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[RCT3] Lake Shernview

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Hi everyone! I decided to create a Theme Park on RCT3. This is my first time posting a new topic so I might make a mistake or 2 here. Side note: I'm going to post three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). And this park will keep going from 1973 to present day (and the future)


If anyone has any questions about this park, feel free to PM me


Park Timeline:

1973:Lake Shernview announced

1974:Construction begins

1975:Park opens on March 15th

1976:Tornado introduced and Spiral Slide gets new colors

1977:Wild Eagle, a wooden coaster, Announced

1978:One of a kind Corkscrew announced

1979:Octopus and a Tropical Restaurant introduced

1980:Ripcord shuttle loop announced

1981:Space Scramble replaces Tornado

1982:Hurricane River announced and Tropical Restaurant renamed Hurricane Jim's Tropical Eats

1983:Thunderbird, Chairlift, and The Dock restaurant announced

1984:Alpine Rush, Wipeout!, and new colors on Corkscrew


Ride List:


Roller Coasters:

Mining Mania

Wild Eagle




Alpine Rush (new)


Water Rides:

Splash Chute

Hurricane River


Flat Rides:


Sky Chuter

Spiral Slide


Space Scramble


Wipeout! (new)


Total Ride Count: 15


Former Rides:

Tilt A Whirl


Swan Boats


Anyway, Here's where we start. It was 1973. A theme park called Lake Shernview was announced to be built. The construction started 3 months into 1974. A reporter (who happens to be a fan of theme parks) was granted permission to take photos of the park. Here are the photos:

Shot0000 (4).bmp

Hi everyone! I'm Joe. I'm going to post updates about our newest park: Lake Shernview. Here's an overhead view of the park to start off.

Shot0002 (2).bmp

I was allowed on top of the Parachute Tower (I think it's going to be called Sky Chuter or something) Here's the spiral slide

Shot0003 (2).bmp

A shot of the Carousel. I heard it was moved from another park but I don't remember where.

Shot0004 (2).bmp

I probably should have lifted my camera up a little. This is the Park's entrance. I'm signing off now. More photos coming soon!

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Hi everyone! Joe here! It has been 2 weeks since I took those construction photos. here's an update

Shot0005 (2).bmp

I forgot to take a picture of Sky Chuter in my last update, so here it is! They just finished repainting it yesterday. I like these colors better than the last one which was Yellow/red/blue.

Shot0006 (2).bmp

They Even repainted the carousel.

Shot0007 (2).bmp

I asked if they could repaint the slide, but the owner (Tyler McFlock) said that it's staying that way. This looks ugly.

Shot0008 (2).bmp

I noticed that there was a pit dug. I asked what it was for and Tyler said that it was for a water ride.

Shot0009 (2).bmp

The Sky Chuter was not done with the repainting yet so I took a photo from the slide.

Shot0011 (2).bmp

This was taken a few hours later. I asked Tyler why construction was taking a while and Tyler told me that he didn't have that much money to finish the park quickly so he used the cheapest construction crew possible. This construction could take a while.

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Don't forget fences to make the park's boundary, so guests don't randomly walk away.

Also, adding trees and scenery will be good.

Try not to do updates too often. Maybe once or twice a week will be fine.


An okay start.


I'll look forward to the next update. Maybe the water ride's coming next?

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Don't forget fences to make the park's boundary, so guests don't randomly walk away.

Also, adding trees and scenery will be good.

Try not to do updates too often. Maybe once or twice a week will be fine.


An okay start.


I'll look forward to the next update. Maybe the water ride's coming next?


I took these a week ago. Just a preview for the future post: yes, trees are added

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Looks like you have a nice little start. Some advice:


I would focus on the little things initially. It's very easy to get carried away with big additions and all that (of course, that's the fun part), but small details like themed (or detailed/well-designed) queue lines, good fencing for your rides, vegetation, buildings, restrooms, food, and other things like that are essential to a realistic park. It's totally up to you in the end, though. I'm just suggesting what I've seen from other successful story parks as well as my parks.


I look forward to the next update!

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I came back to the construction on Lake Shernview. Here's an update

Shot0012 (2).bmp

Something looks different...

Shot0017 (2).bmp

They added a roof to the queue for Sky Chuter

Shot0013 (2).bmp

The Guest Relations building is complete

Shot0014 (2).bmp

The water ride is complete! Ladies and Gentlemen, Lake Shernview presents: SPLASH CHUTE! A Arrow Log Flume. They were running water through the course to make sure there are no leaks

Shot0015 (2).bmp

Parts for a roller coaster just arrived on site. What is it? Guess we need to wait until the next update.

Shot0016 (2).bmp

Once again, I'm ending the update with a overhead shot of the park. Until next time!

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It was a month since the last update. Not much done. Maybe the next update will be better?





Anyway, photos.

Shot0018 (2).bmp

The roller coaster is an Arrow Mine Train called "Mining Mania". Looks like they are halfway through. I can't wait to ride it!

Shot0019 (2).bmp

What's this?

Shot0020 (2).bmp

They also added a Tilt a Whirl. I should mention that I'm a HUGE fan of these things.

Shot0021 (2).bmp

Splash Chute was being tested. I should mention that Lake Shernview is in Florida, and it is INSANELY hot here. I wish I could just hop on and get some refreshing water on me.

Shot0029 (2).bmp

Once again, I'm ending here. By the way, Tyler told me not to return for a while so they can spruce the park up. I wonder what that means...

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One week until the park opens and I got to visit.

Shot0030 (2).bmp

Wow! different than my last visit!

Shot0031 (2).bmp

The flowers looks nice too!

Shot0032 (2).bmp

The trees looks nice here too!

Shot0033 (2).bmp

Mining Mania's station

Shot0036 (2).bmp

Overhead shot of the layout for Mining Mania. The trees are actually blocking the whole course.

Shot0037 (2).bmp

It was being tested today!

Shot0038 (2).bmp

The white building is an Ice Cream Parlor. The brick one is a Hot Dog Place. The tan are shops

Shot0039 (2).bmp

There is a BBQ restaurant by the Tilt a Whirl

Shot0040 (2).bmp

Looks like Tyler changed his mind about Splash Chute's colors

Shot0041 (2).bmp

The Tilt a Whirl

Shot0042 (2).bmp

I can't wait to attend the Grand Opening next week!

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Hi! Joe again!


I planned on waking up at 7:30 this morning, but I overslept. I got out of my house at 10:30. Even though I live 25 minutes away from Lake Shernview, it took me an hour to get there. Guess everyone had the same idea as me.

Shot0043 (2).bmp

It was pretty crowded in the park today.

Shot0044 (2).bmp

The Tilt a Whirl was popular. I decided to skip it today.

Shot0045 (2).bmp

The line for Splash Chute wasn't that long. It was pretty cold today, even at noon. I rode it and I regretted it. It was still fun

Shot0046 (2).bmp

Sky Chuter was popular too. I saw my car in the overflow parking lot.

Shot0047 (2).bmp

I decided to make Mining Mania my last ride for this trip. I was allowed on the roof

Shot0048 (2).bmp

Mining Mania was the most popular attraction in the park. The line was about 1 and a half hour long.

Shot0050 (2).bmp

I didn't have a video camera, so I took pictures. Don't tell anyone! Cameras are forbidden on rides here!

Shot0051 (2).bmp

Shot0052 (2).bmp

Shot0053 (2).bmp

Shot0054 (2).bmp

Shot0055 (2).bmp

Shot0056 (2).bmp

Shot0057 (2).bmp

Just to let you guys know, I didn't take any pictures of the final drop. It was a big drop followed by a sharp turn and up a lift hill.

Shot0060 (2).bmp

That's all for now. I plan on returning later tonight to see what LS looks like at night.

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I'm back from the park. I got my hand stamped and I returned to the park for more.

Sorry I didn't take much photos. I was having so much fun.

Shot0062 (2).bmp

The Tilt a Whirl was fun. The line gotten shorter, so I gotten to ride

Shot0064 (2).bmp

The lights were nice

Shot0065 (2).bmp

This park sure haves a nice lighting display. Even Splash Chute has headlights. Joe signing off.

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Saturday, September 27th

Last Day of the first season!


Joe here again.

I took a bunch of photos from the last operating season of 1975.

Shot0067 (2).bmp

I decided to ride Sky Chuter first.

Shot0068 (2).bmp

What a view!

Shot0071 (2).bmp

After SC, I rode The Carousel

Shot0073 (2).bmp

What it looks like when you leave The Carousel

Shot0077 (2).bmp

It was pretty hot today, so Splash Chute's line was long

Shot0078 (2).bmp

I decided to take a Whirl on Tilt a Whirl (get it?)

Shot0076 (2).bmp

I still hate the colors

Shot0083 (2).bmp

I was about to go down when I noticed something odd

Shot0084 (2).bmp


Shot0085 (2).bmp

It was over pretty fast

Shot0086 (2).bmp

I immediately climbed to the top of SC and took a picture of the dirt field. Like a TORNADO took it off or something...

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Lake Shernview introduces a brand new ride to their collection.


In 1976, Our new ride, Tornado, will give people lots of thrills by simulating a tornado!




Spiral Slide will get a new color scheme!


Next year, come visit Lake Shernview: There's no better way to have fun!



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Saturday, March 27th, 1976

Season 2


I decided to check on the changes in the park for this season.

Not a big report, but I might make better reports next year assuming Lake Shernview adds a ride greater than Tornado.

Shot0087 (2).bmp

Something looks different...

Shot0088 (2).bmp

Spiral Slide was repainted. Looks much better than the colors last year. Tornado was still being tested

Shot0089 (2).bmp

I thought this picture was too perfect to leave out.

Shot0093 (2).bmp

LS also added an Milkshake and Ice Cream stall. Is that even necessary? There's an Ice Cream Parlor RIGHT across the path.

This is Joe signing off. I need a ride on Mining Mania...

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Lake Shernview needs a logo!


I'm asking everyone who feels like it to design a logo for Lake Shernview!


PM me your LS logo.


It needs to be 70's style with the park's name (Lake Shernview) with the slogan (There's no better way to have fun!)


The one I like best will be used for my park


The deadline will be Thursday, March 31st

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