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[RCT3] Lake Shernview

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March 1982: Media Day for Hurricane River


Hey Everybody!


I visited Lake Shernview today to attend the media day for Hurricane River.

Lake Shernview is operating on a weekend schedule but I didn't have to worry. Today's a Tuesday!


For some reason, I was the only one attending Hurricane River's media day.

Shot0244 (2).bmp

Only one in the park. It feels weird not seeing anyone here.

Shot0245 (2).bmp

Anyway, here's Hurricane River! I'm glad that the Tropical restaurant fits in the area now

Shot0246 (2).bmp

Shade to keep us out of the hot sun. I love the theming!

Shot0247 (2).bmp

Real fire?

Shot0248 (2).bmp

It's not like anyone will be stupid enough to touch the torches

Shot0249 (2).bmp

Ooh! Rotating station! These rides are starting to get more high-tech!

Shot0252 (2).bmp

Anyway, Time to get wet!

Shot0257 (2).bmp

I'm soaking wet now. There was a lot of big rapids.

Shot0262 (2).bmp

Great view of Corkscrew!

Shot0264 (2).bmp

Waterfalls! Just when I thought the ride was over!

Shot0268 (2).bmp

Hurricane River is the first River Rapids I've seen that has 3 lifts

Shot0271 (2).bmp

At least Corkscrew looks nicer without a piece of bare land next to it. See you next time!

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July 1982


Today or should I say Tonight is the first ever "Coasters at Dark" event.


Normally, Lake Shernview is open until 9:00 pm, but with this event, the park is open until Midnight! I complimented Tyler on thinking of a great idea and he told me that he's going to add the biggest addition to Lake Shernview of his life. He also told me that he might do this event again on the 4th of July next year.


Now let's check out the park!

Shot0272 (2).bmp

Everything looks nice at 10:30!

Shot0273 (2).bmp

Tyler told me that he replaced some of the coaster cars with ones that have headlights!

Shot0274 (2).bmp

Corkscrew looks plain at night

Shot0275 (2).bmp

Hurricane River Landing, I'm speechless!

Shot0276 (2).bmp

I decided to ride Hurricane River because why not?

Shot0277 (2).bmp

After the ride, I rode Sky Chuter. Hurricane River gets my vote for "Best ride at night"!

Shot0278 (2).bmp

I'm definitely coming back here for The 4th of July next year!

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There needs to be a ride at the park that is LEGENDARY when it becomes night time, like The Beast, so all the other rides become walk-ons during Coasters At Dark.


(Note: due to the crappy Canadian dollar and the distance to KI from where I live, I have not ridden The Beast at night yet.)

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September 19th,1982:


The off-season is almost here (There's no Halloween event yet, but Tyler is considering adding it next year)


I was flying to visit my parents in New York and I flew over the park. I took a few pictures.


Tyler told me that he was planning on adding 2 new attractions and a fancy restaurant. He told me that one of the new rides will be a second attempt with a better layout.


Any guesses on what ride Tyler is talking about for 1983?

Shot0279 (2).bmp

A lot of dirt

Shot0280 (2).bmp

This is the biggest expansion Tyler added in his life.

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New for 1983!


The Lakeside update will include 3 new attractions going over the lake!


Thunderbird: A new Arrow Suspended Swinging Coaster with a better layout than Kings Island's The Bat


Chairlift: Don't feel like walking from Thunderbird to Wild Eagle? Take a trip over the lake on this new ride!


The Dock: A new restaurant located in front of Wild Eagle with a dock for a seating area.

Shot0287 (2).bmp

Thunderbird Concept Art

Edited by SixFlagsAstroworld
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Hi, I just returned from my parents in New York and I flew over the park a few minutes before landing. I'm planning on visiting next week which is the final week of the season

Shot0281 (2).bmp

If you noticed, Chairlift and The Dock has already been built. There are now 3 restaurants in Lake Shernview

Shot0282 (2).bmp

I'm starting to wonder when Thunderbird pieces will arrive.

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I visited the park to take an off season tour. I was told that I was only allowed to take one picture of the new additions for 1983 for some reason.


Here are the photos

download coming soon!

Shot0283 (2).bmp

The Dock. It's a seafood restaurant.

Shot0284 (2).bmp

I asked if there was going to be any theming to the chairlift and I was told that Tyler was planning on expanding even more, but he hasn't decided a theme for the area yet.

Shot0286 (2).bmp

THUNDERBIRD HAS ARRIVED! Well, part of it at least

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March 1983



Thunderbird is testing!


I also gotten to ride the Chairlift which provided a great view of the park.

Shot0288 (2).bmp

Here's Thunderbird on the first drop

Shot0290 (2).bmp

A beautiful sunset photo of the pretzel helix.

Shot0291 (2).bmp

This is why Tyler called it the Lakeside Update. All the new attractions goes over the lake!

Shot0292 (2).bmp

Here's The Dock.

Shot0294 (2).bmp

The Chairlift provides great views of Lake Shernview...

Shot0295 (2).bmp

... And of course, Thunderbird. I'll make a new update for Thunderbird's Media Day next!

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Today is the media day for Thunderbird!


Here's what I thought of the ride:

Compared to The Bat (I've been on it), Thunderbird's layout feels like it works better although a few spots could use some tweaking. Thunderbird is shorter than The Bat, but I loved the part where it dives into the lake and then curves into what everyone calls a "Pretzel Helix".


Thunderbird, If nothing bad happens, should be more reliable than The Bat.


The photos:

Shot0296 (2).bmp

I was the first one here. Tyler decided to let me be the first person to ride Thunderbird

Shot0297 (2).bmp

Lift hill shot!

Shot0298 (2).bmp

Nice views can be seen from Thunderbird's lift

Shot0299 (2).bmp

Most of the layout can be seen from here

Shot0301 (2).bmp

This is the only part on Thunderbird that scared me

Shot0303 (2).bmp

The dive into the lake followed by a Pretzel Helix

Shot0304 (2).bmp

I felt like the car was actually touching the lake's surface!

Shot0308 (2).bmp

The ceremony for Thunderbird's opening was an hour ago, followed by riding Thunderbird. After the free lunch, Tyler offered one more ride on Thunderbird before leaving and some people darted towards the ride immediately

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  • 2 weeks later...

July 1983


I decided to visit the park today for fun.


What I rode today (in order):


-Thunderbird: I'm glad I arrived early. Thunderbird had a long wait later.


-Corkscrew: It's a good ride, but the paint is fading.


-Hurricane River: I rode it for fun, but I regretted it when I found out the water was freezing.


-Sky Chuter: Mining Mania was closed, so I decided to catch this instead.


-RipCord: I love this ride! Worth the long wait! (the line was a bit shorter than usual. Thanks Thunderbird!)


-Wild Eagle: Still a great coaster!


Here are some random pictures I took today:

Shot0309 (2).bmp

Shot of the park

Shot0310 (2).bmp

I see a bird

Shot0312 (2).bmp

I still think this area looks nice

Shot0313 (2).bmp

Shot0316 (2).bmp

Oh. I should point out that the Swan Boats were removed due to unpopularity. I know this couple is having a moment, but they are not allowed there.

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1) I ran out of screenshots I took ahead of time so I have to prepare more so I can work on other parks. There will be more in my updates between 1-2 weeks.


2) The download will be available soon. I feel the park needs a little more for a download


Thank you all who chose to stick around.

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Note: For now on, I will post updates on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays


September 1983:


I decided to see what was up at Lake Shernview. I hear that some work was going on there.


Hello Lake Shernview! Let's see if the rumors are true.


Well, The Carousel was repainted and I see something behind spiral slide


A shot of Sky Chuter. The line was too long so I decided to skip it.


According to Tyler, Corkscrew is going to be repainted next year to a different color scheme. Anyone have any guesses on colors?


Ooh! Dirt! In front of Hurricane River too!


Well, I will confess now, I'm addicted to Hurricane River


Thunderbird was malfunctioning today, so it was closed all day.




I decided to eat at The Dock today. Nice view of the lake and park


I'm also addicted to Wild Eagle


Well, I thought the RipCord fever would have died by now, but the line is FAR WORST than last year!


Space Scramble with Wild Eagle photobomb


A beautiful photo of Wild Eagle


Well, Park's closed. Time to take a short walk through the woods to the parking lot.

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