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  1. Six flags has a corporate engineering department with offices on site at magic mountain. The park also has staff engineers. There is a bidding process and feedback during the whole thing. It's not a "here's the plans, do you like me y/n?"
  2. I just noticed the designer at RMC is back from the Arrow days, he designed X according to RCDB. This is welcome news! This enticed me into a season pass. That and how good fur trottle is.
  3. Stopped into the park to process my new pass. Colossus is already undergoing work, two crew were on the lift hill taking a saw to the railings. Little piles of debris along the access road, but still looks intact, nothing major yet. Pics for your viewing pleasure.
  4. What? Kingdom of the dinosaurs is gone? At least I still have the haunted shack, the corkscrew, the parachutes, the wacky soap box racers and the shooting gallery.
  5. Wow, so many memories. I was around later though. I remember the Wacky Soap Box Racers and being scared of them with the explosive fireworks factory. I remember the shopping cart sound of the windjammer. I was there with a ymca group one time when they had their POG tournament, and everyone else punched out their sheet of pogs but me, I kept mine in the cardboard. Loved kingdom of the dinosaurs. "You've gone BACK in time one MILLION years! How will I EVER get you BACK?" I miss old knotts. Last time I was their It felt claustrophobic with so many coasters overhead. I was kinda lost trying to get around. At least the candy store was still pretty cool. I guess we all have to grow up.
  6. Fine, I guess you're right. In that case, thank you SF for putting in a new coaster, a new wooden coaster and doing it this year so we can ride it like our 401k's. Maybe it will bring the numbers up in the park and we can have Kingda Ka II: Kingda Ka-er or whatever thrill is appropriate. Wait. I can't even tell if i'm being sarcastic anymore or wrapped all the way back to genuine. Either way, (little kid comes out) yay! new roller coaster! (must be feeling better today) (DAMN! just realized the perfect theme: 401K the RIDE!) oh god i'm poor
  7. Well, you're right ^ Rather than keep on the waambulance I have questions instead. How much of that land do they own back there? I heard it wasn't as much as it seems. How will the Magic Mountain Parkway extension affect the park and this ride, and are they putting houses up against the park or commercial?
  8. Saying quit complaining to an internet forum like beating a dog for not doing your calculus homework. Might make you feel better, but it's not really fair to expect anything. I still think it's weird to have the 'choo choo' millienium flyer train design have "TERMINATOR" across the front. Thomas the tank engine would have been better branding for those cars. And we've begged before: The more retheming spillikin/bay gets the better. Take a jackhammer to all the buildings coaster girls through xtreme zone and leave it mid-construction. Instant apocalypse.
  9. Gary Goddard productions designed the show back then, and AVG Inc. built the animatronics for them. http://www.a-v-g.com/index1.html Click Projects. They built a lot of stuff you know. The Bullwinkle Restaurant, a KIA Transformer, etc.
  10. That's probably a good deal since the lines after that will be 4+ hours long. Good luck you ya'll. still trying to work my connections to get invited to media day. (Yeah right). Happy camping.
  11. I always wanted to work at magic mountain cause I live 3 miles away, but never found an excuse to apply. Maybe if things go bad this summer, I can use the extra money.
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