Mark Twain is starting to look good!


Shows Big Thunder Mountain's service area. When its done the building will be less obvious for riders to spot.


Big Thunder Mountain is almost complete.


Long meeting? Don't want to drive home? Here! Stay at your own little house built in the park!


I suppose you could consider this a pre-show before you see a scene in the actual Splash Mountain ride. This scene just sort of gets you in that "Zippidy-do-da" mood.


Another scene for the DLRR.


One of the nearby scenes for the DLRR.


Ok. Back to the "real" part of the park. A lagoon,pirate ship, and tavern have taken place in Fantasy Land! Enjoy a nice tuna sandwhich and look out to the lagoon!


And the other exit lets you out by the Splash Mountain show building.


Tunnel Alpha has two stops. One is here, in an undevloped backstage area behind the Haunted Mansion fastpass area.


So, where do these go? Well, Bravo will take you towards the park's entry gates. It actually lets out in the America Sings building.


The entrance to the two major tunnels of Disneyland. "Alpha" and "Bravo"


Here's a look at that firework launching area.

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...Yes! even more pics! That's what makes this a "mega update!"



I leave you with this shot of the Castle and Fantasy Land. Thanks for reading and check back soon for more updates!


Not sure if this was mention in the last update or not. But the Submarine voyage now has its own maintnance area. Electric, water pumps, etc.


The Tomorrow Land train station still has a lot of work to go.


Here's that future backstage area were tunnel Alpha first lets out.


Speaking of New Orleans, a new bridge has been built near the entrance of the area.


Here's another view of the almost finished station.


The New Olreans' train station looks good.

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I should also mention that when the park is ready for download a "manual" will be included in the folder. The text file will contain the following.

-Ride Operations (some rides require a manual reactivation after certain breakdowns)

-Fun Facts about the park. (Will include pics not seen on these updates)

-A list of all the Hidden Mickeys along with other hidden fun things.

-Tips and tricks for running this park.

More things might be added to the manual in time.


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