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  1. Since when does THUNDER RUN, I could have sworn THUNDER was on a ROAD
  2. Heres one for ya. A Carousel is a ride that features a motor and horses, a merry-go-round is a ride that features no motor, and no horses. Carousels go up and down, merry-go-rounds spin the riders off if pushed too fast. Carousel = amusement park, merry-go-round = playground, and Nick-O-Round = a butchered Antique Carousel at Carowinds.
  3. Our fruit is the peach! My friend code is: Name: Chris Town name: Hayburg Friend code: 4898-3647-1175 And my wife's code is" Name: Jennifer town name: Hayburg Friend code: 1419-4412-3360 Come visit us. And if anyone was wondering how we come up w/ our town name, Baby Bee was saying "hey" and other baby talk and we named it after her babytalk. Either me or my wife or both plays almost everyday.
  4. Ya'll are the only family I can think of, I wish my family could try out but the baby is only 18 months, I am the only enthusiast in the family, and I can't get the wife to agree to it. The only coaster related thing my wife likes is Theme Park Review cause she thinks KidTums is just so adorable!
  5. Carowinds used to say Top Gun was 113 feet tall with a 125' first drop. Carowinds also says Cobra is 125' when Vekoma says 117.5'.
  6. Very sad story especially since I have a toddler(15 months) myself. Just being at home, in a second she can go from one end of a room to the other. I can't imagine going to a fair/park that didn't have fences around the rides.
  7. I am not surprised, and I wonder if this is reason that Red Devil and a few other rides have yet to reopen. It seems to me that they underesimated how much money it would take to get the park fully functional. However, I am surprised that they are staying open. I do hope they get to, as I am still dying to ride Red Devil.
  8. And I miss Carowinds too, I will be back again in alittle over 900 days unless management says otherwise. I look foreward to meeting Dani in person, and possibly working with her in the future to make something like KDFansite has going on. But until then, I am playing with trains while on "vacation". As for the height on Cobra, I am pretty sure it will be 48". However, I am more interested in what the 2010 attraction's height(of ride and to ride) will be. Also, KI confirmed that Action Theater will not operate until Halloween Haunt this year or at all. Anyone heard about ours? It is still listed on Carowinds.com, but I am hoping 08 was it's last season. ~Roller"From the outside looking in(from 76 miles north)"Nut
  9. Good lord, Talk about Carowinds drama. Not sure who MillenniumChild is, but I always thought I was the Carowinds drama king. It seems I have been replaced. That gives me another goal to add to my goals sheet. Anyways, I am surprised Cobra isn't testing already. Nighthawk and Afterburn were already testing at this point. If Carolina Cobra opens with the park, it should start testing by the end of two weeks.
  10. My home park is Wet n' Wild Emerald Pointe at a distance of roughly 26 miles. The next closest is Tweetsie Railroad at 118 miles.
  11. It isn't an inverted or flying, those have different ties than sitdown/hypers do. Based on the track sections it is most likely a sitdown or floorless.
  12. You theory only works if every other factor is a constant. i mean the terrain is totally different. Carowinds is a flat park and the area where diamond back is in rather hilly. Also the temp makes a big difference. the footers have a greater chance of setting much quicker in the carolina weather than the ohio weather. Also the same company isnt doing the construction AND the coasters will probably not be clones...the carowinds coaster could be much shorter. It didnt take goliath at SFoG that long for construction. besides...who says it is a hyper lol? Jarvis "jr dive machine with 6 across seating!" Morant Carowinds is not completely flat, it is far from it. Log Flume sits on the side of a manmade hill which have yet to find out if it has/will be leveled. Carowinds itself sits on a hill. Hurler is lower than Vortex, Vortex is lower Reptar, and Reptar is lower than Afterburn. Nick Central isn't flat either, Reptar is higher than Log Flume and Panda Express. I also imagine most or all of the pools around Flume will be filled in. I could see the small being reused for splashdown. The bottom of Log Flume's drop is higher than the station.
  13. Kings Island removed the first tree for Diamondback in November 2007. April 2009-April 2008= 12 months April 2008-November 2007= 6 months 12+6=18 March 2010-March 2009= 12 months - 6 months = October 2008, Looks like the Carowinds hyper won't open with the park unless they start pouring footings earlier. However, I am willing to bet the Carowinds hyper will be smaller than Diamondback. I imagine by mid-April, footings will start popping up, and September the first supports will be vertical.
  14. Here is some food for thought, Diamondback was labeled MC where SC is on the yellow track. B&M used to call "Hyper Coasters", "Mega Coasters". The B&M website now calls them Hyper Coasters. http://www.bolliger-mabillard.com/products/products_en.aspx It was make sense for MC to mean Mega Coaster, so there for SC would mean sitting coaster or standing coaster but no standing coasters have been built in 10 years so I doubt it is a standing coaster. Chances are SC does not stand for South Carolina. If I had to guess the yellow is either not for Carowinds, or it is and the track section that looks like a loop section is for where the coaster crosses over the Dora train or another structure. The factory that makes B&M coaster had to change the labels so SC could just be there to confuse us.
  15. The same reason why a park buy an old SLC like Michigan's Adventure, or a Boomerang like Carowinds. It's all relative to the park's specific needs. Some parks do better with specific types of rides than others. Does that make sense? I agree with you, there are better types of designs out there, but they're not always the best option. Sadly. MA and Carowinds didn't "buy" the rides, they were moved from another Cedar Fair park (GL). Cedar Fair simply wanted to get the most out of the closed property and move the rides that had some appeal as "new" attractions. A stand-up makes no sense to me in a lot of ways. There hasn't been one built in a decade, they are terrible rides (best one I've been on is Georgia Scorcher and it wasn't very good at all), and as far as I know B&M started telling everyone to NOT buy them ages ago... A sit down makes a lot more sense. Carowinds and MA may not have "brought" the ride but someone has to fit the bill for dismantling, relocation, and reconstruction. I imagine when you add that plus paint, and the new train(s), it adds up to only a small discount from what a new one would have costed.
  16. Carowinds owns 153 acres in North Carolina. Most of which is used by the park and the campground. The woods behind Hurler are NOT owned by Carowinds, they are owned by a railroad. Amazing what information is on public websites.
  17. I was told that the motors can only lift 1,300 including the car. It could be that the counterweights on the inside of the tower only weigh 1,300 however. I will see if it is listed in my Hurler/Drop Zone handbook.
  18. The Carowinds Drop Tower has a weight limit of 800 pounds per car or an average of 200 pounds per person. It was a common thing for the overweight light to come on, when it did we generally just asked someone to get off, and go to a car wth a less people or smaller people. This normally resulted in an arguement, but it is hard for the guests to win when the ride won't start with one car overweight.
  19. Drop Tower like the one at which park? The one Carowinds doesn't have a balance light, it has an overweight light, which when it comes on we have to take someone off the rde.
  20. Carowinds has two B&Ms....Afterburn and Vortex.
  21. Late 1992, and offically renamed Paramount Parks in 1993. CW wasn't branded as Paramount until 94.
  22. FSS was just as bad as Borg with lines out the wazzooo. Horrible loading times plagued the ride from the start also. Don't recall Saturator being popular, I recall it being a low capacity ride that was painful as giving birth as my wife says.
  23. Flume and Goldrusher are both popular ride, and both family rides. I highly doubt either one would be removed.
  24. Coasterimage.com has better ones than RCDB.com http://coasterimage.com/pictures/geaugalake/headspin.html
  25. RollerNut comes bearing proof that Head Spin is still standing at Geauga Lake as of the aution. http://www.postimage.org/aVWc_hA-2c8920708e310bddc14252b891071aa8.jpg
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