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What roller coasters & parts are the prettiest?

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Here are some of mine:

-I really like how old wooden coasters with chipping white paint on the supports look (Judge Roy Scream).

-I like how Iron Rattler towers over that entire half of SFFT.

-I like how massive Titan looks from the SFOT parking lot.

-I like how NTaG manages to look massive, even being near Titan which is around 100 feet taller.

-B&M/Giovanola track.

-Brand new floorless/inverted trains.

-Clamshell restraints.

-Old wooden coaster restraints.

-Any large helix of death *cough*Titan*cough*

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I always thought B&M track was photogenic. Behemoth IMO is the best looking B&M hyper because of the color choice and the many consecutive airtime hills/linear layout, all in plain sight. Gatekeeper is also ridiculously photogenic.


I also like Intamin "Rocket/Accelerator Trains" as well. Something about the design of the train and the way the restraints look is appealing


I can't say enough about Carowinds' new entrance. Probably the best in the world

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