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Flu Shot!!


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And on the subject of odd shots, I recently had twelve shots in my toe just to remove an in-grown toe nail.

I've had an ingrown toenail removed three times because they were dumb and didn't deaden the root the first two times


on the topic of flu shots, I think they are overrated. All the people I know who ever get the shot get the flu from it. I think our bodies are more effective in fighting it off ( I personally don't see the big deal, the flu is pretty much like a cold...they dont have vaccines for that yet )

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It's kinda like the "benefit now, pay later" routine...


Younger people (under 30) need to develop resistance to germs and such. To do that, you need to be exposed to things, and get sick. Using non-permanent vaccines, antibacterial soaps, over-use of antibiotics, etc. protect you now, but won't protect you later when one of these simple bugs gets past these barriers, (or morphs simply into a new strain resistant to these barriers,) because your body won't know what to do with it.


Dennis "won't use antibacterial soap, it's a consumer rip-off anyway!"

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I was supposed to get a flu shot and a meningitis shot . . .



That reminds me of the meningitis outbreak we had when I was in Basic Training. We were quaratineed for several days to the barracks until they could get everyone innoculated. Never had such a bad case of cabin fever in my life. We were about to strangle each other before they finally let us out.

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Well, I gave 70 flu shots to city employees today and now have 3 in my fridge. I am waiting to take mine until I get home from Orlando. I have gotten sick before and do not want to risk it.


As a nurse, I would highly reccommend that if you are one of the groups advised to get it that you go ahead and do that.

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this was my first shot.


I hope you mean first flu shot. Thats amazing if its your first shot.


I don't think I've gotten a flu shot other that the ones that were required by the state to attend school. I have no plans on getting one this year... or ever again.

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