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When Pigs Fly

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In this game you take the phrase when pigs fly: a phrase that is supposed to mean it will never happen, and make a amusement park related version of it. If it doesn't make sense, here are a few examples.


...When Pigs Fly...

...When Six Flags stops making superhero related rides...

...When Cedar Fair buys from Intamin again...

...When Cedar Fair buys an RMC...

...When Michigan's Adventure gets a strata...

...When Magic Mountain has a year where they don't do something coaster related...

...When CP gets a SLC...


Go for it people!

When Magic Mountain has a year where they don't do something coaster related.

The pigs must be flying already, or 2013 didn't exist.

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^ I sort of agree with that. But then, I also remember years and years as when they developed new

attractions, and most of us never knew about them, until they were near completion and opening.

And it really became a BIG THING to us, for an opening of a theme park attraction, especially a Disney one.


The social internet has really cramped the ANTICIPATION Scale when it comes to finding out about

new park projects/attractions/shows, etc.



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...When someone actually creates a theme park that embodies THE ARTS...


"Lands" of:








...and the "Main Street" could be everything combined, with The Centre Hub separating everything up.

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