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[RCT3] Lake Shernview

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November 1983




Lake Shernview was closed for the season when the bottom of Wild Eagle's lift suddenly caught on fire during a test run after some wood was replaced. Thankfully, due to the quick actions of the local firefighters, the fire was put out before it spread onto the rest of Wild Eagle and the nearby trees. An inspector stated later that the fire was started by a faulty, locally made, lift motor, which was destroyed in the fire. Tyler McFlock, owner of Lake Shernview, stated that since the fire was put out quickly, Wild Eagle just needs a new motor and rebuild the small section that was burned off. Wild Eagle will reopen for the 1984 season.


The fire that started on Wild Eagle



After the fire was put out

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New for 1984!





A ride that spins you so fast that it will wipe you out!

Located near Hurricane River



Wipeout! construction photo


Alpine Rush


A bobsled style ride that will simulate riding in a bobsled in a very twisty way!

Located near Wild Eagle



Alpine Rush construction photo


Update on Wild Eagle


The burned wood on Wild Eagle has been replaced with new wood. Wild Eagle is going to receive a fresh coat of paint next week and it will reopen at the start of the season.



new wood on Wild Eagle

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sorry for the delay in updates, I blame my Minecraft addiction.


March 1984:


The off season is finally over! Time to check out the park today!


I was worried when I heard that Wild Eagle caught on fire. I was hoping it would be reopened by the time the season started. It was!


Finally, I'm back to Lake Shernview!


Nice to see RipCord open again!


Octopus was closed today.


YAY! Wild Eagle is open! Looks brand new with that new coat of paint! Thanks to our local firemen for saving this ride!


It pays to visit on a weekday


RipCord Plaza


Wow! it's getting dark already?


Alpine Rush looks nice!


It feels like 1977 with this fresh paint!


Here's Mining Mania. Wait! Something looks different!


Corkscrew's new colors. Thoughts?


The new ride Wipeout! The line was way longer earlier.

Shot0785 (2).bmp

Anyway, Onto Thunderbird.


Hey! Nice glasses dude!


Corkscrew from Hurricane River.


The new Skyline of Lake Shernview.

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  • 1 month later...

I interviewed Tyler (founder of Lake Shernview) and he told me what he plans on changing for 1985.

Tyler said that he was going to take out Thunderbird because he can't afford to constantly repair it. Thunderbird is the most problematic ride in the entire park. Another thing he said was that he recently went to South Carolina because his daughter was getting married. He noticed a park called Charleston Gardens and he decided to stop by the park on his way back to Florida. He was amazed at the way the park looks and it inspired him to remodel the entrance plaza. I asked Tyler if he has plans for Thunderbird's spot and he said he doesn't have any.


So to round it up: Thunderbird is coming down and park improvements will happen in 1985.



Alpine Rush finally opened so I decided to pop in the park after the interview:

Shot0789 (2).bmp

The crowd was INSANE today!

Shot0790 (2).bmp

I actually had to fight my way through

Shot0791 (2).bmp

I decided to photograph my favorite ride RipCord. the line was 3 hours long so I decided to skip it.

Shot0792 (2).bmp

Alpine Rush. I wanted to photograph on the ride, but they didn't allow cameras on. First of all, Alpine Rush isn't even connected to the track. I felt that the car would fly off the track at a few parts. I loved how out of control Alpine Rush felt!

Shot0798 (2).bmp

I found out that Wild Eagle was a walk on since Alpine Rush was eating up the crowd. I took advantage of the walk on.

Shot0801 (2).bmp

Here you go! A photo of Alpine Rush's layout from the very top of Wild Eagle!

Shot0799 (2).bmp

And Tyler has the area with Thunderbird closed off. The Chairlift was closed too.

Shot0800 (2).bmp

In a few weeks, Thunderbird won't even be here anymore. I'll be back in a few weeks to take photos of Thunderbird's demolition

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  • 3 weeks later...

Visited the park today to see Thunderbird being taken out.


Shot0802 (2).bmp

That crane is visible from anywhere in the park

Shot0803 (2).bmp

Mining Mania just reopened with a new color scheme. I love it!

Shot0805 (2).bmp

I was given a hard hat and was taken backstage

Shot0806 (2).bmp


Shot0807 (2).bmp

Track pieces laying on the ground

Shot0808 (2).bmp

I honestly thought that Thunderbird was going to be scrapped, but I was surprised when I was told that Thunderbird was put up for sale. I hope another park would be able to maintain this coaster.

Shot0809 (2).bmp

One last station shot

Shot0811 (2).bmp

Goodbye Thunderbird! I hope to ride you again at another park!

Shot0812 (2).bmp

Hard to believe that this area will be different next year


Want to buy Thunderbird for your park? Download the coaster HERE

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Lake Shernview Closed for the 1985 season!


Due to extremely low attendance, Lake Shernview's CEO, Tyler decided to put his park up for sale.

"Attendance has been dropping lower and lower each week. It's very hard to compete with Disney World"


The decline in attendance was noted to start when ThunderBird closed. ThunderBird is currently in pieces in the employee parking lot.


Lake Shernview is a park located just outside Orlando, Florida.


"I really hope whoever buys my park can keep expanding it with new ideas"

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November 1985


Six Flags buys local park!


Six Flags over Texas is the first Six Flags park built


After over a year since Lake Shernview was closed down and abandoned. Six Flags, which owns 7 parks including their recent addition, Great America, decided to buy Lake Shernview. So what does Six Flags plan to do with the new park?

In addition to buying the park, Six Flags announced that they are adding a new stand up roller coaster and an enterprise ride.

No names has been announced yet, including what the park will be called, but an interesting backstory on the new coaster:

Six Flags purchased 2 stand up coasters. One is going to Six Flags Magic Mountain as ShockWave, while the other one was supposed to go to Six Flags over Georgia under the same name. Six Flags decided to send the roller coaster to their recent park, Lake Shernview instead of Six Flags over Georgia.


So pull your lap bars down and put your hands in the air, Lake Shernview is reopening for 1986!

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I thought the Six Flags Transformation would happen in 2000

anyway will the Stand Up Coaster be built where Thunderbird was or somewhere else in the park

also New Tagline: A member of the Six Flags Family if it retains the same name if not

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Suggestions/Ideas/Predictions under the Six Flags

please note that these are Suggestions/predictions/ideas that might not actually happen


New Wooden Coaster by Dinn Corporation in 1989

Looney Tunes Adventures- 1991

Coaster Sacrifice in Ride Exchange Program -end of 1992

Vekoma Boomerang-1994

Hopkins Splash Boat ride-1995

Vekoma SLC-1996 (Only If no Batman Coaster opened by then)

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