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Communist Russia, but Joseph Stalin thinks that...


Theme parks shouldn't be allowed in a communist country because they are privatly owned. However, Dick Kinzel, a fellow communist, then agreed to move every Cedar Fair park (except Geauga Lake and Michigan's Adventure, because noone wanted them) to locations around Russia, and place them under goverment control. However, this plot point is un-important, because Six Flags then bought MiA and Geuga, and re-themed them after the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, causing a huge outcry from...

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Dominator, which had been turned into a 2 MPH powered coaster themed to everything emo and sad. The ride featured speakers in the seats that give you statistics and information about death, as well as a information about the depression the creator of the show suffered from. At this point, a member of the website Geauga Lake Today became fed up with how Six Flags was treating his home park. He formed the "Union of Geauga Lake Fanboys and Fangirls" (the UoGLFaF (pronounced U-OH-GLA-FAF)) and led an attack against the forces of the Central Rwandan Anime Peoples.


All the while, Mark Shapiro was on a date with Paris Hilton, and to make it a double date, phoned up a friend from college and his girlfriend, Lindsey Lohan, who had recently broken out of the rehab center. However, when te man arrived, it turned out it was Kieran Burke! The two began fighting, and in anger Shapiro quickly reached for the...

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Decided to join the cast of "Joanie Loves Chachi" The Musical ON ICE- but was summarily rejected because most of the people in the audience didn't 'buy' his performance in his Fonz cameo. Meanwhile, the Deeply Tanned Albino Man wrote an entry in his journal (because men don't keep diaries . . .)about Kid Tums stating that when she gets older she should . . .

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Independence from England and the Monarchy. However, having been born an American on American soil and thusly rightfully being already free from those bonds, her PR man told her to 'downplay' the incident and stop throwing tea-bags in her toilet during media spots.


Meanwhile Six Flags Magic Mountain decided to purchase Deja Vu from Six Flags Over Georgia and place it on the former location of Psyclone. Mark Shapiro's comment on the purchase was thus: "It'll be a great play on the concept of Deja Vu to not only have one, but two of them at our park. Don't worry, neither one of them will operate normally, but we are thinking of turning the Deja II coasters train around to run backwards".

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