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Pink leotard, and did a sexually sugesstive dance infront of a pre-school group. Since Stationman was a coaster enthusiast, this performance, aswell as a recent news story about a pedophile coaster enthusiast (Who really just wanted to credit whore kiddie coasters, but this behavior was mis-understood by the media) a negative sexual/pedophilic stigma was thus attached to coaster enthusiasts by the mass media, which resulted in...

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Mass chaos of the human race, in which people ran screaming amock, when Station Mans foe Break Run Man destroyed the world by detonating a kiddie coaster inside of the earths core, which then resulted in a sonic boom from inside the earth and everything was gone, when a small speck of light showed a small land still intact, for it was a japanese crazy togo theme park, then Robb popped up to make jokes about kinky sex with a one armed leprochaun when suddenly Ryan pounded Robb, which resulted in Casey Fish attacking, while Elissa raved "I love the hampster coaster I love the hampster coaster, I hate the hampster coaster!" When suddenly...

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the restroom facilities en masse which quickly led to them being banned from the establishment. Meanwhile, the cousin to the former touring drummer for Wang Chung walked in but before he could say "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" . . .

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