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[RCT3] Lake Shernview

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I decided to visit the park today to check out Octopus.

Shot0181 (2).bmp

There it is...

Shot0182 (2).bmp

I wonder if this ride is worth tearing down Tilt A Whirl.

Shot0189 (2).bmp

WHOA! It is! I love this ride!

Shot0190 (2).bmp

Octopus taken from the roof of a building

Shot0192 (2).bmp

Decided to climb up Sky Chuter. That's all for now! Until next time!

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(sorry for the late report)

Last week of the 1979 season


I was visiting the park today. Didn't stay long, but put together a mini trip report

Shot0193 (2).bmp

What's that in the corner?

Shot0194 (2).bmp

Dirt! Could we possibly be getting something big for 1980?

Shot0195 (2).bmp

I noticed the line for Octopus was short for the first time this year. I grabbed a couple of spins (a bit too much)

Shot0196 (2).bmp

I decided to ride Wild Eagle before leaving. The line was backed up because THIS guy wouldn't get up off the floor.

Shot0197 (2).bmp

And that's all for today. Tune in next time when I talk about whatever is being added for 1980!

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New for 1980!



Please excuse my horrible logo design


Ripcord is an all new, one of a kind experience!


This new Shuttle Loop will launch you 55mph in 4 seconds out of the station through a loop and then up a spike!

And then you go through it all again, BACKWARDS!

Just when you think it's over, you will fly past the station, up ANOTHER spike!


Lake Shernview: Time for Fun!

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Special Sunday Update!


Ripcord Construction Update!


I visited Lake Shernview during the off season to check out Ripcord's construction. Didn't take much photos but in a week or 2, Ripcord will be complete! I recently took a trip to Houston to visit my family and we all went to Astroworld. After riding Greezed Lightnin', I am looking forward to having a shuttle loop in my home park!

Shot0198 (2).bmp

Something looks different with the skyline...

Shot0199 (2).bmp

Ripcord! All that's left is to build the loop, build the station, and install the train!

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First day of the 1980 season


I visited the park today and I discovered that Ripcord was testing! I can't wait to ride this during media day!


A few photos I took:

Shot0200 (2).bmp

Ripcord testing!

Shot0201 (2).bmp

The entrance to Ripcord Plaza (The new section) was blocked by a wall

Shot0202 (2).bmp

Overhead view of Ripcord Plaza with Ripcord (I LOVE having access to the top of Sky Chuter) That is all for today! I will take another trip on Media Day.

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Ripcord Media Day!


I was invited to attend Ripcord's media day. I thought Ripcord makes an awesome addition to Lake Shernview.

It's now the ONLY launched roller coaster in Florida!


Anyway, onto the photos.

Shot0203 (2).bmp

The station is pretty much the same style as Corkscrew's station

Shot0204 (2).bmp

But it's nice and air conditioned

Shot0205 (2).bmp

I'm lucky enough to get the front row for media day!

Shot0206 (2).bmp

The launch was unexpected.

Shot0207 (2).bmp

Shot0208 (2).bmp

Up the spike! And now we do it again...

Shot0209 (2).bmp


Shot0210 (2).bmp

Shot0211 (2).bmp

Past the station...

Shot0212 (2).bmp

... and up a SECOND spike!

Shot0213 (2).bmp

NOW the ride is over! I have a feeling that Ripcord will be popular

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Ripcord's Opening Day!


I attended the opening day today. Here's what happened:


I arrived at 1:30 today to ride Ripcord and that was a HUGE mistake. The line for Ripcord was 3 1/2 hours long! The rest of the park was deserted, since Ripcord is a crowd eater. I decided to ride Ripcord first to get the line over with. It took 4 hours since the ride broke down twice (one in line, and one just as I was about to get on). But it was worth it!


Ride List:

Ripcord x1

Mining Mania x4

Sky Chuter x2

Splash Chute x1

Wild Eagle x3


Corkscrew and Octopus was closed.

Shot0030 (2).bmp

The park is pretty deserted today! Maybe there's no line for Ripcord!

Shot0215 (2).bmp

CRAP! I spoke too soon!

Shot0216 (2).bmp

Almost there!

Shot0217 (2).bmp

Ripcord was fun! Let's see what rides I can catch before the park closes...

Shot0218 (2).bmp

Ripcord from Splash Chute!

Shot0219 (2).bmp

The water's cold, but I don't care! PERFECT shot of Ripcord!

Shot0131 (2).bmp

Ending the day with 3 front row rides on Wild Eagle!

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Right now, it is the middle of August. I visited the park for one main update. I didn't take that much pictures by the way.

Shot0220 (2).bmp

Tornado, Due to unpopularity, Will close and be scrapped next week for a new ride in 1981. Get your final rides now!

Shot0221 (2).bmp

Corkscrew was a walk-on.

Shot0222 (2).bmp

Mining Mania was a walk-on too.

Shot0223 (2).bmp

Ripcord, 2 hour wait. See you next time!

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Last day of the 1980 season


I decided to catch a few coasters at Lake Shernview since today is my day off. Here is what's going on in the park now

Shot0225 (2).bmp

Took a picture of Ripcord on my way in. I love this ride so much. I think Tyler chose a great spot in the park for it.

Shot0226 (2).bmp

Took a couple of rides on Sky Chuter since there was no line. The most noticeable change in this park is that Tornado is gone. Any guesses for 1981?

Shot0227 (2).bmp

Wild Eagle: 1 minute wait

Shot0228 (2).bmp

I swear, That dude on Splash Chute was the only person I saw on that ride all day

Shot0229 (2).bmp

Ripcord: 1 1/2 hour wait. Ripcord is pretty much eating most of the crowds since it opened in May.

Shot0230 (2).bmp

Mining Mania was starting to regain popularity

Shot0231 (2).bmp

Corkscrew just reopened after a malfunction with the brakes it had yesterday. I decided to catch a ride

Shot0150 (2).bmp

Would it kill Tyler to add something around Corkscrew? I know this whole park used to be a plain field with a lake, but Corkscrew feels plain without anything surrounding it.

Shot0233 (2).bmp

I decided to catch one more ride on Sky Chuter. Seriously, I can't visit the park and leave without taking a picture of Ripcord. This is the last trip of 1980. See you in 1981!

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Hi everyone!


This is kind of a bad year for Tyler McFlock (owner of Lake Shernview).

He is running low on money, but not at the bankrupt level. He was planning something big for 1981, but due to low money, the project got put on hold until the park can make more money. That's why the unpopular Tornado got replaced by Space Scramble instead.


anyway, onto the trip report.

Shot0235 (2).bmp

Feels different without Tornado

Shot0236 (2).bmp

Tyler also threw in some Swan Boats for the lake. It's 2.00$ per boat. Hopefully this will help get us the big, mysterious project that got delayed.

Shot0234 (2).bmp

Now, onto Space Scramble!

Shot0238 (2).bmp

The line is longer than Tornado's line. Tornado was always a walk-on even on the busiest day!

Shot0239 (2).bmp

Space Scramble was fun, but it made me sick. I had to sit at the BBQ restaurant to recover. I decided to ride Splash Chute before leaving.

Shot0240 (2).bmp

The awkward moment when you're trying to take a picture of the station, but someone looks straight at the camera.

Shot0237 (2).bmp

Well, that's all for today! Hopefully Tyler will get enough money for that project.

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September 1981: end of 1981 season


Great news! After four months of hard work, Tyler managed to get a lot of money. Enough for his big project!

Tyler stated that he wants to focus more on expanding the park around the lake rather than cheaply replace rides.


He stated that he wants to expand the tropical theme so the tropical restaurant near Corkscrew would fit in the park more.


Oh, and today's Tyler's 55th birthday.

Shot0241 (2).bmp

This project is bigger than I imagined! Look at the size of that land!

Shot0242 (2).bmp

I'm glad Tyler is focusing on expanding the park. Find out what it is this Friday!

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New for 1982!


Take shelter! A tropical storm is coming!


Announcing a new type of water ride, Hurricane River! This tropical themed river rapids will give you a one of a kind soaking for you and your family!


The Tropical Restaurant, which is near Corkscrew, will be renamed Hurricane Jim's Tropical Eats.


Shot0243 (2).bmp

A concept sketch of Hurricane River

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Six Flags Astroworld: If you do plan on selling Lake Shernview sometime in the future who would you sell it to Six Flags, Paramount, or Cedar Fair?


I'm not going to answer your question. If you want to find out about the park's future, you're gonna have to wait.

(btw, you don't have to waste time typing my full username. You can call me ether 6FAW or SFAW )



Now a question for everyone, which slogan do you like better?

1. Lake Shernview: The FUN never ends!


2. Lake Shernview: Thrills, Chills, Family Fun!

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Now a question for everyone, which slogan do you like better?

1. Lake Shernview: The FUN never ends!


2. Lake Shernview: Thrills, Chills, Family Fun!


I say use "Lake Shernview: Thrills, Chills, Family Fun!"

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