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Rides with new paint schemes?

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I know Baynum Painting is doing a lot of them and they had this list in Amusement Today a few issues back:


Obviously not all of them are coasters, and I think a couple are missing but it's a start!

Also saw this list floating around on Reddit but I think it's incomplete as well:


I'm really curious as to why so many are being done now? Seems like an odd choice for a capital expenditure at this point?

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Poltergeist at SFFT was recently repainted as well. I am all for it, love a freshly painted ride. Paint prices are definitely NOT down right now though, they are actually up quite a bit... at least on the consumer side. 


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5 hours ago, BRTeller said:

Hershey has been refreshing a good bit of their coasters and SDL/Sidewinder got updated color schemes as well. I've noticed this year lots of painting, I'm curious if the cost of material is down nation wide or something.


Theyve been painting their stuff pretty regularly, Fahrenheit and one other one were done in fall 2019. Forget what the second one was.

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