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Hmm, dead thread? never got some answers? could you hide them in the wrong color or something?


Also what do you mean sky tower was for playboy chicago? it was built at the park. The tower museum has pictures of it under construction.


And what olympic training was done at rapids?



Transportation rides: Funicular?/Orient Express, Dragon, Sky Tower, Metro(monorail), grand centennial train, eagle's flight both sides, plus misc little kids rides.


The dolphin show was where batman was right? and the mystic lake was up front replaced by hurricane harbor? I think that's right.


Did el bumpo get replaced by the dolphin show or were they there at the same time? El bumpo was in that water behind "waterfront", the gazebo is still there. Did somebody say those are the same boats as the ones over at Mountasia or are they lying to me?



It was Atom Smasher, after Subway after Himalaya.


What were all the stores in spillikin bay? I know glass blower, candy, candleshop, I'm not sure if the sign guy was there back then. Anyone have a good map from then?


Plus where exactly was the nightclub, what places served alcohol, and Before mooseburger lodge was Timbermill, and before that was Das Alpenhaus.


Can anyone help me with some of these?

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^Sky Tower was (obviously) built @ SFMM. But it's not like it something like that is custom. The story goes that it was originally fabricated for the Playboy Club in Chicago, but later sold to Magic Mountain.


And the nightclub was in what is now Gotham City. I think it was just an outdoor dance floor.

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The train was replaced by Z-Force (I think it used the old station). Z-Force was replaced by Batman.


The sky coaster replaced the spilliken corners theater.



What incident caused Colussus to be reprofiled the first time?


What was the name of the fun house?


In what movie was the Crazy Barrels ride the primary location of a scene?


What is the difference in elevation between the entrance of the Sky Tower and Scream? (I don't know--I'm curious to know if somebody else knows).


Does anybody of pictures of the kinetic fountain that used to be in the middle of Spilliken Corners?

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What was the name of the fun house:

Magic Pagoda. Part of the maze which used mirrors are still intact and are used for the Fright Fest Maze "Willoughby's Mansion".


What is the difference in elevation between the entrance of the Sky Tower and Scream:

From the observation deck of the Sky Tower to the parking lot is a 500 feet elevation change.

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Answer: The movie "Rollercoaster".

I'll also add the TV movie "KISS meets the Phantom of the Park", the movie "3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain" (I think that was the name), and the opening credits of the show "Step by Step" to this list.

I also believe Vacation, the first one was partly filmed there.

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That is the question and answer about the Magic Mountain.


Q. How many station does the metro have?


A. I guess three station's they have one at near the flashback (demolished), one at near where the crazy barrels (abandoned) next to basketball game, and other one upper the mountain where the station was close to tunnel was under where the Superman's path.


Q. How many roller coasters been removed from the same located at the cyclone bay?


A. Three as known just like Sarajevo Bobsleds, Shockwave and Psyclone.


Q. What does the Grand Carrousel is made from?


A. Philadelphia Toboggan Company is built since 1912 the 60' grand carrousel was a big one than chance 50' carousel.


Q. What did the rides are moved in end of season in 1993 becames build new roller coaster is Batman the Ride?


A. Z-Force (Intamin Looping Starship) and Reactor (Schwarzkopf Enterprise)


Q. How many transportation can ride up to over the Magic Mountain from lower lever for the public but they don't like to hiking up the mountain?


A. Four transportation as like Eagle's Flight-El Dorado Side, Eagle's Flight-Galaxy Side, Dragon and Funicular.


Q. Did the magic mountain had the ferris wheel in long time ago?


A. Yes, magic mountain did the Galaxy (Intamin Double Wheels) you know the 4 gondolas on one each circle, four circle and one rotate. the count was 16 gondolas for the north wheel and 16 gondola for the south wheel that I believe eight small rotates for gondolas and two rotate close the beam that is the V-Shaped beam. they had the cable pulley with the wheel in under the base when start the cable can pull the wheel can lift down on the ground for the passenger load out and load in the gondola cages.


Q. Why did the Galaxy is removed?


A. I don't know about that I guess when the Magic Mountain becomes to Six Flags Magic Mountain so the El Bumpo is removed because the gas operated and too many crowd line for el-bumpo as the Galaxy is removed in 1979 because there are too many problem with cable and pulley wheel and motor.


Q. What name of ride does the Billy the Squid?


A. I think that i seen a picture of Billy the Squid is the Schwarzkopf Polyp but the ride was with lift arms was too slowly and lot of problem and the magic mountain want to buy the Jolly Monster is the Eyerly Monster was better and fast spin, lift up and down very fast that Billy the Squid so they replace it to the Jolly Monster in 1973.


Q. Why did the Crazy Barrels is closed and removed in 1989?


A. The Crazy Barrels (Intamin Drunken Barrels) got hydraulic problem with system blow out. In 1989 the Six Flags plan to shut down the crazy barrels and then take all the barrels off the platform and put on storage at somewhere before the barrels is scrapped. but platform is still there becames abandoned that the magic mountain tried to removed the platform but too hard to remove because too stuck with the hydraulic under the platform.


Q. Why is the Jolly Roger moved?


A. They made a design for the Goliath entrance. The Tilt-A-Whirl need a good home to replace old trabant (Circus Wheel) on site and they gave the Tilt-A-Whirl a good named Circus Wheel and moved to same on the located.


Q. What does the filmed at the Six Flags Magic Mountain in 1982?


A. National Lampoon's Vacation with Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo, John Candy and Eddie Bracken was set the filmed in 1982 and release date in 1983. The Chevy Chase is role played Clark Griswold and his wife Ellen and two kids are take trip from Chicago to Walley World the family fun amusement park. all family are hostage with Security Lasky (John Candy) to rode the mini bikes (Hampton Motorcycle) removed in 1999, Screechin' Eagles (Colossus), Buccaneer, Scrambler removed in 2002 and Whipper Snapper (Revolution) but we seen the Blue Hoods, Tan Tubs and Dark Brown rail the Tilt-A-Whirl that is the Baile de las Flores.


Q. What new flat rides in between 2000 to 2007?


A. Thrill Shot only but nothing to get more.


Q. How many roller coasters, flat rides, water rides, kiddie rides, transportation rides and change fee rides?


A. I am count the 15 roller coasters


Batman the Ride


Crayon Blaster

Deja Vu


Gold Rusher


Percy the Small Engine


Riddler's Revenge


Superman the Escape





I count the 7 flat rides


Atom Smasher


Grand Carousel

Grinder Gearworks



Sky Tower


I count the 5 water rides


Jet Stream

Log Jammer

Roaring Rapids

Tidal Wave

Yosemite Sam Sierra Falls


I count the 9 kiddie rides


Daffy's Adventure Tours

Elmer's Weather Balloons

Foghorn Leghorn's Barn & Railway

Merrie Melodies Carousel

Pepe Le Pew's Tea Party

Sylvester's Pounce & Bounce

Taz's Lumber Co.

Tweety's Escape

Yosemite Sam's Flight School


I count the 4 change fee rides



Dive Devil

Rockwall Climb

Thrill Shot


I count the 3 transportation rides


Metro (SBNO) unknown to open or remove?

Orient Express

Thomas Town Railroad


Thats all? Yeah


Q. How many lost flat rides, roller coasters, water rides, kiddie rides and transportation rides?


A. I guess yeah a lot of lost rides.


I count 5 rides



Mountain Express


Sarajevo Bobsleds



I count 15 flat rides


Billy the Squid (Polyp)

Circus Wheel (Trabant)

Circus Wheel (Tilt-A-Whirl)


Crazy Barrels (Drunken Barrels)

El-Bumpo (Bumper Boats)


Galaxy (Double Ferris Wheel)

Jolly Monster (Monster)

Reactor (Enterprise)


Sierra Twist (Bayern Kurve)

Spin Out (Rotor)

Tumble Drum (Walk-Through Barrel Roll)

Z-Force (Looping Starship)


I count 7 transportation rides



Eagle's Flight El-Dorado Station

Eagle's Flight Galaxy Station

Grand Centennial Excursion Railroad

Grand Prix (Gas Powered Sport Car)

Granny Gran Prix (Electric Powered Vintage Car)

Steam Train to Tollywood


I count but no water ride


I count 10 kiddie rides but I don't remember name of the rides.


Bloop Bounce

Little Sailor

Speedy Gonzales Mouse Racers

Taz's Mini Bikes (Hampton Motorcycle)

Unknown (Apple & Worm)

Unknown (Hampton Combo)

Unknown (Hampton Dukes)

Unknown (Midget Racer)

Unknown (Red Baron)

Unknown (what one ride was near mouse ride)


Thank you and have a good question, Larry

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